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"She made these to protect me."
"Or do they protect people from you?"
Skye and Gordon[src]

The Quake Gauntlets are specialized gauntlets designed by Jemma Simmons to absorb all Daisy Johnson's earthquakes. Initially designed only to protect Johnson's body from all of the vibrations that risked shattering her bones after she underwent Terrigenesis, the gauntlets were further upgraded by Leo Fitz as she gained mastery over her powers, allowing her to better aim the shockwaves she generated.



"They're obviously just a prototype, but they're laced with a microthread I designed, which should accelerate your healing and dampen the vibrations."
Jemma Simmons to Skye[src]

Skye's original power containing gauntlets

Following her Terrigenesis, Skye gained a superhuman ability enabling her to manipulate the vibrations of everything surrounding her, including her own body. However, she had trouble controlling this newfound power, and during the Ambush in Manitowoc, while she thought she was withholding her powers, she actually directed the vibrations inside her own body, causing multiple capillary ruptures in her arms. In order to minimize further damage, Jemma Simmons designed gauntlets made of compressed microfibers which would contain the vibrations.[1]

The Gauntlets worn by Skye at the Retreat

Simmons later worked on another design she handed over to Phil Coulson before he took Skye to the Retreat. This new version of the gauntlets delivered minor electricity discharges which lowered Skye's powers' magnitude, keeping Skye from hurting herself[2] and accelerating her healing. However, Skye felt a little dizzy while wearing them for the first time.

When Gordon visited Skye at the Retreat, he criticized the gloves, claiming that they were keeping Skye from learning to control her powers. When she fled from the Retreat, Skye left her gauntlets behind and was taken to Afterlife.[3] However, Gordon reclaimed them later and brought them to Afterlife, where Lincoln Campbell confirmed that the gauntlets had prevented Skye from achieving mastery over her powers and he kept them for further study. [4]

Skye reclaimed her gauntlets before going to fight HYDRA during the Attack on the Arctic HYDRA Research Facility.[5]

Weaponized Gauntlets

Daisy Johnson battling against the ATCU

"Are you using your arm gauntlets? They don't work perfectly, but we specifically designed them so that they..."
"They're not exactly incognito."
Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson[src]

Having learned to master her powers, Daisy Johnson was provided with new gauntlets designed by Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. These new gauntlets not only protected Johnson against the side effects of her vibration manipulation powers, but they also helped her to better channel and aim the shockwaves she was creating and generating.[6]

Johnson used these new gauntlets during most of the Inhuman Outbreak, until she was swayed by Hive and fell under the ancient Inhuman's influence.[7]

Quake puts on her gauntlets for a mission

When she left S.H.I.E.L.D. and became a rogue vigilante known as Quake, Johnson took her gauntlets with her. She occasionally wore them while battling against the Watchdogs and their associates like the Aryan Brotherhood[8], but she eventually chose not to use them. Indeed, according to Johnson, they made her too easily recognizable.[9] Not using the gauntlets caused great pain, but as a result of the horrendous mental state her time swayed by Hive and the loss of her boyfriend Lincoln Campbell had caused her to enter, she endured it because she was irrationally convinced she deserved to suffer and even die.[10]


"Daisy, I'd like to look at the new gauntlets after the mission, check that they're calibrated correctly."
Leo Fitz to Daisy Johnson[src]

Daisy Johnson ultimately agreed to join forces with S.H.I.E.L.D. in their search for Eli Morrow and the Darkhold. Upon her return, Leo Fitz provided Johnson with upgraded gauntlets.[11] These new gauntlets were a significant improvement to the already well-built gauntlets and enabled Johnson to use her powers at nearly maximum potential while dramatically decreasing the effects on her body. Fitz briefly reclaimed them to check their calibration and confirm that Quake was not responsible for the minor earthquakes they were observing prior to the Battle at the Chinatown Crew Headquarters.[12]

Quake fights and subdues the Watchdogs

Johnson wore her new gauntlets during the ceremony meant to fully reinstate her as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and kept using it while fighting against the Superior and his Watchdogs.[13][14][15]. When the Life-Model Decoys attacked the Playground, Johnson did not get the chance to wear her gauntlets to fight the androids and escaped the base without them.[16]

When she escaped from the Framework, Johnson ultimately reclaimed her gauntlets and wore them before going to fight against Aida and her LMDs. However, she did not have them when she was kidnapped by Enoch and sent into year 2091.[17]

Taken into Space

Leo Fitz hiding away the Quake Gauntlets

"Team S.H.I.E.L.D. will be fully armed."
Leo Fitz[src]

Leo Fitz took the Quake Gauntlets along with other pieces of S.H.I.E.L.D. equipment while preparing to join his friends in the Lighthouse in year 2091. The Gauntlets were stored in a crate which was hidden in a wall of the Lighthouse.[18] In 2091, Alphonso Mackenzie retrieved the crate[19] but Quake did not get the chance to wear her Gauntlets again, being taken back into her time before she was able to reclaim them.[20]

Reclaiming the Gauntlets

Quake gets to wear her Gauntlets again

Since she was deprived of her powers when she returned into her time, Daisy Johnson had no need for her Gauntlets until Leo Fitz removed her Inhuman Control Device. From that point, Johnson retrieved her Gauntlets she wore during her mission in the HYDRA Preparatory Academy, during which she used her powers to take down several HYDRA operatives.[21] Quake also used her gauntlets during the Infiltration into Qovas' Ship[22] and her subsequent escape from the spaceship.[23]

The Key to Change the Future

Knowing that taking the Centipede Serum he had been provided by his friends could result in the Destruction of Earth, Phil Coulson chose not to use it to recover from his deadly condition. Instead, he hid the syringe with the serum in the Quake Gauntlets. He then joined his friends in the Zephyr One, pretending to have taken the cure, and gave her gauntlets to Quake for the impending battle against Glenn Talbot.

Quake finding the hidden Centipede Serum

Quake wore her gauntlets during her fight against Talbot, using her powers to threw herself at high speed and violently tackle him. At first, Quake attempted to convince Talbot to stop his mad quest for Gravitonium, but he attacked her and began absorbing her. While she was on the verge of being absorbed, Quake discovered the syringe with the Centipede Serum hidden in her gauntlets. This enabled her to greatly improve her powers and to violently eject Talbot into space, killing him.[24]

Search for Leo Fitz

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Izel's Campaign

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War Against the Chronicoms

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"Absorption plates, frequency mounts, resonant processor units, the results don't lie. They're perfect."
"They might be a little snug, but they've got me close to full strength."
Leo Fitz and Quake[src]

Quake releases vibrations from earthquakes

Initially, the gauntlets were designed only to protect Daisy Johnson from the side effects of using her powers. Therefore, they limited the strength of the vibration Johnson could manipulate and generate and contained it so that Johnson's bones and blood vessels would not be damaged.

With Johnson learning to control her powers, the gauntlets were significantly improved with new devices to the point that they not only protected Johnson better that they had previously done, but also helped her using her powers at nearly full strength and precision. Moreover, the gauntlets rendered Johnson more perceptive to vibrations, as she was able to feel earthquakes coming before they were actually felt by the rest of the population. The vibration absorption plates of the gauntlets also worked for quakes which were not generated by Johnson, allowing her to channel seismic waves into her gauntlets so that they would not cause destruction. However, this capacity was not unlimited and Johnson had to unleash the vibration she had stored, making her fly well over the ground.


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