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"It's funny what can happen when someone believes in you."
―Daisy Johnson to Phil Coulson[src]

Agent Daisy Johnson, formerly known as Skye, is an Inhuman, genius-level hacker and a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative. She was born to Calvin Johnson and Jiaying, but was taken away when her mother was seemingly killed by HYDRA. Growing up an orphan, she adopted the name Skye and worked for the Rising Tide, putting her on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar. However, Phil Coulson recruited her into his team and appointed her as a consultant where she became a valued agent during the hunt for the Clairvoyant. After the events of the HYDRA Uprising, she joined the rest of her team in going off the grid. Skye was devastated when she learned that Grant Ward was a HYDRA operative, and she joined the team in defeating the Centipede Project and John Garrett.

When Phil Coulson became the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Skye went with him to begin rebuilding the organization. Working to stop HYDRA eventually led to Skye being reunited with her father. She discovered her mother's lineage’s alien-based origin and was exposed to the Terrigen Mist, granting her vibration manipulation abilities. The activation of her abilities alerted the attention of other Inhumans, and Skye was taken to Afterlife to help her better understand her powers. She was eventually reunited with her mother, and later played a large role in the conflict between the reunified S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans.

Assuming her birth name, Daisy Johnson became the first recruit and leader for the Secret Warriors. In that role, she began working with Alphonso Mackenzie to find new Inhumans and led the team in their battle against HYDRA. During a mission, Hive took control of Johnson's mind and used her in his plan to conquer the world. For days, she acted as Hive's right-hand woman, until the Inhuman army they were building fell into a trap which resulted in Lash releasing her from Hive's control. The trauma of this combined with the heroic sacrifice of Lincoln Campbell led to Johnson leaving S.H.I.E.L.D. and becoming a vigilante known as Quake.

During this time, she came across the mystical vigilante known as Ghost Rider, with whom she created an alliance to fight criminal organizations. The two later helped S.H.I.E.L.D. to find the Darkhold before Lucy Bauer would use it. She rejoined S.H.I.E.L.D. after defeating Eli Morrow. Continuing fighting the Watchdogs led by Anton Ivanov, Johnson discovered that her S.H.I.E.L.D. colleagues were kidnapped by Holden Radcliffe and Aida, so she and Jemma Simmons entered the Framework in order to find them. They succeeded and they all returned to the real world - bar Jeffrey Mace, who had died during a mission within the Framework - only to face the threat of the now living Aida. Johnson stopped Aida from using her for her ultimate goal.

However, soon after their victory, the team was sent to the year 2091, when Earth had been destroyed and the surviving humans were enslaved by the Kree. Johnson was quickly trapped by the ruler of the Lighthouse, Kasius, and was forced to participate in the sale of Inhumans, because of the belief she was the one who had destroyed the planet. Only when Leo Fitz arrived to the place she was freed, but with a device that inactivated her powers. As the team found a way back to the present, Johnson refused to return due to her fear to cause the apocalypse, only to be forced to return by Coulson. As the team was working to prevent the Destruction of Earth, Johnson's Inhuman Control Device was painfully removed by Fitz. With Coulson being missing after his capture by Hale, Johnson assumed the role of S.H.I.E.L.D. leader in order to rescue him. Johnson saved Earth after she killed Glenn Talbot and later followed Mackenzie as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new Director. Afterwards Johnson and the team dropped off Coulson and May in Tahiti so they could live what was left of Coulson’s life. Johnson then gathered a team and left for space in search of Fitz's alternate self, following his death during the final battle against Talbot.

Traveling to several planets, Johnson and her teammates eventually arrived to Naro-Atzia, where they were intercepted by the Chronicoms, who had already captured Fitz. Johnson reluctantly agreed to leave Simmons with Fitz and the Chronicoms while she returned to Earth and learned about Sarge, an extra-terrestrial mercenary who looked exactly like Coulson. As S.H.I.E.L.D. initiated an uneasy collaboration with Sarge, Johnson worked at length to understand his connection to Coulson, wondering whether her mentor was somewhere in Sarge's mind, especially after Sarge called her "Skye." However, her trust towards Sarge nearly took the life of May as he turned on S.H.I.E.L.D. and allied with Izel, although Johnson and her teammates were ultimately able to defeat them both. Due to the threat of the Chronicom Hunters, Johnson was then brought into the past by Simmons in order to have time to prepare their counterstrike. In the process, Johnson activated a Life-Model Decoy of Coulson to help them in their endeavor.

Now in 1931, Johnson and her team saved Freddy Malick from being assassinated by the Chronicoms, then jumping to 1955 to stop the launch of Project Helius, after which the team decided to save Daniel Sousa from HYDRA assassination. In the 1970s, Johnson and her teammates reunited with the Malick family, including Freddy's son Nathaniel. Johnson and Sousa were kidnapped by Nathaniel, who used Daniel Whitehall's formula to give himself her quake powers. They returned to the Zephyr One, however damage to the ship caused in the 1970s resulted in Johnson and Coulson being stuck in a time loop which they only escaped thanks to Enoch sacrificing himself. Now stranded in 1983, Johnson helped Simmons remember how to activate the Quantum Tunnel that brought Leo Fitz to their timeline to help beat the Chronicoms. Johnson and her team devised a plan to bring the Chronicom fleet to the original timeline's 2019, where Johnson fought Nathaniel Malick on a Chronicom ship, causing a massive explosion that destroyed the fleet and killed Malick, but also killed her. Thankfully, her newfound half-sister Kora used her Inhuman powers to revive Johnson. Following S.H.I.E.L.D.'s victory over the Chronicoms, Johnson started a relationship with Daniel Sousa, and the two plus Kora set off into deep space to explore the universe.



Early Life

Taken from her Family

"Found the senior agent up under a bridge. He managed to escape with a gunshot wound to the neck, but he bled out. He was still holding on to the 0-8-4. Poor thing was covered in blood. We thought she was dead too, but she was just asleep in a dead agent's arms."
"Wait, the baby? The girl was the 0-8-4?"
Richard Lumley and Phil Coulson[src]

Newborn Daisy photographed with her father

Born in a small village in China on the warm summer night of Saturday July 2, 1988 in the Hunan Province, Daisy Johnson was the daughter of Jiaying, who carried the genetic marker of the Inhumans and was gifted with longevity. The baby's father, Calvin Johnson, an experienced medical practitioner, delivered her.[36] Shortly after Daisy's birth, a group of HYDRA operatives raided the village and abducted Jiaying. She was brought to Austria to the fortress of Werner Reinhardt.

Reinhardt vivisected the woman and used her blood and organs to regain some of his youth, and left her remains to be found by the infant's father,[37] driving him into a state of extreme rage. While Calvin butchered the HYDRA agents in search of his daughter, Daisy was found by a S.H.I.E.L.D. team sent in to investigate the massacre. The team was quickly killed off by the girl's father, prompting S.H.I.E.L.D. to send in a back-end team consisting of Richard Lumley, Linda Avery, and three other agents. They found the infant sleeping in the arms of the dead lead agent, and designated it as an 0-8-4.[38][39]

After returning to the United States, the other members of the team started to be eliminated. To ensure her safety, the baby was dropped off by Avery at the Saint Agnes Orphanage, who gave her the name Mary Sue Poots,[3] and arrangements were made for her to be moved to different foster homes to keep her safe.[38] The girl's father continued to search for his daughter, relentless in his search.

When she was nine, she stayed with a family called the Brodys, that Poots particularly wanted to like, but she was soon sent back to the orphanage.[7] Since she did not like her legal name, she gave herself the name Skye. When she grew up and became a computer expert, she deleted all official records on her "Mary Sue Poots" identity.[3]

The S.H.I.E.L.D. files about Skye's youth

Skye became obsessed with finding out the truth about her parents and eventually she ran away and joined the Rising Tide, a computer activist (or as Skye would say, "hacktivist") group. Skye and the Rising Tide shared certain beliefs about the freedom and accessibility of information. It was through the Rising Tide, that Skye bonded and became involved with Miles Lydon.

Skye spent two years living out of her van and using her skills to reveal classified data to the public while searching for information about her parents. However, in all of her searching, the only evidence she was able to find about them was a document with all of the pertinent data redacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. It was then that she came on to the idea of infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D.[40]


Meeting Mike Peterson

Skye witnesses Michael Peterson's heroics

"You can't walk away from this. With great power comes.... a ton of weird crap you are not prepared to deal with."
―Skye to Michael Peterson[src]

While investigating the rumors of something called "Centipede" in Los Angeles, Skye witnessed and recorded Mike Peterson's display of superpowers during as he rescued a woman from a burning building. Skye looked in awe of Peterson, but he ran away, so Sky went to check on the woman.

Skye tells Michael Peterson to become a hero

Intrigued by Peterson, Skye decided to follow him so she could speak with him about his powers. Skye met with Peterson at Ruthie's Skillet, where she revealed she knew he was the "Hooded Hero." Skye then discussed Peterson being a superhero, but he refused to confirm his identity. When Skye claimed that Peterson was in danger, she told him about S.H.I.E.L.D., leading to her wanting him to go public as a hero, offering to help him. However, Peterson declined and left Skye, unaware she had stolen his license.[2]

Found by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Skye is personally questioned by Grant Ward

"S.H.I.E.L.D. covered up New Mexico. Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Of course you'd be covering up Centipede. Holy no way. You don't know what that is. Billions of dollars of equipment at your disposal, and I beat you with a laptop that I won in a bet?"
―Skye to Phil Coulson[src]

After her failed meeting with Mike Peterson, Skye returned to her van and was in the middle of creating a video about S.H.I.E.L.D. not being able to stop the Rising Tide when she was captured by Phil Coulson and Grant Ward. Skye was then taken to the Bus to be interrogated about Peterson, but was being uncooperative and attempted to play it cool. Skye revealed Centipede Project to the agents, who had not heard of it before, and Ward questioned her about it, so she informed them. They continued to demand she reveal Peterson's identity, but she refused, as she saw S.H.I.E.L.D. as the bad guys.

Skye finally decides to trust Phil Coulson

To get her to comply, Coulson brought in a powerful Truth Serum, although, he ended up injecting it into Ward to help Skye work with them. Coulson then left Skye alone with Ward to ask him anything, so she began to ask him personal and top secret questions to test the affects of the drug. When the affects of the drug wore off, Skye then spoke with Coulson, now trusting him. Coulson then showed Skye a report of Peterson attacking someone, so she decided to finally reveal his identity so S.H.I.E.L.D. could help him.[2]

Chase of Michael Peterson

Skye to captured by Michael Peterson

"Mike! What are you doing?"
"Saving you. From the scary men in dark suits. And you're gonna help save us."
―Skye and Mike Peterson[src]

When Phil Coulson brought this information about Mike Peterson to the rest of his team, and when they had problems with the audio from a recording before the building's explosion, Skye offered to help, using the recording she acquired from surveilling the building. Melinda May then escorted Skye in her van so she could retrieve the audio, which could only be done in its previous location. Skye was then able to send the audio back to Leo Fitz at the Bus, but when they went to head back, Peterson arrived and knocked out May and captured Skye.

Skye erasing all of Michael Peterson's records

Peterson forced Skye to drive him and his son to the train station and delete all records of his existence. Skye was able to secretly contact Coulson's team and send them her location so they could stop Peterson. Coulson soon arrived and spoke to Peterson to surrender, but he grabbed Skye and evaded the agents. While making their way through the station, Skye was able to escape by kicking another man between the legs so his group of friends would fight Peterson. However, Peterson was able to find Skye and grab her again. Peterson then searched for his son, but was shot of the level.

Skye witnesses Michael Peterson being shot

When the assassin went to kill Skye, May stopped him and knocked him out with ease. Skye and May then joined Coulson on the bottom level as he was trying to calm Peterson down. Skye watched as Peterson became enraged but after Coulson spoke to him, he soon calmed down. However, he was suddenly shot by Grant Ward, but Jemma Simmons rushed in and confirmed that he was still alive, successfully stopping him from causing an explosion.[2]

Joining Phil Coulson's Team

Skye is offered to join Phil Coulson's team

"I'm not exactly a team player."
"We're not exactly a team. But we're in a position to do some good. You'd be a great help. And you'd be front row center at the strangest show on Earth, which is, after all, what you wanted."
―Skye and Phil Coulson[src]

After helping S.H.I.E.L.D. get Michael Peterson the help he needed, Skye accompanied Phil Coulson in bringing Ace Peterson to his aunt to stay. As they left, Coulson asked Skye if she had thought about joining the team. Skye was unsure at first, but Coulson assured her that they could do some good. After getting a call from Grant Ward about an 0-8-4, Coulson then flew them back to the Bus in Lola, and Skye decided to join the team.[2]

Tracking the 0-8-4

Skye is informed by Phil Coulson about 0-8-4s

"So, what am I doing?"
"Well, if it gets out, I might need you to create some kind of diversion. Put the public on the wrong scent."
"So, everything that I'm against."
―Skye and Phil Coulson[src]

At the airfield, Skye unpacked her belongings inside her van and moved into the Bus, where she was welcomed by Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, who showed her around. When Skye commented on the Bus to Phil Coulson, he told her how he received it after dying before the Battle of New York. They then took off and flew to Peru where the 0-8-4 was reported, and Coulson informed her of the protocol for handling 0-8-4s.

Skye arrives at the 0-8-4 location in Peru

When the team arrived in Peru, they drove to the temple to investigate the 0-8-4. As they walked, Skye suggested to Coulson if she should post something to inform the public, but he told her that it is better to handle these situations with complete secrecy, so they don't alarm everyone and cause panic. Coulson then told Skye that all he needed her to do was create a diversion if the situation gets out of hand to distract the public.

Skye looks at the Peruvian 0-8-4

Skye, Coulson, Fitz and Simmons then entered the temple where they discovered the Peruvian 0-8-4 was lodged inside it. As the team examined the 0-8-4, Skye attempted to look up anything related to it on the internet, but found nothing. Skye went to touch the 0-8-4, but Fitz warned her not to, and then told the team about it. Shortly after, Grant Ward called them to inform him of the situation outside with the Policia Militar del Perú who had arrived and were all holding guns to each other.

