"We are still creating matter from nothing, but the book revealed something exciting. We no longer need a machine to generate it."
Lucy Bauer[src]

The Quantum Particle Generator was a device powered by Quantum Batteries created by Momentum Labs under Joseph Bauer's supervision, meant to grant superhuman abilities to its user. Following a failed first experiment, another efficient version was built by Eli Morrow.


First Version

"Eli, no, please! It's not finished yet! Please don't kill me!"
Lucy Bauer to Eli Morrow[src]
Momentum Labs scientists Joseph and Lucy Bauer discovered the Darkhold, a grimoire of infinite knowledge they used to create a Quantum Battery. Thanks to this unmatched technology, the Momentum Labs team was able to generate matter seemingly out of nothing.

However, Joseph, who grew more and more influenced by the Darkhold, did not stop there and designed a Quantum Particle Generator powered by Quantum Batteries which would enable him to directly create matter instead of using a machine. However, his coworker Eli Morrow soon took over the project, being thirsty of powers just like Joseph was.

Morrow Betraying Bauer

Eli Morrow uses the first Quantum Particle Generator

Morrow forced several of his colleagues into the Quantum Particle Generator, storing their consciousness in a transdimensional state within the Quantum Batteries. When Lucy found Morrow using the generator and figured out what was going on, Morrow had her enter the generator as well before she could stop him. Morrow activated the generator, trapping Lucy in a battery.

Morrow later tried to locate the Darkhold to finish the experiment and gain superhuman abilities. However, even after severely beating him up, Joseph refused to disclose the location of the book. As a result, Morrow was arrested and imprisoned for attempted manslaughter while Joseph fell into a coma.[1]

Mack trapped by Frederick

Alphonso Mackenzie is trapped in the generator by Frederick

Years later, Lucy was released from her Quantum Battery in a transdimensional state which kept her from fully interacting with the Earthly Plane, in which she appeared as a ghost-like being. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Leo Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie, who had learned about Lucy's existence, investigated the Pasadena Momentum Laboratory and found the Quantum Particle Generator. Frederick, another incorporeal former Momentum Labs employee, locked Mackenzie in it and attempted to kill them both, but he was stopped and killed by the Ghost Rider.[2]

Final Version

"You understand how this works? Can you help me dismantle it?"
"Yes, of course. But why would I when it's taken me this long to achieve?"
Phil Coulson and Eli Morrow[src]
Once released from her Quantum Battery, Lucy Bauer sought to reclaim the Darkhold, hoping to build a more powerful Quantum Particle Generator which could help her to get rid of her transdimensional condition.[2] However, when she finally retrieved the book, she realized that she could not read it.[3] Therefore, Bauer went to kidnap Eli Morrow in the South Ridge Penitentiary so he could read the book for her and build the new Quantum Particle Generator.[4] To that end, Bauer transferred some of the first generator's equipment from the Pasadena Momentum Laboratory to the Roxxon Power Plant she intended to use.

However, Morrow also planned to use this new Quantum Particle Generator to finally acquire the superhuman abilities he craved for. Morrow successfully built the new generator in the Roxxon Power Plant and got the chance to activate it when S.H.I.E.L.D. attacked the facility, leaving Bauer distracted.

During the attack, Phil Coulson and Melinda May found the generator along with the Darkhold. Coulson instructed May to take the grimoire back to the Zephyr One and was joined by Morrow right after May departed. Morrow told Coulson to stay away from the equipment and soon revealed that he would not help S.H.I.E.L.D. to dismantle it, instead he entered the generator and activated it in front of Coulson.


Eli Morrow activates the new Quantum Particle Generator

Although Coulson tried to disconnect the Quantum Batteries powering the generator, the machine was successfully activated and granted Morrow with matter creation abilities. During the process, the Quantum Particle Generator released a powerful outburst which caused Coulson, Leo Fitz and the Ghost Rider, who were in the facility at this moment, to be trapped between dimensions even further than Bauer had been.[1]

Following the blast and Morrow's escape, May and Alphonso Mackenzie returned to the Quantum Particle Generator while searching for Coulson and Fitz, unaware that their friends were right next to them but unable to interact with them.[5]


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