Skye and Grant Ward argue about the rebels

As Fitz and Simmons inspected and discussed the 0-8-4, Skye attempted to join in, but was completely out of her element, so she went to check on Coulson. However, Ward entered and informed them of the situation outside, telling them to hurry as the national police had arrived for the 0-8-4. When Skye brought up her support for the rebels fighting against the government, Ward argued with her about her opinions, not seeing all the violence as a good thing. Ward then told everyone to do their jobs, which he then insulted Skye by questioning what she was doing with them.

Skye, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons hiding

When the rebels attacked, Ward ripped out the 0-8-4, and they headed out of the temple to return to the Bus. Skye, Fitz and Simmons took cover as Ward used the Thunderstick to knock out the rebels, and they were soon rescued by Melinda May, who drove them away. As they rushed back to the Bus, they were chased by the rebels, but were able to get back onboard the plane, and were soon joined by Coulson and the military group. May was able to get them in the air, and Fitz explained to them all that the 0-8-4 was powered by Tesseract technology, and was incredibly dangerous.[4]

Retaking of the Bus

Skye makes amends with Grant Ward

"You don't need to come up with the whole solution. Just part of it. Right?"
"Yeah. Pieces solving a puzzle."
Grant Ward and Skye[src]

Skye then stood in the lab with the team and watched as they argued amongst each other. When Phil Coulson entered, Skye expressed her concerns for the team's dynamic, believing that she could be leading the team despite her lack of experience. Coulson then left them to work out their problems with each other in order to become a better team. Skye then joined Grant Ward and tried to clear things up with their argument in Peru, as well as explaining what the Rising Tide was all about. The two then made amends with each other.

Skye helping in retaking the Bus

Ward then alerted Skye to the suspicious behaviour of the military group, who went to attack them, so Ward fought them off. However, when Leo Fitz's life was threatened, Ward surrendered, and the team, minus Coulson were tied up together in the cargo bay. When Melinda May regained consciousness, they decided to work together as a team to escape and retake the Bus. May was able to get them all free, and they began to execute their plan. They used the 0-8-4 to blast the open the Bus, eliminating most of the enemies. As Ward dealt with the remaining enemies, Fitz and Jemma Simmons retrieved the 0-8-4, and Skye covered the hole in the Bus, successfully retaking their plane.

Skye chooses to betray Coulson's Team

When they arrived at the Slingshot, Skye and Coulson discussed the hijacking, making her question being apart of his team. Coulson then informed Skye about Slingshot, stating that the 0-8-4 is too dangerous and therefore needed to be destroyed. Fitz and Simmons then came out with drinks, inviting the team to watch the rocket launch. When Coulson asked about them blowing a hole in the Bus, the all took responsibility for it. As the rocket took off, Skye received a message from Miles Lydon, and decided to stay in contact with him.[4]

Infiltration into Ian Quinn's Mansion

Skye being trained by Grant Ward

"I'm not an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., so I could go in without breaking all these stupid rules."
―Skye to Coulson's Team[src]

Now officially apart of the team, Grant Ward became Skye's supervising officer and had her do frequent fitness training to be better prepared for the field. When Skye arrived late for training, she complained about the amount of exercise she had to do, but Ward informed her of its importance, telling her how every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent has a defining moment that tests their dedication to the organization.

Skye with Coulson's Team in Colorado

The training was interrupted when Phil Coulson called them for briefing about a new mission. They all gathered upstairs, where Coulson told them about a S.H.I.E.L.D. transport that was attacked and the cargo, Franklin Hall, was captured. Upon landing in Colorado at the scene of the attack, they discovered Gravitonium, which was used to launch the truck in the air. When they returned to the Bus, Melinda May had Skye go through the entire log of every communication from HQ after they decided to transfer Hall.

Skye volunteers to go on the mission herself

As Skye looked through the logs, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons told her about what Gravitonium was, which she attempted to follow. When they investigated Ian Quinn, Skye believed he was the wrong target, viewing him as a good guy due to his contributions to charity. As the team struggled to make a plan to infiltrate Quinn's mansion, Skye suggested that she could go in, not being an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., allowing her to not abide by any rules. After obtaining an invite for herself, they allowed Skye to carry out the mission.

Skye arriving at Ian Quinn's mansion

To help her before the mission, Ward taught Skye some techniques to disarm an enemy with a gun, although she was being difficult. However, after Ward shared a story from his childhood, she took the training seriously. Coulson then went over the mission plan, informing Skye of her role to assist the team in infiltrating the mansion. Arriving in Malta, Skye was driven to Quinn's mansion, and as she made her way through the gathering, the team on the Bus provided her with information to help her blend in.

Skye speaking with Ian Quinn while in Malta

When Skye spotted Quinn, she approached him and they began talking, where he offered her a job, being impressed by her work with the Rising Tide. After Skye listened to Quinn give a speech against world organizations, she went to search the mansion, but was caught by Quinn. To protect her cover, Skye intentionally revealed how she was working with S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to get Quinn to trust her. Convinced by this, Quinn invited Skye into his private office, where she destroyed her communication device and continued to lie to Quinn until she could disable the security system.

Skye attempts to escape Ian Quinn's mansion

When Quinn was informed of a security breach, he realized Skye's deception, so he grabbed her by the throat and held a gun to her, threatening her to tell him what S.H.I.E.L.D. was doing. However, by using the training she received from Ward, Skye was able to disarm Quinn and steal his gun. Not being able to commit murder, Skye fled the mansion, jumping off of the balcony and into the pool. As Skye attempted to escape the mansion, she was caught by Quinn's security, but was soon rescued by Ward. They later found Coulson confronting Hall.

Skye tells Grant Ward about her childhood

The team returned to the Bus, not being able to rescue Hall, and Skye returned to her training, having witnessed its importance during missions. Ward discovered Skye in the middle of punching the boxing bag, she asked him more about his childhood, and Skye opened up about her time during the foster program, where she never was able to fit in despite how hard she tried. Skye then revealed that she wanted to fit in with S.H.I.E.L.D. badly, and Ward assured her they'd be there for her.[7]

Hunting Akela Amador

Skye is assigned a task by Phil Coulson

"I still don't know much about you... Except for you value really old stuff. And you value me. First person to do that in a long time. So, I happen to believe you're an excellent judge of character. If you think this woman deserves a second chance, we should give it to her."
―Skye to Phil Coulson[src]

As Skye was spending time alone in a SUV, Phil Coulson came to her, asking about her familiarity with heists, informing her of someone stealing highly secured diamonds, asking her to uncover their exploit.

Skye learns Akela Amador is the assailant

Skye then joined Coulson and Melinda May to investigate a robbery on a train, where a group of military officers, escorting some diamonds were taken down by one woman who did it with her eyes closed. After Skye found a lead through social media, they soon learned that the assailant was Akela Amador, Coulson's old protégé. The team then went to Zloda, Belarus to search for Amador, Skye, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons being instructed to look for her electronically in the van.

Skye assists in the search for Akela Amador

Skye called Grant Ward during the mission to ask about using the bathroom, only to discover a water bottle he brought for them. They then began to search for Amador, until they came across a broadcast with an unusual signal containing live surveillance looking at a van, which they then realized was their van. At that moment, they were hit by a truck driven by Amador, knocking them into a ditch, as Skye was unable to drive away or properly use the gun to fire at her. The team then regrouped in the Bus, where they were able to continue to see the surveillance, learning that Amador was being controlled.

Skye accompanying Grant Ward on a mission

The team decided to take shifts watching the surveillance, and after Skye's shift, she went to update Coulson in his office. Understanding the conflicted nature of the mission, Skye reassured that the thing she was certain of about Coulson was his judgement about people, supporting giving Amador a second chance. When May rescued Amador, Skye accompanied Ward as he covered for Amador, undertaking her mission. Skye stayed in a car as Ward infiltrated the Todorov Building in Minsk, assisting him as she watched his feed.

Skye using the Backscatter Glasses for fun

Ward's cover was eventually blown, so Skye rescued him and drove them away, but fortunately, Fitz and Simmons were able to remove the Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant from Amador, saving her life. Later, Coulson joined Skye in the SUV and talked about the recent mission. Skye was later asked by Fitz to use the Backscatter Glasses to look at Ward's cards as the played poker, but when Skye revealed that she would also see Fitz naked, he aborted the plan. Skye, however, did use the glasses to look at Ward naked when he turned around, much to her pleasure.[41]

Conflicting Loyalties

Skye playing Battleship with Grant Ward

"My lifelong search has led to a single document, redacted."
"By S.H.I.E.L.D.."
"No matter what you do, I'll never stop looking."
―Skye and Phil Coulson[src]

As apart of her training, Grant Ward decided to play Skye in Battleship, in which she was able to beat him. Phil Coulson gathered the team to inform them about Chan Ho Yin, a man with pyrokinetic abilities, who was kidnapped. During the briefing, Skye learned about the Index, which shocked her. They soon discovered that the Rising Tide was responsible for.

Skye discovers Miles Lydon is the hacker

From this news, Coulson brought Skye into his office with Ward to assess the situation, which she believed they were suspecting her. Skye defended herself, and promised she could trace the hack, so Coulson gave her the chance. Skye then began to locate the hack, as the rest of the team watched on, soon discovering the hack's origin location to be in Austin, Texas. They then learned that the hacker was names Miles Lydon, who Skye was secretly in contact with, clearing her name, and the team prepared to apprehend him.

Skye after having sex with Miles Lydon

Arriving in Austin, Skye contacted Lydon to warn him of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s presence, allowing him to evade capture. Skye met up with Lydon in his apartment, telling him off for almost compromising her place with S.H.I.E.L.D. to locate her parents. However, they soon ended up making out, having been separated for a long time. After they had sex, Skye went to get dressed, hiding the microchip with all her collected data in her bra for safety.

Skye is questioned by Phil Coulson

After talking about S.H.I.E.L.D. with Lydon, Skye looked for her top, only to discover Melinda May in the other room, having followed her. May told Skye to get dressed, and the rest of her team entered the apartment. Coulson questioned Skye on how long she had been in contact with Lydon, and she told him that she was not working with him, just looking out for him. Skye attempted to convince Coulson she was helping the team by getting information from Lydon, but the whole team were cold to her.

Skye learns the truth about Miles Lydon

Skye and Lydon were then taken into custody on the Bus and locked up together. Lydon continued to voice his hate for S.H.I.E.L.D., but Skye defended them, now understanding what they truely were. Ward entered the room and revealed to Skye how Lydon sold information, which infuriated her. Lydon then revealed his buyer was a woman in a flower dress and that he was tasked with hacking into a organization which had to do with the Centipede Project.

Skye saves Phil Coulson and Melinda May

Skye was then left with Lydon, calling him out for going against everything that he had ever said to her since they met. Lydon tried to defend his actions, saying that he took the money to benefit the two of them, but Skye lost her respect for him. As Coulson and May were on a mission to save Chan, Skye rejoined the team when they became trapped in the building. When the agents needed extraction, Skye told Ward to get her into the building, which allowed her to fix the system. Skye and Ward were able to regroup with Coulson and May as they escaped the building as Chan exploded.

Skye reveals the truth to Phil Coulson

After the mission, Skye spoke to Lydon, telling him she's staying with S.H.I.E.L.D., and the two parted ways for good. Skye then met with Coulson, and he told her off for lying to the team since she joined. Coulson then told her to confess what she doing with them, knowing she was hiding something, so Skye took out the microchip from her bra, revealing it was everything she had on herself, as she had been trying to uncover her origins. Coulson offered to help, allowing her to stay, but also gave her a Tracking Bracelet to wear.[40]

Chitauri Virus

Skye complains about her status on the team

"I hate this. I feel so..."
―Skye and Grant Ward[src]

After Leo Fitz was given an unsatisfactory review of his modified Night-Night Gun by Grant Ward, he mimicked Ward, making Skye laugh. The two then talked about how Skye was trying to earn the whole team's trust back and how incredibly linked Fitz and Jemma Simmons are. Simmons then proved Skye's comment when she joined them and had the same response to mimic Ward. At that moment, Ward joined them, informing them of their next mission.

Skye trying desperately to shadow Grant Ward

The team then arrived at the location of mysterious death in Wrigley, Pennsylvania, and Skye stuck with Ward, comping his actions, trying to earn his trust, but to no prevail. After discovering the body, floating in mid-air and then sudden dropping, the team returned to the Bus, where Skye did research into Adam Cross. When Phil Coulson and Ward asked for what she found, Skye provided them with information showcasing how clean Cross was, leaving no possible suspects. The team discovered another victim and an infected man, and soon learned it was caused by a Chitauri Helmet from the Battle of New York.

Skye hugs Jemma Simmons upon her survival

However, it also turned out that Simmons was infected from the virus and that she only had two hours before she would be killed from it. As Simmons worked on finding a cure with Fitz, Skye and Ward watched from the briefing room, discussing how they were unable to do anything to help. After Fitz took the helmet and entered the lab with Simmons, the rest of the team went and watched them work together, only to not be seemingly unsuccessful, deeply upsetting Skye. However, the anti-serum did work, but Simmons threw herself off the Bus before knowing that, but she was saved by Ward. When Simmons was brought back on the Bus, Skye hugged her tightly.[42]

Visiting the Hub

Skye learns about the Clearance Levels

"You just hacked a Level 8 secure server, saw operational plans that you have no context for. If details get out, the whole operation could be compromised, lives could be lost, Ward and Fitz among them."
"I know. Those are two people we care about. On the plane, you're always telling me to think outside the box, so I went off book 'cause I was trying to watch their backs."
Phil Coulson and Skye[src]

After Phil Coulson and Melinda May extracted Agent Shaw from Siberia, Skye wished to know what intelligence Shaw had obtained, only for Coulson to notify the team that it was classified to Level 8. While the rest of the team accepted it, Skye did not, believing that a team should not have secrets from one another. The rest of the team then informed her that S.H.I.E.L.D.'s entire hierarchy revolved around the compartmentalization of information, and that one person was not meant to know all of the information.

Skye is restricted access within the Hub

Skye joined the team in their visit to the Hub, although as a non-agent and a former opponent of S.H.I.E.L.D., she was not allowed access into any of the rooms. Skye then asked Coulson for permission to use one of the computers at the Hub so that she could access the redacted file regarding her parentage, although Coulson declined. Skye became worried when Grant Ward and Leo Fitz were sent on a classified mission to South Ossetia, and her concerns were amplified when she noticed several troops in formation.

Skye discovers the truth about the operation

Fearing that Ward and Fitz were in trouble, Skye decided to ask Coulson for information on the operation, only for Coulson to reply that she should trust the system. As she was not allowed to access any rooms, Skye convinced Jemma Simmons to aid her in hacking S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secure server, which resulted in Simmons attacking superior agent Jasper Sitwell. Gaining access to the server, Skye began looking at files on her past, but knowing that she had only a minute, decided to pull up the operation plans, discovering that there was no extraction plan in place for Ward or Fitz.

Skye confronts Phil Coulson on the secrets

Skye was then discovered by Coulson, who reprimanded her for hacking S.H.I.E.L.D., reminding her that he had promised her he would look into her past himself. Skye explained that she had been looking into Ward and Fitz instead and notified Coulson of the lack of extraction, although Coulson told her that she should trust the system and learn to keep secrets. Skye then sought out May, who decided to take the Bus and extract Ward and Fitz herself, only for Coulson to join them.

Skye has some of her past revealed to her

After the extraction, Skye met up with Ward before returning to her quarters. Coulson then paid her a visit, informing her that he had found the original file. He explained that the file was not about her, but about a woman who dropped her off at Saint Agnes Orphanage, and that it was redacted because she was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, causing Skye to wonder if that had been her mother.[43]

Encounters with Asgard

Skye helps in the cleanup of Greenwich

"I can't think of a single time when anything alien in human hands ended well."
"Wouldn't mind getting my human hands on Thor. He's so dreamy."
Phil Coulson and Skye[src]

Later, Skye accompanied the team with the cleanup of the aftermath of the Battle of Greenwich, where she expressed her awe for the Asgardians' history, as well as her attraction to Thor. When a mysterious couple cut down a tree and attacked the park rangers, Skye and Melinda May located them from a news report about a riot they were in, and informed the rest of the team.

Skye searching for the Berserker Staff

On the Bus, Skye, Grant Ward, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons discussed the couple and the mysterious object they possessed, which was Asgardian, called the Berserker Staff. They then began a search for the other pieces of the Berserker Staff, with Skye going through message boards for any hints. While searching in one location, Skye found Ward in pain and frantic, as he revealed that the other piece had been taken. They brought Ward back to the Bus, where Fitz and Simmons examined him, but after some questions, he became aggressive, insulting the team and then storming out.

The team prepare to find the final piece

When Phil Coulson interrogated Elliot Randolph, they learned that he was Asgardian, much to Skye's surprise and excitement. They then teamed up with Randolph to retrieve the final piece, but Jakob Nystrom and Petra Larsen attacked them. As Ward and Nystorm fought, Skye attempted to calm Ward down, as the effects of the staff grew stronger. Once he defeated the group, Skye supported Ward, who was exhausted, as May defeated Larsen with the completed staff. Later, in a bar, Skye offered Ward to talk to her if he ever needed to.[44]

Hunting a Ghost

Skye witnesses Hannah Hutchins' "powers"

"I know that he's punishing me. And I deserve it."
"No. No, you don't. No one does. I had a few nuns around me growing up, and they would talk like that. Scaring kids with stories of God's wrath. It made me not want to believe. The only words that stuck with me were something Sister McKenna said, from the Bible, I think. She said, 'God is love.' It's simple and it's a little sappy, but that's the version I like."
Hannah Hutchins and Skye[src]

Phil Coulson informed Skye about Hannah Hutchins, telling her that they were going to conduct an Index Asset Evaluation and Intake, believing she may be telekinetic. Coulson suggested Skye to pay attention during the meeting, as it would allow her to learn how to deal with those situations. Once they arrived at Hutchins' house, Skye watched from the car as Coulson talked to her, until Melinda May had to sedate her after an incident.

The team discuss Hannah Hutchins

Skye watched as Coulson and May talked to Hutchins in the cell, feeling sorry for what she was going through. When Skye asked how May got the name the "Cavalry", Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons told her the an extreme story, unknown to Skye that they were pranking her. They then discussed how that particular day impacted May, as they continued to look into what could be the cause for the supposed telekinetic powers. After Coulson and May finished talking to Hutchins, Skye asked if she could talk to her to comfort her, discovering how good of a person she was, but they declined.

Skye comforts Hannah Hutchins

Skye then decided to vent to Grant Ward about May, where he revealed that Fitz and Simmons had pranked her about the story of the Cavalry, explaining what really happened. As Skye continued her research, she came across Tobias Ford, who had sent in multiple safety complaints to Hutchins. When the power was cut, the Bus crashed, which Simmons revealed was because of a ghost that was onboard. Coulson allowed Skye to reveal the news to Hutchins, and the two talked about the situation together, as Skye comforted Hutchins about her faith.

Skye is told about her potential by Coulson

When Skye went to help Coulson, he revealed to her the true story of the Cavalry and what the reality of it was, impacting Skye. As they discussed May, they were attacked again by the ghost, which was revealed to be Ford. After the discovered Fitz's next prank, Skye realized that Ford wasn't hunting Hutchins, but he was protecting her, as he was in love with her. May was able to convince Ford to stop with his pursuit, and they brought Hutchins back to the Bus. Skye and Coulson then talked about she was with understanding people, which he was impressed by. Later, while they were playing "Upwords", Fitz came out with cream on his face, causing them all to laugh.[5]

Kidnapping of Phil Coulson

Skye and the team learn about Edison Po

"I know I'm not some badass field agent like May or Ward, but this is what I do. You can't kick me off this mission. Listen, I will do whatever you say. All this protocol crap doesn't matter to me. All that matters to me is Coulson."
―Skye to Victoria Hand[src]

After Skye was looking into her possible history, the team received a message that Edison Po had been broken out of prison by Centipede Soldiers. As the team got closer to learning the secrets behind the Centipede program, Mike Peterson was hired as a new member of the team to assist them.

Skye witnesses the "death" of Mike Peterson

During the search for Po, Skye told Melinda May about a woman in a flower dress who met with Po, revealing someone called the Clairvoyant. Skye visited Peterson and talked about his son. After a failed mission, Skye went to speak to May, who questioned why she was with them team, causing her to get upset. When they learned that Raina kidnapped Ace in exchange they wanted Peterson, the team arrived at a meeting with her, but it turned out Centipede wanted Phil Coulson. They took Coulson prisoner and Peterson asked Skye to look after his son. Peterson ran to save Coulson but Centipede blew up the bridge, seemingly killing him.[6]

Skye is removed from the Bus

After the team worked with Victoria Hand to capture Vanchat, she took charge onboard the Bus for the search for Coulson. Skye attempted to pursue a lead by hacking into Vanchant's financial account to trace Centipede's payments, but it shut down all the computers due to the Tracking Bracelet, and she was discovered by Hand. Annoyed by her, Hand ordered for Skye to be removed off the Bus, which May backed up, claiming that she was of no use on the plane. Before Skye was sequestered by S.H.I.E.L.D., Grant Ward, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons helped her escape, giving her a satellite phone that she would be able to use once.

Skye attempting to impersonate Melinda May

While on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D., Skye tried on her own to hack the financials but was met with similar success to her efforts on the Bus, so she attempted a different approach. After stealing Lloyd Rathman's car and breaking into his house, Skye impersonated May and forced Rathman to hack into Vanchat's account to find the transaction records. Once she acquired what she needed from Rathman, Skye discovered Centipede's Mojave Desert site and stole Rathman's other car to head there.

Coulson's Team come to save Phil Coulson

During the drive, Skye used the phone the team gave her to contact them and inform them of her findings, telling them to met her. Once Skye arrived at the site, she was found by a Centipede soldier, who chased her until she was saved by the rest of her team. As Ward dealt with the soldiers, the rest went to find where Coulson was being kept. Skye soon found Coulson hooked up to a machine in pain with Raina, so Skye knocked her out and they shut off the machine. Back on the Bus, Coulson thanked his team and also decided to remove Skye's bracelet.[8]

The Truth Revealed

Skye takes a close look at the Wall of Valor

"What I told her shattered her world. Her lifelong search led to stories of murder and now it's too difficult to continue. Her search is over. Her story ends here. But you know what she said?"
"Tell me."
"She said, no. her story started here."
Phil Coulson and Melinda May[src]

Soon after, when an incident occurred at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology, the team, minus Phil Coulson and Melinda, were called to visit, where Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons would speak to the cadets. Once they arrived, Grant Ward showed Skye to the Wall of Valor, of which she read about, and she expressed her wish to have been apart of S.H.I.E.L.D. differently than how she joined, but Ward assured her place on the team.

Skye and Grant Ward during the investigation

As Fitz and Simmons gave their speech to the cadets, Skye watched from the audience until Donnie Gill was suddenly frozen, and soon saved by the team. To proceed in their investigation, Simmons brought Skye and Ward to the Boiler Room, where cadets would go to hang out. As they drank at the bar, Skye went undercover to get information about potential suspects, until they figured out that Gill and the other victim, Seth Dormer were responsible for the incidents. The team regrouped with Coulson and May and went to stop Gill and Dormer, who had built a more powerful version of the Atmospheric Moisture Freezing Device for Ian Quinn.

Skye learning the truth about her own past

On their way, Skye asked to speak with Coulson, seeing something was different about him after he left earlier. Coulson revealed that he and May talked to someone who knew about her origins, of how a S.H.I.E.L.D. team was massacred trying to protect her. Skye took in what Coulson had told her and was able to accept her history, explaining that she was grateful for S.H.I.E.L.D. protecting her and now considered them to be her family. The team were able to save Gill from the storm, who was later taken into custody, and Skye revisited the Wall of Valor.[38]

The Mysterious Weapon

"Uh, Coulson? Should I set some extra place settings for dinner? Looks like you made some friends."
"Skye. We're coming in hot."
―Skye and Phil Coulson[src]

After the mission at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology, the team was informed by John Garrett about a mysterious weapon in Jamaica. The team went to the town of Negril and found the weapon. After some skirmish with the guards they managed to get the weapon on board the Bus and fly off. Once they examined the weapon, Skye was able to hack the weapon's code and track its origin to the remote town of Limoux, France.[45]

Shot by Ian Quinn

Skye and Leo Fitz while onboard the train

"We can't let Quinn get away again. If Coulson were here, he wouldn't let that happen. He wouldn't want us to let that happen."
―Skye to Leo Fitz[src]

After the mission in France, the team found a lead to the whereabouts of the Clairvoyant through Ian Quinn. Tracking a mysterious package that Quinn acquired from Cybertek, the team went undercover and boarded the train transferring the package to Quinn's care. Skye went undercover with Leo Fitz as a couple, and as they discussed 0-8-4s, the team was jeopardized by Luca Russo, and Cybertek sent operatives to neutralize the team. In the ensuing chaos, the group was separated, and only Skye and Fitz were left to pursue Quinn.

Skye is put inside the Hyperbaric Chamber

The pair arrived at Quinn's compound, where Skye proceeded inside alone and was shocked to find Michael Peterson, still alive but horribly scarred. She attempted to get Peterson to escape with her, but unknown to her, Peterson was being controlled by the Clairvoyant through a Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant, and the package was actually a high-tech prosthetic leg that was subsequently attached on Peterson's limb. Skye attempted to stop Quinn, but was shot twice in the gut. Close to death, she called for help, but was unable to call loud enough. Skye was eventually found by Phil Coulson and saved at the last minute by her team, who sustained her condition by placing her inside of a Hyperbaric Chamber.[46]

Skye is saved with the GH.325 drug

Shortly after being shot, the team took her to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Trauma Zentrum in Switzerland, where despite the doctors' best efforts, her injuries were too severe and there was nothing more they could do other than keep her comfortable. Desperate, Coulson decided to take Skye to the location where he was brought back from the dead. After some research, the team located a secret facility known as the Guest House. With the help of John Garrett, the group retrieved GH.325, a drug that seemingly regenerates damaged cells. Right after the drug was administrated, Coulson arrived warning not to give Skye the drug. After initial shock and struggle, Skye managed to recover thanks to the effects of the drug.[47]

Solving the Mystery

Skye is asked to find Lorelei and Grant Ward

"To hell with any protocols or any code I used to be bound by. We have a long list of questions that we need answers for, and we're going to go after them ourselves."
"Well, if the team's up for it–"
"No, no, listen to me. I trust them, but we need to protect them from this."
Phil Coulson and Skye[src]

During Skye's recovery under the constant care of Jemma Simmons, she was forced to stay in her bed at all times. S.H.I.E.L.D. were joined by Lady Sif to capture Lorelei, who had enthralled Grant Ward, so Skye was tasked with locating them. After Lorelei's defeat, Phil Coulson revealed to Skye the truth about GH.325, which didn't faze her. They two decided to work together to find the secrets behind it, without telling the rest of the team.[48]

HYDRA Uprising

Becoming an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Skye becomes an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

"I don't have clearance."
"Now you do. Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D., Skye."
―Skye and Phil Coulson[src]

S.H.I.E.L.D. resumed their hunt for the Clairvoyant, and Skye was tasked with splitting the team into different groups and sending them to find and analyze potential suspects for the Clairvoyant's identity. In order for Skye to have the official authorization to do so, Skye was declared a Clearance Level 1 S.H.I.E.L.D. agent by Phil Coulson.

Skye witnesses Grant Ward kill Thomas Nash

Skye gave out instructions to each team member individually, where she talked with John Garrett about their injuries and Grant Ward. As the others went off on their mission, Coulson asked Skye to find a weakness in the Clairvoyant. When the team traced the Clairvoyant to Thomas Nash, Skye watched as they searched for him, where they encountered Deathlok. Once they found Nash, Skye witnessed Ward murder him after he threatened Skye's life. Skye spoke with Ward on the Bus about his actions, which he said he did to protect her.

Skye learns the truth about the Clairvoyant

After talking with Ward, Skye went to visit Coulson, he expressed his worry that Ward may have killed the wrong man. Skye then realized that from her research she conducted, the Clairvoyant wasn't psychic but a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. When Skye found Leo Fitz, he revealed that Melinda May had a secret encrypted hardline, causing Skye to tell him to cut it, having recently discovered the truth about the Clairvoyant. Skye informed Coulson, and they cornered May, demanding answers from her. However, the Bus was suddenly hijacked by Victoria Hand.[49]

Skye holding Melinda May at gunpoint

Not trusting May, Skye and Coulson continued to question her, but she denied any knowledge of why the Bus was being hijacked or where they were going. However, May finally revealed that she was in contact with Nick Fury, and was reporting back to him. They then addressed what Fitz was doing, which he revealed he was communicating with Jemma Simmons about the GH.325 drug, which Skye and Coulson were hiding information about. Coulson then ordered Skye to try and get onto any form of S.H.I.E.L.D. communications to find out where they were going, but she only found noise on every channel.[50]

HYDRA's Reveal

The team hear John Garrett in distress

"It was sent from a S.H.I.E.L.D. source. It's got to be some sort of activation signal to HYDRA members within S.H.I.E.L.D.."

When they heard John Garrett on a chance requesting support from drones that were attacking him, they were able to rescue him and bring him onboard. Skye intercepted an encrypted message, which she began to decipher, as they discussed the situation, suspecting Victoria Hand to be the Clairvoyant.

Skye discovers HYDRA revealing itself

Once Skye deciphered the message, it was revealed that HYDRA had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. and were revealing themselves now. Skye, Phil Coulson, Leo Fitz and Garrett discussed HYDRA's return and Hand's actions, coming to them as a complete shock. When Garrett suggested they retreat and escape the threat, the team refused, and decided to head for the Hub, as Jemma Simmons was there, and in trouble, as well as Antoine Triplett.[50]

Battle at the Hub

Skye secures all of the team's information

"I needed to keep things compartmentalized."
"Like with May? I'm not an idiot. We live on the same plane together, for God's sake."
"Well, with her, I knew I could. With you... I didn't want to risk it."
"I was offering to talk, Ward, not to have sex with you."
Grant Ward and Skye[src]

Immediately as the Bus landed at the Hub, Victoria Hand ordered the plane to be fired upon, believing Coulson's Team to be sleeper agents for HYDRA. Skye encrypted a hard drive so that Hand couldn't access vital information that the team had collected over their various missions and then wiped everything else.

Skye kisses Grant Ward before he fights

The team then used a Mouse Hole to escape from the Bus as agents raided it looking for them. As they went through the Hub, the team was split up, with Skye and Grant Ward heading to the Nerve Center to disable the systems. When Skye and Ward found themselves trapped, Ward decided to go out and take on the group of agents in the hallway. Before he went out, Ward asked Skye if there was a chance that they could have their talk if they survive, which she agreed to, and she kissed him before he left.

Skye in the aftermath of the Battle at the Hub

As Skye waited in the supply closet, Ward managed to defeat the twelve agents, and the two proceeded to the Nerve Center to blow up the systems. After they planted the explosives and set them off, Skye and Ward regrouped with their team as the HYDRA sleeper agents were being rounded up. They also discovered that Garrett was apart of HYDRA, and that he was actually the Clairvoyant, much to their shock. The team returned to the Bus, and reflected over what had happened, with S.H.I.E.L.D. now in pieces.[50]

Finding Providence

Skye assists Phil Coulson in the Hub

"This was big for me. Finally felt like I was part of something, and now... it's worthless."
―Skye to Phil Coulson[src]

In the aftermath of the HYDRA Uprising, Phil Coulson was left in charge of the Hub and Skye provided him with updates on the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. facilities, of which there were few. As Skye continued to help out however she could, they were contacted by Colonel Glenn Talbot, who informed them that he would be sending people to the Hub. Knowing what would really happen, Coulson instructed his team to prepare to depart from the Hub immediately.

Skye hands in her badge to Phil Coulson

Once they took off, Coulson tasked Skye with uncovering everything there was on their team and erasing it, to hide them from persecution, as well as collecting everyone's badges. Coulson also gave Skye his phone to call Grant Ward to check how he went with delivering John Garrett, and she updated him on their situation. Skye then handed in all the badges to Coulson, including hers, and they talked about how they joined S.H.I.E.L.D.. Skye then noticed Coulson's badge flicker, which was revealed to be coordinates Coulson believed to be from Nick Fury.

Skye decides to follow Phil Coulson

The team searched the coordinates and speculated what they could be looking for, which some were hesitant about, but Coulson was determined to find out. Once they landed at the location, Coulson spoke to his team, telling them that joining him on the mission would have to be their choice, due to the consequences that could come if they fail in any way, however, they all followed him. As they were walking, Skye approached Melinda May and asked about what Fury had her doing for him, which was to watch over Coulson's condition, which she believed was stable until then, questioning if they would find something.

Skye asks Melinda May about her actions

After arriving at the coordinates, Coulson revealed that they used all of the fuel getting there, much to the other's frustration. However, Coulson snapped, still having faith that Fury had sent him there to find something and holding onto hope that being an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. still meant something. When Coulson calmed down, he decided to throw his badge away, which caused a turret to appear and destroy it, causing everyone to take cover. After Coulson identified himself, it was then revealed to be a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base.

Skye greets Grant Ward at Providence

They all then entered, where they were greeted by Eric Koenig, who revealed that it was one of Fury's secret bases, which he called Providence. They then followed Koenig through the base, as he told them that they would be provided with a lanyard, as well as informing them that Fury was dead. When Koenig revealed that the Fridge had fallen, Skye immediately called Ward to check on him, and was glad when he answered. Skye then gave Ward their location, and she greeted him once he arrived, offering to get that drink with him that they promised each other.[51]

Skye searches for the released Fridge inmates

As Jemma Simmons treated Grant Ward's injuries, the rest of the team listened to him tell them what happened at the Fridge, where he revealed he killed John Garrett. Ward then told them that he saved their hard drive, and Phil Coulson asked Skye to look up the inmates of the Fridge. As Skye scanned a list of inmates, Coulson asked about Marcus Daniels, who was on the list, so he planned to take a team to find Daniels as Skye searched for the other inmates.

Skye is questioned by Eric Koenig

However, before they could do anything, Eric Koenig required them all to partake in a lie detector test to assure their loyalty with S.H.I.E.L.D.. During Skye's turn, she told Koenig about how she chose the name Skye, having been called Mary Sue Poots at the orphanage, as well as answering his other questions. When Skye was asked why she was there despite S.H.I.E.L.D.'s fall, she answered that S.H.I.E.L.D. was the only home she had ever known, finishing her test, which she passed.[3]

Grant Ward's Betrayal

Skye and Grant Ward start a relationship

"All this time, everything we've been through. Why? How could you?"
"I was on a mission. It wasn't personal."
"'It was...' You did not just say that. "It wasn't personal"?"
―Skye and Grant Ward[src]

As half the team went to Portland to capture Marcus Daniels, Skye and Eric Koenig discussed using NSA satellites to find the Fridge escapees, which he was against. When Grant Ward joined them, he supported Skye's idea, and asked about the hard drive, which she revealed had to be opened at a specific location. After Skye hacked into the satellites, she returned, where Ward told her that Melinda May had left, and they began to talk about their relationship with each other. When Ward opened up about himself, Skye comforted him and they kissed, but they stopped when she noticed blood on him.

Skye discovers Grant Ward is HYDRA

While she waited for Ward, Skye noticed the monitor that was tracking all of them, and she decided to find Koenig. Being led to a closet, Skye was horrified to discover Koenig's dead body, which she realized Ward had killed him. Skye went to hide in a bathroom as she became distraught over realizing that Ward was HYDRA. Upon hearing Ward call out for her, she left a message, revealing Ward's betrayal, as she went to meet up with him, to not make him suspicious. Ward then told her that they needed to go, so they both boarded the Bus and left Providence, as Skye realized Ward needed her to decrypt the hard drive.[3]

Skye pretends to trust Grant Ward

During the flight, Skye attempted to contact the team, but was unable to because Ward had taken the phone, as he continued to lie to her, only now she was aware of it. They then talked about the location Skye set for the encryption, which was Ruthie's Skillet in Los Angeles, as that's where her life started with S.H.I.E.L.D.. Knowing of Ward's true self, Skye attempted to keep herself protected, but Ward took the gun she was hiding, promising to not leave her side. Once they arrived at the restaurant, to stall for time, Skye told Ward that decrypting the hard drive would take an hour.

Skye secretly betrays Grant Ward

As they sat in a booth, Skye pretended that she was decrypting the hard drive, but in reality was hacking into the Los Angeles Police Department's database and listed Ward as a terrorist fugitive, and tipping them off of his location to save herself. However, as she did so, Ward watched her, causing her to get nervous, so she lied, saying it was because of how things could go bad, like Mike Peterson, who she met in the same booth, was a good man and now a killer, just like they were FBI's most wanted.

Skye reveals she's been playing Grant Ward

As officers started to appear, Ward became more impatient with Skye, who was still stalling, so to distract him, she asked about the longest he's been undercover, secretly meaning him being HYDRA. Skye then started talking about John Garrett, as well as continuing to secretly mean Ward's betrayal, being disgusted by someone who would hurt those who trusted him. When Ward noticed the officers clearing the restaurant, he thought they had been made, but Skye revealed what she had done and that she knew he was HYDRA.

Skye attempts to run away from Grant Ward

Two officers then came to arrest Skye and Ward, however, Ward attacked them, so Skye grabbed her stuff and fled. Coming across more officers, Skye attempted to get herself arrested so she could be safe from Ward, but he followed her and shot the officers. Skye then stole a police car and attempted to drive away, but she spotted Deathlok on the road in front of her. Deathlok leapt onto the car and apprehended Skye, knocking her out and taking her back to the Bus with Ward.

Skye furiously confronts Grant Ward

When Skye came to, Deathlok left Ward alone with her, and she began to attack him for his betrayal. After being handcuffed, Skye confronted Ward on his betrayal, asking why he did it. Ward claimed he was on a mission, although he admitted his feelings for her were real. Ward attempted to defend his actions, but Skye was completely disgusted with him and vowed to never give him what he wanted from her. When Deathlok joined them, Skye attempted to convince him to do the right thing, but he was unable to, as HYDRA had kidnapped his son.

Skye is forced to reveal how to open the drive

Deathlok then demanded Skye unlock the hard drive for them, but she refused, knowing that he was not going to hurt her. Deathlok shot Ward with a Heart Stopper, causing him to have a heart attack to force Skye to unlock the hard drive or Ward would die. Despite wanting Ward to suffer for what he had done, Skye was unable to let him die. She revealed that the hard drive was controlled by altitude and Deathlok resuscitated Ward. Deathlok then forced Skye to decrypt the hard drive as they prepared to take off. Skye unlocked the hard drive for them and then was put into the containment cell.

Skye and Phil Coulson escape from the Bus

Fortunately, she was rescued by Phil Coulson, but when he found out that Deathlok was on board, they ran to the cargo hold. Skye started to put on a parachute, but Coulson told her she didn't need it. After escaping from Ward and Deathlok, they jumped in Lola and backed out of the cargo hold. As the car plummeted, Skye fell out from the car, but was pulled back in by Coulson. As they sped to the surface, Coulson was able to activate the car's flying capabilities before they hit the ground, landing in front of L.A. Live.

Skye is assured they'll take down Grant Ward

Skye and Coulson regrouped with the rest of the team at a hotel to recover from everything that had happened to them. Skye spoke with Antoine Triplett, who said he'd go back to work whenever Coulson ordered him to. However, Coulson allowed them all to take the night off from their problems. Skye and Coulson then talked about the loss of all of their resources and being homeless now, as well as promising each other that they would take down Ward and stop HYDRA's plans.[52]

Going After Cybertek

Skye discusses Deathlok's recent actions

"We still have this little puppy. If there's a computer system in that barbershop, we don't have to chase them anymore. We just plug it in, we wake up the Trojan horse, and we're off to the races."

The next morning, Skye, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons discussed Deathlok and the search for John Garrett. Phil Coulson then recapped everything they had gone through: Centipede Serum, Ian Quinn, the Clairvoyant, GH.325 and how it was all connected to Cybertek. The team then discussed a way to destroy everything the was on hard drive, by infiltrating the Cybertek Corporate Headquarters.

Skye searches for Cybertek's mainframe

Before they left, Skye and Coulson talked to Fitz, who was still unsure whether Grant Ward was truly evil, despite the other's views. Antoine Triplett returned, having collected his grandfather's Howling Commando Gear to arm them for their upcoming missions to stop HYDRA. While Coulson and Melinda May went undercover, Skye searched for Cybertek's mainframe, until she came across the location of the files on Project Deathlok, which Coulson and May managed to steal.

Skye is offered to train with Melinda May

The team returned to the hotel and looked through the files, where Skye realized that everything Garrett had done was to heal himself and he could also create an army of enhanced soldiers for HYDRA. After Skye felt she was weak for not letting Ward die, she retreated to her room, where May checked on her. The two talked about how they felt about Ward, with Skye commenting on May's ability to control her emotions, leading to May offering to become Skye's new S.O..

Skye plans to activate her Trojan horse

The team tracked Cybertek shipments to Havana, Cuba, so they all headed there, where Skye, Coulson, May and Triplett arrived at the Barbershop Headquarters. After discovering it to be empty, Skye suggested to activate her Trojan horse from there. The team entered the headquarters and Skye started searching for a computer, until Triplett came across a secret door.

Centipede Soldiers surround the team

They opened it and found a computer, but they were suddenly surrounded by Centipede Soldiers and Kaminsky, who was wielding the Berserker Staff.[39] When the soldiers attacked, Coulson, May and Triplett fought back, as Skye rushed to the computer and activated her Trojan horse. Skye was successfully able to do so, as May used the Berserker Staff to bring the room down on itself, so the team escaped, trapping the soldiers under the rubble.[53]

Battle at Cybertek

Skye discusses stopping John Garrett

"I feel sorry for you, betraying the only people who gave you a chance at being a decent human being. Fitz was a hero because he still wanted to give you that chance after everything. But some people are just born evil, I guess."
―Skye to Grant Ward[src]

The team returned to the Jump Jet, where Skye revealed that her Trojan horse worked and they could see what John Garrett was doing. Phil Coulson then informed the team that they were tracking the Bus, although he couldn't get onto Leo Fitz or Jemma Simmons, so they decided to go after Garrett.

Skye and Melinda May enter the facility

As they flew to the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility, Coulson went through the plan so everyone knew their role. When they addressed the risk they were taking due to it just being the four of them, Coulson repeated what Nick Fury would say, about people accomplishing anything when being apart of something bigger, inspiring the team. After arriving, Coulson and Antoine Triplett made an entrance for Skye and Melinda May to enter the facility. The two made their way through the facility until they found the Centipede Soldiers' handlers' control room, threatening that she had a bomb.

Skye calls John Garrett to taunt him

Believing to be prepared for any situation that would occur, Kyle Zeller set the soldiers to their default directive, which May and Skye were counting on him doing, which was for them to defend Garrett. Skye then called Garrett, and the two taunted each other, with the call ending after Garrett mentioned that Fitz and Simmons were dead, angering Skye. As Zeller was tied up to the bomb, Skye questioned him about the incentives program, that HYDRA was using to ensure cooperation.

Skye comes faced again with Grant Ward

Suddenly, Grant Ward arrived, assuring Zeller that Skye won't kill him, as she couldn't even let him die, despite her hatred. However, Skye stated that she felt sorry for Ward, as he betrayed those who gave him a chance to be better, and that she saw him as weak. After Ward stated that Skye wouldn't set off the bomb, she agreed, revealing a different weapon that would destroy him, which was May, who surprise attacked Ward and the two began to fight each other as Skye left with Zeller. The two made their way to where Zeller's wife was being held hostage, and Skye freed her.

Skye and Mike Peterson talk about his path

Skye then checked the other rooms, where she found Ace Peterson, who was also being held hostage to assure Deathlok's cooperation. Skye then pulled out a Hulk action figure from the bag, revealing there was no bomb, and she asked Ace if there was a message she could give to his father that only he would know was from him. Skye then sent Deathlok the message, and he killed Garrett. Skye met up with Deathlok, who refused to let his son see him, as well as declining joining their team.[53]

Agent Skye

The New Beginning

The team prepare to rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Sir, I need to get back out there and help May take him down."
"She's my S.O. I'm a field agent now and I can handle myself."
―Skye and Phil Coulson[src]

The team then arrived at the Playground and reunited with Jemma Simmons, who told them that Leo Fitz was alive. They then were greeted by Billy Koenig, Eric's twin brother, who offered everything the base had to get them started on rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D..[53] Skye was given the assignment of translating the Words of Creation written by John Garrett on the Bus. She used many avenues, including her contacts with Rising Tide, but after a month, she was not able to find any information. Over the next few months, Skye would be trained by Melinda May, her new S.O., making her a more competent field agent, who would go on many missions with the rest of the team.

Skye providing back-up on a mission

Phil Coulson tasked Skye, May and Antoine Triplett to provide back-up for Isabelle Hartley, Lance Hunter and Idaho, who were attempting to buy information from a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Skye got into position, informing May that the package was in the open, but May told her not to engage until the deal was done. When a man appeared an attacked them, Skye, May and Triplett revealed themselves to help, but he got away with the information. They all then returned to the Playground.

Skye researching the Words of Creation

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents argued with the mercenaries about the failed mission, as they met up with Koenig. Skye and Koenig talked about the new bulletproof enemy, and she went to give Fitz a metal shard she found at the scene to examine. As Skye continued to examining the Words of Creation, Triplett joined her, continuing to express his suspicions about the Koenig brothers. They then talked about Skye's search, but she had come up with nothing. Coulson then joined them and spoke to Skye alone, informing her that the bulletproof assassin was Carl Creel.

Skye goes to Grant Ward for information

Skye realized that Coulson wanted her to talk to Grant Ward, their prisoner, to find out more, so she headed down, and Koenig told her about the safety measures in place. When she went to see him, Ward expressed how he was willing to provide intel, and Skye asked him about Creel. Ward told Skye about how he used to hurt himself while locked up, but now accepted what he had done. Skye got him back onto Creel, who Ward revealed could turn his body into any substance he touches, as well as how to find him. Before Skye left, Ward expressed how he would always tell her the truth.

Skye shoots Carl Creel with a stun gun

Skye joined Coulson, May and Koenig, where she found that Ward was telling the truth, leading to her realizing that there would be more visits to him in the future. When the discovered Creel was going to attack Glenn Talbot, the team headed out to rescue him. As May fought Creel, Skye used a Taser Projectile Launcher to immobilize him, and then made her escape as the military arrived. After kidnapping Talbot, Skye watched as Coulson spoke with him, until they let him go, leading them to a Government Storage Warehouse.

Skye and a team prepare for the mission

Before they left, the agents discussed them going into a military facility to obtain the Obelisk, which some were doubtful of, but Coulson told them this mission was make or break for them. After did a Skye hack to get them into the facility, the team entered the warehouse and began to search for the Obelisk. After Harlety found the Obelisk, she was attacked by Creel, but when she touched the alien artifact, it began to hurt her, so they went to back her up, and Skye noticed the Obelisk had the same markings as the Words of Creation.

Skye and Antoine Triplett steal a Quinjet

Because the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were ordered by Coulson to steal a Quinjet, they decided to proceed with the mission, but Hunter and Idaho left to get Hartley medical attention. Skye, May and Triplett were then surrounded by soldiers, so they ran away until they came across where the Quinjets were being kept. Skye and Triplett occupied one of them and flew away, using the cloaking technology and returned to the Playground, while May departed on a motorcycle.[54]

Skye and Antoine Triplett return to base

Once they landed, Skye and Triplett discussed not being able to contact Hartley or Hunter, which worried her, but Triplett remained hopeful. Coulson congratulated them for stealing the Quinjet, but didn't divulge the status of the mercenaries. Skye followed Coulson, informing him that the Obelisk had the same symbols as the Words of Creation. but she was confused by his lack of reaction. However, Coulson revealed that he was more concerned about Hunter, who had been captured, and could compromise them.

Skye looks at the cloaking technology

Skye joined Triplett as Alphonso Mackenzie inspected the cloaking technology, which she noted that Fitz would be crushed if he knew they had it before he could create it. However, Fitz discovered them, but when he tried to speak, he struggled due to his brain damage, making Skye feel bad for him and not know how to deal with it. Skye returned to Coulson, reporting for field duty, where she learnt of Hartley and Idaho's deaths, and Coulson tasked her with packing up Harltey's possessions.

Skye packs up Isabelle Hartley's room

As Skye packed up Harltey's room, she was joined by Hunter, who returned, and he talked about Hartley and her family. Hunter offered Skye to be a mercenary with him, but she declined, stating that S.H.I.E.L.D. was her life, which he felt otherwise about. While searching for Creel, Skye found a call coming from a HYDRA channel, which they suspected was Creel, whose physique and ability to turn his body into any material intrigued Skye, sexually. The answered the call, which turned out to be Raina, who gave them a way to track Creel.

Lance Hunter shoots Skye and Melinda May

They then discussed how they would defeat Creel, not being able to disable his powers, but Coulson had formulated a plan. A team of Skye, May, Triplett and Hunter headed to Creel's location, where they waited as Triplett got into position. However, after Skye starting scanning the man that was meeting with Creel, Hunter used an I.C.E.R. to knock her and May out, so he could go after Creel himself. After Coulson defeated Creel, they returned to the Playground, where Skye and May discussed Fitz's condition and Coulson being closed off, to Skye's concern.[55]

Skye continues training with Melinda May

Skye continued her training with May, practising her shooting, where May told her it was important to maintain control in intense situations. They were about to train with a sniper rifle, when Hunter and Mackenzie interrupted them, asking Skye is she went to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, as they had a bet, which she confirmed she didn't. Skye told Hunter her early days with S.H.I.E.L.D., and he asked if she had ever killed anyone, which she told him she hadn't. Skye then resumed training, with May noting that experience didn't make it easier to kill someone.

Skye meets with Grant Ward again for intel

Once again, Skye was tasked with talking to Ward, getting information about HYDRA's recruitment policies towards gifted individuals, which involved executing if resistance occurs, as well as discussing Ward's betrayal. The team soon learned of Donnie Gill's location in Casablanca, Morocco, and Skye informed them of HYDRA's policy, leaving out that Ward told her, as Fitz was present. As they headed to Morocco in the Bus, Hunter prepared Skye for jumping out of the plane, which she recounted her time falling out of the sky in Lola.

Skye shoots Donnie Gill off of the ship

Skye, May and Hunter proceeded to jump out of the Bus and board the Maribel del Mar, where HYDRA had already arrived, so Skye went to protect the exits. Taking a sniper position, Skye noticed Gill, who had been brainwashed by HYDRA, begin to freeze the entire ship, so she decided to stop him by shooting him, causing Gill to fall into the ocean. When Skye spotted Simmons, she realized she was working undercover with HYDRA, so to preserve her cover, Skye fired a shot at Bakshi, so Simmons could push him out of the way.

Skye hears about her father from Grant Ward

After stopping HYDRA from getting Gill, Skye noticed several containers of HYDRA technology, so she informed Coulson, and S.H.I.E.L.D. obtained them off the ship. Skye returned to the Bus, where May checked on her, as they talked about Simmons secret undercover mission. Skye went back to Vault D to ask Ward if he had been brainwashed into working for HYDRA, but he told her he wasn't. Skye believed Ward was telling the truth on everything, although she didn't know why, as Ward then revealed that her father was alive and that if she let him, he could take her to him.[56]

Bonding with Others

Skye begins a hack with Antoine Triplett

"Hey, at least you got away from your ex. The guy I had a crush on is now the psycho living in our basement."
―Skye to Lance Hunter[src]

On South Beach, Florida, Skye and Lance Hunter stole a USB from Bridget so that she could get Phil Coulson and Melinda May into a gala for the rebuilding of Santa Maria de las Flores, a church that housed a 500 year old painting with the Words of Creation inscribed on its back.

Skye talks about her crush on Grant Ward

As Coulson and May worked on the mission, the rest of the team would help guide them to the painting, but they discovered that it had already been taken. As the rest of the team waited in the Bus, they talked about their past romances, with Skye noting how the person she had a crush on, Grant Ward, was now locked up in their basement. While they discussed, Skye was also looking into Coulson and May's mission, trying to figure out what they were keeping from them.

Skye learns that the Bus will explode soon

While continuing with her research, the Bus suddenly shut down, which Leo Fitz noted would lead to it exploding soon due to a device that sabotaged it. As they looked over the damages, they realized that the wings would be next, which was where the fuel was stored, meaning they had to hurry with fixing the plane. As Skye, Antoine Triplett and Alphonso Mackenzie worked on repairing the systems that have already been destroyed to slow the virus, Fitz and Hunter managed to fix the Bus, stopping it from exploding.[57]

Getting Answers to her Questions

Skye notices Phil Coulson's carvings

"I believe Garrett and I had a negative reaction to the alien DNA in our system. Maybe you didn't because it was already there."
"Yeah, right, like I'm an alien. Hold on, are you saying that I am an alien?"
Phil Coulson and Skye[src]

After S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered that HYDRA killed a group of people with similar effects of the Obelisk, they assumed it was in HYDRA's possession. They approached Phil Coulson for instructions, where Skye noticed carvings of the Words of Creation on his desk, but he brushed off her questioning. When wanting to know more about the symbols, Skye was shut down by Coulson, he refused to provide her with answers.

Skye hears about her father from Grant Ward

Despite accepting Coulson's orders, Skye stole the painting and looked at the symbols on it, as she was joined by Lance Hunter, who she expressed wanting to know more about what they meant. Hunter mentioned how her dispute with Coulson was similar to him and his ex-wife, which led him to suggestion that she personally find out Coulson's secrets, by going to Grant Ward for answers. When Skye met with Ward, he brought up her father again, revealing that Raina was his source, making Skye doubtful.

Skye asks Grant Ward about the symbols

Skye then changed the subject to the symbols, asking Ward what he knew about them, which he revealed that his first saw them on their mission in Belarus, and again when John Garrett started carving them. Ward noted this that happened after Garrett was infused with GH.325, making him worry if the new carvings were Skye's, which she said they weren't. As Ward talked more about Garrett's carvings, Skye realized that Coulson was going through the same thing, and then became worried for him.

Skye reacts to possibly being an alien

Upon this realization, Skye rushed into Coulson's office, confronting him on his secret and expressing her concern for him. Coulson assured Skye that his was fine, and explained how long he had been doing the carvings, which was caused by the GH.325 drug. However, Skye brought up how she wasn't having the same side effect, which led to Coulson revealing how he was monitoring her, and seeing if she would react to the symbols. From seeing that Skye was fine, Coulson concluded that it was possibly because she already had alien DNA in her, which freaked her out.

Skye is restrained by Melinda May

When Raina called to met with Coulson, he agreed, and he waited for her at La Comtesse Furieuse, as Skye and Melinda May took position in the kitchen, with Hunter at a table. Once Raina arrived, the three listened on as she and Coulson talked about the Obelisk, as well as Raina threatening to expose Jemma Simmons' cover in HYDRA unless he let Skye leave with her. Raina revealed that she planned to bring Skye to her father so she could find out about herself, but Coulson refused to take the deal. Fearing Simmons' life was in danger, Skye went to give herself up, but May restrained her.

Skye searches for her father

After Coulson had Raina leave, now being tracked by them, Skye snuck away so she could find her father. When Skye entered his hideout, she searched for her father, but found the pace entirely empty, except for a photo of him with her as a baby. She was then found by Coulson, and she hugged him, having been through a lot that day, as Hunter joined them, confirming that her father was gone. When May discovered two dead bodies, Skye knew it was her father, and declared him a monster.

Skye realizes the Words of Creation is a map

Once they returned to the Playground, Skye addressed that she understood that Coulson was going to go after her father, as he was dangerous and possessed the Obelisk, and accepted it. Skye expressed how she had spent her whole life wondering who her father was, but after what she saw, she no longer cared and only wanted to stop him. However, Skye demanded for Coulson to no longer keep secrets from her, so they could work together to learn what the Words of Creation really are. Coulson agreed and showed her his carvings, which led Skye to believe that it was a map.[58]

Grant Ward's Transfer

Skye discusses the attack on the UN

"Thank you for telling me everything you know. It's time we get you out of here."
"Really. You're being transferred, Ward. Your brother wants you in his custody, and we're gonna give him exactly what he wants."
―Skye and Grant Ward[src]

Skye was joined by Jemma Simmons as they watched and discussed Grant Ward, as well as Simmons' recent undercover mission, until Melinda May informed them of an attack on the United Nations. The reports claimed that S.H.I.E.L.D. was behind the attacks, but Phil Coulson suspected it was HYDRA getting revenge.

Skye learns of the anti-S.H.I.E.L.D. campaign

Skye and Coulson watched Christian Ward attack S.H.I.E.L.D. on the news, announcing he intended to create a task force to target anyone associated with them. Coulson showed Skye the size of S.H.I.E.L.D. after months rebuilding, noting that he can't let it be destroyed, so Skye decided to talk to Grant Ward for information on his brother. Skye went down to Vault D and asked Ward to give information pertaining to his brother, but this scared Ward, not wanting his brother to know his location. The conversation moved to Skye's father, but Coulson ended it, wanting Skye to stay focused.

Skye informs Grant Ward of his transfer

Skye later returned to Ward in his cell, who continued to tell her how bad his brother was, desperately wanting her to believe him. Because of Ward's promise to always tell the truth, Skye asked for everything he knew of her father, so he revealed how it was HYDRA agents who attacked the village and killed her mother. Ward then promised Skye that he could help her find her father if she let him out, and Skye then revealed that Ward was actually being transferred to his brother's custody, having got everything she needed form him. Later, while Ward was being escorted, he walked by Skye and called out to her, but she did not respond.[59]

Solving the Mystery

Skye discusses Phil Coulson carvings

"It's all connected, everything. Ward has information about my father, who just happens to have the alien buzz kill device, which is connected to the writing, which is related to the GH serum that is in our blood. Like we're pieces to a puzzle."
―Skye to Phil Coulson[src]

Unable to sleep, Skye caught Phil Coulson carvings the Words of Creation, and confided in him about bring troubled by how everything they were dealing with, her father, the Obelisk, the symbols and the GH.325 drug, was connected. They discussed how they couldn't find answers for the symbols' meaning, which Coulson confided in her that he couldn't function due to the frequently carving the symbols.

Skye and Phil Coulson see the symbols

One of Skye's Rising Tide contacts, Micro, sent her pictures of the murder victim Janice Robbins with the symbols carved into her. Skye showed them to Coulson, and they went to investigate her apartment, after Coulson realized Robbins was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. After searching the apartment, they found several paintings that had the same symbols on them, signed "A Magical Place." They returned to the Playground and inspected the symbols, as well as Skye discovering that Robbins had apparently died of cancer, so Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz stole the body so an autopsy could be done.

Skye goes along with Phil Coulson's plan

Once Jemma Simmons finished the autopsy, she informed Skye and Coulson of Robbins' death, as well as discovering that she and her killer had GH.325 in their blood, making her worried, as Skye and Coulson also had it in their blood, and others went insane from it. Coulson told Simmons they were fine, and focused on finding the Project T.A.H.I.T.I. patient who was killing other patients. In order to uncover the patients, Coulson decided to use the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine on himself, and Skye asked Mackenzie to hold Coulson down if he became unstable, and they then commenced.

Phil Coulson locks Skye into the cell

As Coulson relived his erased memories, he told Skye what was happening and she took note of everything. As he dug deeper into his memories, Skye was given the new names of the patients, discovering that most of them were also killed by the same patient, but when Coulson became unstable, Sky ordered Simmons to shut down the machine. Skye contacted Melinda May to inform her what happened, and she was ordered to lock Coulson up. As Skye escorted Coulson to the Vault D cell, he informed her that the killer was Sebastian Derik, but after Skye revealed the identity of the remaining patient, Coulson locked her in the cell and left.

Skye threatens to shoot Phil Coulson

Skye was eventually freed by Simmons, and she informed the rest of the team that Coulson was going after the last patient that hadn't been killed. Skye and Mackenzie rushed to intercept Coulson, and as they drove, Skye filled Mackenzie in on what was happening, explaining Project T.A.H.I.T.I. to him. They then came across the Thompson family on the road, and they were informed of Coulson and Derik fighting at their house, so they headed their to stop them. Once they arrived, Skye and Mackenzie found Coulson fighting Derik, so they aimed their guns at him, but Coulson tried to explain that he wasn't killing Derik.

Skye understands the Words of Creation

When Mackenzie threatened to kill Coulson, he let go of Derik, who Coulson revealed was no longer a threat, as they both had found the answers they needed. Skye then looked at the tracks that Coulson referring to, which he explained that the symbols weren't a map, but a blueprint to a city. They all returned to the Playground, where Skye witnessed Thompson decline Coulson's offer to rejoin S.H.I.E.L.D.. Once he left, Coulson told Skye and May about how his compulsion to carve the symbols was gone for good, as he now knew what they meant.

Skye is shocked by Grant Ward's call

When Skye asked about Grant Ward's status, Coulson had nothing, but asked Skye to hack into Sunil Bakshi's phone to see if she could find anything. Coulson then called the senior agents together to explain what had been happening with him, and that he was better now, having put all the pieces together. However, he noted that HYDRA was also trying to do the same thing, but S.H.I.E.L.D. was at an advantage, having the answers to the Words of Creation, so they set out to find the city. As Skye hacked into Bakshi's phone, she was called by Ward, who promised that they will see each other again.[60]

Search for the Kree City

Skye listens to Phil Coulson's plans

"Standing by with Geek Squad. Paddington and Timelord are closing in. EMP ready in 40 seconds."
"Copy that."
"Kaena Point is down. Six minutes on the clock."
―Skye and Phil Coulson[src]

Skye, Leo Fitz, and Antoine Triplett accompanied Phil Coulson to Oahu, Hawaii to search for the city. During the flight, Skye discussed with Coulson the mission, with him noting what made Nick Fury a good director, in seeing ahead of his enemies, making him want to get to the city first.

Skye is given an odd task from Phil Coulson

As Skye and Triplett armed themselves, Coulson told them to ditch the guns, and instead handed Skye a watch with instructions to get it inscribed, warning her that it might leak. Skye and Triplett were able to complete their tasks, and when they returned to the Bus they talked to Fitz, who was struggling with his task. Their next stop was in Laura Creek, Australia, where Coulson revealed the purpose of he strange orders back in Hawaii, to cause an EMP in the Kaena Point Air Force Base.

Skye begins to hack the satellite feeds

Once the EMP would blackout the base, the satellite relaying station would activate, which was easier to infiltrate. With everything in motion, the team went to infiltrate the station, with Skye staying on the Bus to hack the satellite feeds to find the city. Once the Kaena base fell, Skye notified the team, but their connection was disrupted. After Skye was gained access, she began the search, and Coulson and Fitz returned with an wounded Triplett. Before they could tell her what happened, the city was found.[37] On the trip back to the Playground, Skye had a nightmare; afterwards she had an uneasy feeling about what would happen upon entering the city.[9]

Protecting Raina

Skye explains the Kree City to the agents

"I thought Whitehall wanted to kill you, not kidnap you."
"Something must've changed his mind."
"Maybe he thinks you know something about the Obelisk."
―Skye and Raina[src]

When Skye joined Jemma Simmons and Antoine Triplett, who were discussing her father, Skye commented on how the whole situation was messed up and worried that something bad was going to happen. Phil Coulson gathered the agents in the Bus, and they discussed HYDRA possessing the Obelisk. Skye noted how the city they were searching for was the key to unlocking the Obelisk, and proceeded to show where it was located, with Coulson giving the orders to destroy the city.

Skye hugs Phil Coulson before he leaves

After Skye and Melinda May discussed Grant Ward killing his family, Coulson told them they would be extracting and protecting Raina, who was being hunted by HYDRA. As a team went to find the city, Skye hugged Coulson goodbye before he left, staying with the other team of May, Triplett and Hunter. Arriving in Vancouver, Skye suited up and retrieved Raina and Billy Koenig from their safe house. But, just as they left, Agent 33 appeared, so Skye fought her while the others got to safety.

Skye speaks with Raina about the Obelisk

Skye was able to hold her own against Agent 33 for some time, but was soon held at gunpoint, only to be saved by Hunter, and they went to regroup with Raina. When Hunter left to find May, Skye stayed with Raina, as she watched the HYDRA agents near them. As they waited, the two discussed what Daniel Whitehall wanted with Raina, which after Skye revealed he had the Obelisk, Raina revealed that they wanted her because she could touch it. As Raina explained the Diviner, she revealed to Skye that her father said she could also touch it.

Skye learns more about the Diviner from Raina

After stating this, Raina ran away, alerting the HYDRA agents of her presence, so Skye chased after her. However, May slammed a van into the two HYDRA agents, and they all drove away, returning to the Bus. Skye sat with Raina, who told her about her father, but Skye didn't care, viewing him as a monster. However, Skye did ask how Raina met her father, so she told her how he picked them up in Thailand. Skye enquired Raina about being aliens, but Raina informed her that the Diviner had the potential to unlock more in them, telling her about the stories of the Kree and those worthy to enter the temple.

The team after being surrounded by HYDRA

Learning that those who weren't worthy to enter the temple would be killed, Skye immediately went to warn Coulson's team to not enter the city. Unfortunately, she was not able to contact Coulson, as their communications were blocked by HYDRA, who had located the Bus through Raina's Tracker. They were contacted by Whitehall that the HYDRA Quinjets would shoot them out of the sky if they did not hand over Raina. As one of the Quinjets docked on the Bus, the team surrounded the stairs, aiming their guns at whoever appeared.

Skye aims her gun at Grant Ward

They were all shocked to see Ward, who revealed he was the one to locate them. Seeing that Ward was working with HYDRA again after giving S.H.I.E.L.D. Sunil Bakshi, Skye told him to pick a side; he assured her that he had. As Raina went to leave with him, Ward revealed that he wanted to Skye to come with him, too, having made her a promise. Knowing that HYDRA would kill them all, Skye agreed to go with Ward, assuring May she could look after herself. Before they left, Raina made Skye bring the tablet with the map of the city, and she departed with HYDRA.[9]

Becoming Inhuman

Meeting her Father

Skye being taken to her father by Grant Ward

"I'm here now, and everything that's about to happen is supposed to happen. I'm gonna take care of you."
"Then, get me out of here."
"What? maybe I haven't been clear. You're exactly where you're supposed to be."
Calvin Zabo and Skye[src]

Once Skye was brought to HYDRA's temporary hideout, an abandoned theater in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Skye used her training from Melinda May to consider possible escapes. Grant Ward explained to Skye that taking her was not an order from HYDRA, but him keeping his promise to her.

Skye meets her father for the first time

Ward then opened the door, bringing Skye to her father, Calvin Zabo, and then left to let them talk with each other. As Skye remained speechless, due to being overwhelmed but also defensive, Zabo nervously introduced himself to her, explaining he'd been waiting a long time to meet her. After Zabo explained his wish for them to have met in a different setting, and not near HYDRA's presence, Skye commented on her father being a murderer, which Zabo accepted, but blamed her being taken from him was what caused him to become who he was now.

Skye learns about her past from her father

After calming down, Zabo revealed to Skye that she was born in China, and proceeded to talk about their life as a family, until he got to what he wanted to say, which was that he was sorry he wasn't able to protect and raise her. Although hesitant to connect with Zabo, Skye found herself being overwhelmed with emotions from listen to what he had to say. When Zabo said he would protect her from now on, Skye asked him to get her away from HYDRA, but he revealed that she was where she was meant to be, saying it was her destiny.

Skye is stopped from leaving by Calvin Zabo

Immediately upon hearing this, Skye rejected what Zabo was saying, not wanting to be a captive of HYDRA with him. Zabo stopped her from leaving, explaining they wouldn't matter soon, but Skye responded that seeing how he was working for Daniel Whitehall, he was also a bad guy. However, Zabo desperately explained that he wasn't working for Whitehall, but that he needed him to help find Skye. Zabo proceeded to tell Skye about her mother, revealing that they both possessed a gift, and that's why she was there, to unlock it.

Skye learns about her mother's murder

Skye cut him off and asked what happened to her mother, so Zabo sadly explained how a group of HYDRA agents captured her because of her gift and by the time he found her, Whitehall had gruesomely killed her. Skye became emotional from hearing the story, so Zabo began to hum a song, which she recognised as it was the song her mother sang to her. Skye asked what happened to her when she was taken, but a HYDRA agent interrupted, informing Zabo he was needed, so he held off from answering, revealing that because Whitehall served his purpose, he was going to kill him, leaving Skye, as she cried from being overwhelmed with emotions.[61]

Undergoing Terrigenesis

Skye is confronted by Daniel Whitehall

"You survived the destruction because... you caused it."
"No. No, no, no."
"Raina wasn't the only one changed in there. And I'm pretty sure the DNA results we're running right now are gonna confirm it."
Leo Fitz and Skye[src]

When Daniel Whitehall learned of Skye's presence, he had her brought to him as he met with Calvin Zabo, Grant Ward and Raina, revealing he suspected Skye could touch the Diviner.

Skye successfully holding the Diviner

After a look of assurance from her father, Skye confidently grabbed the Diviner, which glowed, showing symbols. Skye then used the Diviner to kill a HYDRA agent, and so did Zabo, but they were quickly held at gunpoint. The two, along with Ward were detained, with Whitehall telling Skye she won't get to fulfil her destiny. Skye and Ward were tied up, and once Zabo awoke, they were joined by Whitehall. Whitehall revealed to Skye what her mother's gift was: the ability to not age physically, and he revealed his intention to experiment on her as well.

Skye holds Calvin Zabo at gunpoint

When the HYDRA agents left to check on who was attacking the building, Zabo was able to kill the remaining guard, and left Skye tied up as he went to kill Whitehall. Ward was able to free himself, and after he freed Skye, she quickly grabbed the dead guard's gun and shot Ward without hesitation, and ran away. Skye soon came across Zabo, who was about to kill Phil Coulson, so she aimed her gun at him, begging him to stop, which he did after she called him dad.

Skye tells Calvin Zabo to leave

Skye then stated that she was not going to go through with his plan for her and told him to leave. Zabo accepted his daughter's request, however, he told Skye that after her transformation, he would still be there for her, stating that no one else would understand, and he revealed her birth name, Daisy. After Zabo left, Skye checked on the badly beaten Coulson, telling him that she couldn't kill her father, as bad as she wanted to. Skye then said she was going to stop the Diviner from reaching the Kree City, and headed off, despite Coulson trying to tell her to stay.

Skye finds Raina in the Kree City

Upon arriving at the Plasma Drill, Skye discovered that the Diviner was missing, leading her to realize that Raina had taken it and gone into the city. As Skye made her way through the city, she came across Alphonso Mackenzie, who was unresponsive, due to being enthralled by the city. Skye attempted to get Mackenzie to leave, but he wouldn't move, so she decided to continue and come back for him afterwards. Skye then found Raina, but the Diviner began to activate the temple, which closed them in.

Skye transforms through her Terrigenesis

At that moment, Antoine Triplett appeared and joined them, and they all watched as the Diviner opened, revealing crystals, which unleashed a mist. Suddenly, Skye and Raina were encased in cocoons, which soon began to break off them. Skye then saw Triplett had been turned to stone, but before she could react, she burst out of the cocoon completely. Then, the entire temple began to shake, which was actually caused by her from her new powers, and it caused what was left of Triplett to break apart.[61]

Under Quarantine

Skye feels guilty for Antoine Triplett's death

"Everything's my fault. You're right. There's something very wrong with me."
"No, you're just different now. You're just different now, and there's nothing wrong with that."
―Skye and Leo Fitz[src]

After being recovered from the temple, Skye was put under quarantine for precautionary reasons. Not being able to sleep over the loss of Antoine Triplett, Skye talked about it with Phil Coulson, who comforted her over his sacrifice saving everyone. The two talked about dealing with loss, and Skye expressed that they failed their mission, blaming herself for it, much to Coulson's disagreement.

Skye watches as the others agents all argue

Skye was then visited by Bobbi Morse, who provided her with a bag full of supplies to make being in quarantine more bearable, and revealed her admiration for what Skye had gone through recently, only to come out of it all unscathed. Later one, the senior agents gathered outside of Skye's quarantine room to discuss what they were going to do with Sunil Bakshi, and their next move against HYDRA. Skye silently watched on as the others argued with each other, which caused her heartbeat to rise from her nervousness, and the room began to shake, as a result. But, no one else noticed the tremors, except Skye, who managed to stop them.

Skye is shocked by Jemma Simmons

When Jemma Simmons returned to the Playground, she informed Skye about Raina, showing her her altered DNA. Horrified by this change, Simmons expressed her fear that something may have happened to Skye, too. Skye was then shocked to listen to Simmons as she harshly commented on those with powers, referring to them as a plague. This all made Skye worried, as she knew she had changed, and Simmons went to compare her DNA samples to Raina's.

Skye struggles to control her new powers

Afterwards, Skye overheard Simmons telling Coulson and Melinda May that if it were necessary, they should consider killing Raina, fearing a plague, making Skye worry. While listening to the music Morse provided, Skye noticed Leo Fitz standing outside her room, who informed her that her heartbeat was beating an inhuman rate during the earthquake. Fitz proceeded to analyze the entire incident, coming to the conclusion that Skye had changed and caused the earthquake. Overwhelmed by this, Skye panicked and her powers began to emerge uncontrollably, exploding the lamp.

Skye attempting to keep her secret hiden

Fitz ran out of the room, and when Skye managed to calm herself down, she quickly cleaned up the mess. May entered the room to check in on Skye with how she was handling quarantine, so Skye kept her cool so everything would seem normal. The two talked about how Coulson was acting recently, due to him being impacted by Triplett's death. May noticed Skye's hands were cut, and figured something was wrong, and as Simmons joined them, Skye almost told them, but was stopped when Fitz covered for her.

Skye hugs Leo Fitz for keeping her secret

Fitz revealed that the test results had come back, and that everything was normal, relieving Simmons and May. Fitz then opened up Skye's room, and explained to her that he switched her results with old samples, and that her new samples were drastically different. Fitz believed that they should wait to reveal the truth to everybody, and so they could figure it out, causing Skye to hug him. Skye once again tried to blame herself, saying there was something wrong with her, but Fitz comforted her, saying she was just different. Later, the senior agents sat together and shared memories of Triplett.[62]

Inhuman Secrets Out

Skye sparring against Melinda May

"Listen to me... just me. We can do this. You can do this."
"I can't... I can't make it stop."
"You will control your emotions, just like we practiced."
"I can't make it stop."
Melinda May and Skye[src]

While Skye and Melinda May were training together, May told Skye to not hold back, teaching her to use her emotions and control them to her advantage when in a fight. Leo Fitz interrupted to check on Skye, so she told him that she was fine, and she continued sparring with May.

Skye watchs Lady Sif fight against Vin-Tak

S.H.I.E.L.D. were notified of Lady Sif's arrival on Earth, so they headed to Portugal, to discover she had no recollection of any of her past. Skye was present as the team reviewed the footage of Sif's fight with an unknown man. Phil Coulson ordered Skye to go with Bobbi Morse to question witnesses about the man. Before she left, Skye learned about Jemma Simmons modifying the I.C.E.R.s to take down stronger threats, making her and Fitz nervous, as Skye would be included in those possible threats if her secret got out.

Skye loses control over her powers again

Their search led them to a hospital, where Skye discovered that Morse could speak Portuguese, and the two talked about Morse's ability to be able to tell when someone is lying. After asking about the man, the two discovered a nurse who had also lost her memory, just like Sif, which they realized he was somewhere in the hospital. Skye and Morse searched the building, soon discovering the man, who had blue skin. When Morse was knocked out by the man, Skye went to shoot him, but lost control of her powers and caused an earthquake, allowing him to escape.

Skye wants to inform others of her secret

Skye returned to the Bus and informed Coulson and Sif of her encounter, explaining how the man used a machine to turn his skin from blue to pink, making them believe he was a Kree. While the others investigated further into the Kree, Skye met with Fitz to tell him what happened, believing she should tell Coulson, as she was not in control of her powers. Skye returned to Coulson, May and Sif who located where the Kree was heading, and she decided to sit out the mission, not wanting to lose control again.

Melinda May attempting to calm Skye down

After apprehending the Kree, they all returned to the Playground, where he introduced himself as Vin-Tak, and restored Sif's memory. Skye listened as Vin-Tak explained the Kree's history in creating the Inhumans, which Skye realized she was one of them, and that he had arrived on Earth when a Diviner was activated to kill those who transformed. Skye began to panic and lost control of her powers, exposing her to everyone. Sif and Vin-Tak attempted to apprehend Skye, so S.H.I.E.L.D. protected her. However, Skye couldn't calm herself down, so she shot herself with an I.C.E.R., stopping the earthquakes, as well as Sif's pursuit. After the incident, Skye decided to confine herself to the interrogation room in the Bus, feeling that she couldn't be around anyone.[63]

Being Evaluated

Skye believes she is controlling her powers

"May taught me. You focus on a single point, let everything else become noise disappearing in the background."
"Except it doesn't disappear. You're pushing it aside. Which is why, when you were dreaming, the tremors started."
―Skye and Andrew Garner[src]

While being constantly monitored, Skye would be visited by Phil Coulson, and they discussed her being put on the Index, as well as how her search for her parents has not gone as she wanted. Skye reported to Coulson that she felt she was getting in control and believed she could be ready for the field soon.

Skye being interviewed by Andrew Garner

Melinda May informed Skye that a prerequisite of being on the Index was that she had to undergo a psychological assessment, much to Skye's protest. However, this all changed when Skye learned the one giving conducting the evaluation would be May's ex-husband. When Garner joined Skye for the evaluation, she constantly questioned him on his marriage to May to deflect from answering his questions. They talked about Skye shooting herself with an I.C.E.R., but when it got too real for her, Garner decided to share tidbits about May, allowing Skye to open up about not being in control of her powers.

Skye tells Andrew Garner about her dream

When Skye was sleeping, she caused another earthquake, so she was woken up by the others, so she could stop it. Garner asked to be alone with Skye, and she explained how May taught her to cancel out her emotions. Garner noted that this wasn't removing her worries, but suppressing them, which is why she loses control. Skye attempted to use humor to avoid Garner's questions, as well as the truth of her situation, but he saw past it. Skye then opened up and revealed that her dream had to do with her going from being an agent to now a potential target, as per being on the Index.

Skye insists that she is ready for the field

Suddenly, the Bus began shaking again, which Skye revealed wasn't her, but was May, who piloted the plane to back up Coulson and Bobbi Morse against Calvin Zabo and his team. Overhearing May state that Skye and Garner would stay put and continue the evaluation, Skye objected, feeling she would be of use. Garner supported May's decision, but Skye assured them that she was in control of her powers, and if it came to it, she would incapacitate herself with an I.C.E.R..

Skye is used as leverage over Calvin Zabo

Seeing value in Skye's idea to use her father's love for her, May agreed to let Skye assist her. They arrived at the high school, where Skye allowed May to hold her at gunpoint to gain leverage over Zabo. Zabo attempted to talk to Skye, asking about her transformation, but she didn't respond, and only listened as he went on about how S.H.I.E.L.D. treated people with powers. Knowing that May wouldn't kill Skye, Zabo decided to act, only to be teleported away out of nowhere by an unknown man with no eyes.

Skye redirects her powers to her arms

With Zabo gone, Garner ushered Skye away from the fight that then broke out between the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and the Slicing Talons. As Skye watched on, she soon started to cause another earthquake, drawing the attention onto her. However, Skye managed to stop the earthquake by internalizing her powers into her arms, which severely bruised them, causing her to faint from the strain. Skye awoke back in her room, where Jemma Simmons, who created casts for her to wear, explained what happened to her, but Skye was left scared, not knowing what to do, as she was not getting better.[64]

The Retreat

Skye listens to Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz

"Skye, I'm afraid I have to pull you from active duty."
"I get it. I do. I just didn't think that you'd lock me up, like a werewolf during full moon."
"You're not alone here."
"Feels pretty isolated to me."
Phil Coulson and Skye[src]

After being checked on by Jemma Simmons, Skye listened as she and Leo Fitz discussed Skye's new powers, with Fitz saying she could control them to an Avengers level, but Simmons compared her to Hulk.

Skye and Phil Coulson have a discussion

With her anxiety being built up, Skye left and returned to her room, where she played Operation until Phil Coulson entered, saying they were going somewhere. During the flight in a Quinjet, Skye and Coulson talked about their current situation, which Skye stated was solely her father's fault. As the two ate licorice, Coulson told Skye about how he used to fix up a car with his father, which made it more important to him due to the work he put into it, which Skye deduced he was paralleling her with Lola.

Phil Coulson brings Skye to the Retreat

They eventually arrived at a safehouse. When they entered, Coulson told Skye that the cabin was used to house and protect gifted people, as well as protect everyone else from them. Coulson informed Skye that she was being pulled from active field duty, which she understood but felt like she was being locked up. Coulson attempted to comfort Skye, and unveiled a pair of improved gloves to reduce injury, but Skye was annoyed at how he wasn't be real with her, so Coulson told her that she could get through this, and he left soon Skye by herself.[10]

Skye meets and is given an offer by Gordon

After a video call with Jemma Simmons, Skye tested the gloves made for her, and immediately found them uncomfortable. While adjusting, she received an unexpected visit from an eyeless man with the power of teleportation. The man introduced himself as Gordon, a member of a small society of Inhumans who understood what Skye was going through. He told Skye of his own reaction to his transformation, and offered Skye a place with them so she could truly understand how to harness her abilities. He then departed, informing her to call him when she made her choice.

Skye creates a massive shockwave

Soon after, Skye removed her gloves and attempted to practice her abilities, using them to manipulate the vibrations in water from the sink. Suddenly, Melinda May called Skye and told her that a hostile force was coming for her. Bobbi Morse, leading a contingent of agents from Robert Gonzales' S.H.I.E.L.D., surrounded the safe house in an attempt to detain Skye. While evading her pursuers, Skye got into a brief fistfight with one of the field operatives, prompting Agent Tomas Calderon to attempt to shoot Skye; in response, Skye unleashed a massive shockwave that leveled the surrounding forests and injured Calderon. Shocked and terrified of the results, Skye uttered Gordon's name, and the man materialized to her location almost immediately, warping her away from the area.[65]


Skye under observation in Afterlife

"I woke up naked on a table in a place no one can even point to on a map, so... Call me crazy."
"You weren't totally naked, and you asked Gordon to bring you here. No one's gonna force you to stay. It's not a bad place."
―Skye and Lincoln Campbell[src]

Two days later, Skye awoke, nearly naked and unable to move, in a bed where Gordon greeted her, but then left her with Lincoln Campbell. Campbell explained that she had slept for so long because the shining needles that he was using on her were removing the effects of the inhibitor gloves that Jemma Simmons had given her. Skye wanted to leave to help Phil Coulson and her other friends, but Campbell reminded her that she was being hunted.

Skye explores and learns about Afterlife

Campbell gave Skye a tour of Afterlife, the Inhuman settlement. Though Skye wanted to know where it was, Campbell said that he did not know; only Gordon knew the exact location for safety reasons. As her "transitioner," Campbell explained the rules of Afterlife and how others were jealous of her because she had her powers while many others who lived there did not yet. Skye asked about Raina and her father's whereabouts, but Campbell answered vaguely. Afterwards, Campbell brought Skye to her room, explaining they would learn about her powers tomorrow, and Skye learned that the Terrigenesis was irreversible.

Skye discovers Raina is also in Afterlife

Campbell showed her his power but Skye did not reciprocate. As they ate dinner, Campbell accidentally revealed that Raina was also in Afterlife. In anger, Skye left the room and stormed into Raina's cabin. Skye confronted her, blaming her for the death of Antoine Triplett; Raina retorted that Skye followed her into the Kree City on her own volition. As Skye attempted to use her power to kill Raina, Jiaying stopped her, explaining that Skye would follow the rules of Afterlife, which included peace from persecution. Jiaying did not reveal that she was Skye's mother; instead she told Skye that she had chosen to be her mentor and would train her, as she hoped that the two could develop a rapport.[11]

Skye is trained to use her powers by Jiaying

Skye trained with Jiaying at Afterlife, first starting a controlled avalanche and then playing notes by vibrating water in glasses. However, Skye shattered the glasses, which brought back memories of foster homes. She told Jiaying of her childhood, and the fact that she never felt like any place would be home. She mentioned that she did not know when her birthday was, and to her shock, Jiaying told her that it was July 2nd. Skye realized that Jiaying was her mother, and hugged her, crying.

Skye learns that Jiaying is her mother

Upon revealing to Skye their relationship, Jiaying told her to be careful not to reveal it to anyone else, telling her of how the community of Afterlife did not like Inhumans going through Terrigenesis without the appropriate preparation as she had done. Skye learned of how Eva Belyakov made her daughter, Katya Belyakov, go through the Terrigen Mist despite Katya's lack of preparation. Skye was partially familiar with the story, but from Melinda May's perspective. So, given that Skye got her powers without formal preparation, in direct violation of the rules set by Jiaying herself, Jiaying did not want their relationship revealed to others.

Skye has dinner with her long lost parents

Jiaying then asked Skye for a favor; she wanted her to have dinner with her father Calvin Zabo. Though Skye was hesitant in doing this as she still believed her father was a monster, after a promise from Jiaying that she would never have to see Zabo again, she agreed. Skye went to dinner and Zabo presented with her the gift of flowers, the three talked about Skye's birth. Zabo then told Skye the detailed story of her birth and revealed that she was born in 1988, not 1989 as she originally believed.[36]

Father-Daughter Day

Johnson voices concern about Calvin Zabo

"Johnson. Is that your last name?"
"Was. Pretty ordinary, huh? I changed it to something more sinister when I went on the run."
"Daisy Johnson. Huh."
―Skye and Calvin Zabo[src]

After the dinner, Skye realized that her father was not always a monster, and she began to worry about sending him away. She went to Jiaying, and told her of her concerns, saying that she was worried that Zabo would go insane and hurt innocent people once he realized that he would never return to Afterlife. However, Jiaying told her that it was neither her concern nor Skye's.

Skye spends the day with Calvin Zabo

Skye visited her father's room, and he eagerly told her that he was going home to retrieve his belongings. Skye thought for a moment, then asked if he was going to China, and Zabo told her that home was Milwaukee. Insisting she come along to lessen the blow for him, Gordon teleported them both to his hometown where she learned how Zabo and Jiaying met, but when he was in an ice-cream store, she made a call to Melinda May and insisted S.H.I.E.L.D. needed to come and get her, but to be wary of her father's temperament.

Skye is teleported away by Gordon

Upon learning Zabo's real last name was Johnson, Skye figured out her true name was Daisy Johnson. However, upon discovering Lincoln Campbell had been shadowing them, Zabo realized what was happening and lost his temper before HYDRA agents stormed the building, looking for Gordon. Zabo and Campbell fended them off while Skye retreated before briefly reunited with Phil Coulson and Grant Ward. Gordon immediately teleported between them and, along with Zabo, teleported back to Afterlife.[66]

Skye pleads to rescue Lincoln Campbell

Back at Afterlife, Zabo angrily confronted his wife about his release, inadvertently revealing themselves as Skye's parents. Jiaying told him to calm down and he was escorted away. Gordon tried to retrieve Campbell, but returned with a gash on his forehead, saying it was HYDRA that attacked them and that they had Lincoln. Skye demanded why Campbell was shadowing her and Zabo, and Jiaying admitted that she sent Campbell to watch over them and make sure Zabo didn't lose his cool. Skye insisted on rescuing him, but Jiaying said it was too much of a risk for them.[67]

Attack on the HYDRA Facility

Skye is reunited with S.H.I.E.L.D. on the Bus

"So that's what happened in Puerto Rico. At least you can do is thank me."
"How about I just don't try to kill you again?"
Grant Ward and Skye[src]

Skye asked Gordon to take her to Campbell, but he refused out of concern for her safety. Raina then told them that Skye could save Campbell, showing Skye that Raina's power was precognition. Skeptical at first, Skye realized the truth when Raina mentioned seeing Phil Coulson and Grant Ward together. Skye and Raina convinced Gordon to teleport Skye from Afterlife. Gordon teleported onto the Bus and reunited Skye with her team including Coulson, her, Melinda May, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Ward. While promising the others answers, she was unwilling to reveal them with Ward around, who the team were still uncomfortable around because of his betrayal.

Skye uses her powers against HYDRA agents

Along with the team, Skye infiltrated the HYDRA base. There they joined Sunil Bakshi, who was brainwashed to serve under Ward, and she used her powers to help her team. Upon finding Deathlok, he told her Campbell was not in good shape and Skye went off to find him. After fighting her way through several HYDRA agents, Skye reached a dying Campbell. With little options, Skye used her powers to jumpstart Campbell's heart, saving his life. She and her team successfully got him and Deathlok out before Robert Gonzales blew up the base. She stayed by Campbell's side as he recovered.[67]

War Against the Inhumans

Back to Afterlife

Skye with Lincoln Campbell when he awoke

"You know how this works. You're a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent."
"I don't know what I am anymore."
Phil Coulson and Skye[src]

Skye stayed next to Lincoln Campbell's bed while he was in a coma for days. When he awoke, he was frightened when he realized he was in a S.H.I.E.L.D. base. He told Skye his fears that now, after S.H.I.E.L.D. knew about the existence of the Inhumans, they will probably search for Afterlife. When Gordon and Raina tried to retrieve the Monolith on the Iliad, Phil Coulson and Melinda May asked Skye about the Stone. Skye answered that neither she or Campbell had ever heard about the Monolith.

Skye brings up Bahrain to Melinda May

Coulson asked if she believed Campbell, but Skye said that he and Jiaying helped her to control her powers. Coulson asked how they should call them and Skye said they call themselves Inhumans. May made it clear that they are dangerous; however, Skye retorted that May was as well. Skye told May that Jiaying had told her of what happened to Katya Belyakov and Eva Belyakov in Bahrain, revealing that they also were Inhumans.

Skye and Lincoln Campbell return to Afterlife

Once S.H.I.E.L.D. located Afterlife, Skye tried to convince Coulson that S.H.I.E.L.D. should not go there. Though Coulson reminded Skye of the agency's policies regarding powered individuals, Skye questioned them. Eventually, Skye asked to return to Afterlife with Campbell first to prepare the settlement. Coulson asked how she could be so certain that Jiaying would listen, and Skye revealed that Jiaying was her mother. Coulson agreed, and once Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons had said goodbye, she and Campbell were transported back to Afterlife by Gordon. [68]

Arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Skye and the other Inhumans confront Raina

"Coulson... he's a good man. He's... He's the only person who's ever tried to take care of me. And... until now, he's the closest I've had to family. Please, Mom."
―Skye to Jiaying[src]

Arriving at Afterlife, Skye spoke to Jiaying about the arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Though her mother was skeptical about the agency's motivations, Skye convinced her to meet with Coulson to hear what he had to say. Skye was also present as Jiaying accused Raina of manipulating others with her powers for personal gain. Though Raina protested, no one, including Skye, believed her.

Skye with her family seeing Robert Gonzales

Skye, her mother, and Calvin Zabo waited for Coulson; but when a Quinjet arrived, Robert Gonzales disembarked, telling Jiaying that he came with the same intentions. Gonzales asked why Zabo was there, and Jiaying told him that in return for the safe return of Skye and Campbell, she was giving up Zabo to S.H.I.E.L.D. Jiaying asked Skye to take her father to the agents outside. On the way, Zabo told Skye he was grateful to have met her; she returned the sentiment. Reaching the Quinjet, Skye asked Melinda May why Coulson had not come; May told her that there needed to be someone objective meeting with Jiaying. Skye was with Jemma Simmons and Campbell when she heard gunshots from the meeting room. Skye ran to her mother and helped her walk, shocked at blood coming from a gunshot wound in her shoulder. Jiaying claimed that Gonzales had tried to kill her.[68]

Ambush in Afterlife

Skye helps Jiaying escape

"You need to stand down."
"Stand down? After Gonzales just shot my mom and declared war on us? You're the one who needs to stand down."
Melinda May and Skye[src]

As Jiaying fell, Skye asked her in a panic what had happened, and Jiaying claimed that Robert Gonzales had said that the Inhumans should be exterminated. Jemma Simmons wanted to check Jiaying's condition, but Jiaying rebuffed her, saying that S.H.I.E.L.D. had done enough. Skye told Simmons that S.H.I.E.L.D. should go, and Simmons asked what about her. Skye did not respond, and Simmons left.

Skye fights and knocks out Melinda May

Skye and Lincoln Campbell helped Jiaying towards a safe place, but a Quinjet fired two missiles at a house, which exploded, the shockwave causing the three to fall. Standing up, Jiaying asked Skye why she had let this happen, but Skye responded that she had had no idea what would happen. Jiaying was taken to a safe house, and Skye confronted Melinda May, who was looking for Gonzales. May asked Skye where Gonzales was so they could fix this, but Skye said that it was too late for fixing, saying S.H.I.E.L.D. should leave Afterlife. When May refused, the two women started fighting each other, and Skye used her powers to knock May out.

Skye confronts Lincoln Campbell

In a room where Jiaying was being attended to, Skye told Campbell that she had thought that, with her healing powers, Jiaying wouldn't feel the pain. Campbell replied that was not the case and that Jiaying did feel everything. Skye asked the doctor who assessed Jiaying if she could donate blood for her mother, but Campbell accused her of planning the attack on Afterlife with S.H.I.E.L.D.. Jiaying said that she believed Skye was still with them and was as shocked by the attack as everyone else. When the argument continued to heat up, Jiaying asked for everyone to leave her in peace to recover.

Skye speaks with Raina for the last time

Skye then visited Raina and said to her that she had already known about the attack on Afterlife. Raina admitted that she had, and that she knew that Skye came to her so she would tell her the future. Skye listened as Raina said that if she would, Skye wouldn't believe her. Raina said that she had had a vision earlier that day, which had revealed the truth to her. Skye asked for Raina to tell her, but Raina said again that Skye wouldn't believe her, and that her destiny was to help Skye fulfill hers. When Skye stormed out, Raina told her they would never speak again, Jiaying was misleading her people, and it was Skye's destiny to lead the Inhumans.

Skye and Jiaying discuss the impending war

Skye visited Jiaying again and was surprised that she had healed so fast. Jiaying told her that having her here was the best medicine she could have. Skye told her that she had spoken with Raina, but believed she should not have gone. Jiaying said that the safety of her people was more important. Skye brought up the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. could find them anywhere, and Jiaying said that that was why they should bring the battle to them. She brought Skye a necklace, saying that if she decided to join their fight, she should bring it back to her.[69]

Witnessing Raina's Death

Skye witnesses Jiaying kill Raina

"You killed Gonzales. You want a war."
"War was inevitable. I struck first so we would have the advantage."
―Skye and Jiaying[src]

Skye saw the meeting of Jiaying and Raina and how Jiaying killed her. After her mother saw her, Skye threw the necklace to the floor. Skye approached and told her that Raina had known that she would see this and that who Jiaying really was so she killed her. Jiaying said that everything she had and will do was for their people, but Skye regularized that she had killed Robert Gonzales and she wanted that a war will start.

Skye realizes the truth about her mother

Jiaying explained her action so the Inhumans would have the advantage, however Skye said that Gonzales had came to make peace. Jiaying said that she had build Afterlife so they will live in peace, but after S.H.I.E.L.D. found them, they will hunt the Inhumans wherever they will go or whatever they will do. Skye said what did she plan and Jiaying said their and her future. Jiaying said that after she will be gone, Skye should lead and protect the Inhumans in the way she had protected, but Skye said that if they needed a protection it was from her. Suddenly Skye was struck by one of Jiaying's man and was put in a prison in the Iliad, after the Inhumans took over the ship.[69]

Fighting Back

Skye and Alphonso Mackenzie retake the Iliad

"You saw what she did with those crystals; killed unarmed agents. Okay, think. Why would she want the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. to come here? It's not to hug it out. She wants to execute them."
―Skye to Lincoln Campbell[src]

Skye was in her cell, guarded by one of Alisha Whitley's duplicates, but she later was freed by Alphonso Mackenzie. He told her how many agents the Inhumans had killed and captured. He also asked her for her hacking skills. The two noticed the emergency beacon that was sent to all S.H.I.E.L.D. channels and they realized that Jiaying wanted to use the Terrigen Crystals to call to as many of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as possible and execute them. They went to shut down the beacon. On their way, Mackenzie assured her that her mother's betrayal was not her fault. He sent Skye to hack into the computer systems to shut down the emergency signal while he went in search of equipment.

Skye gets through to Lincoln Campbell

Skye began to hacking but Lincoln Campbell confronted her and attacked her with his powers, stunning her. Skye begged him to listen to her as she claimed he had the information all wrong, and that Jiaying had murdered Robert Gonzales and staged the entire attack on the Inhumans as a way of tricking them into following her into a war. Skye explained that Jiaying had murdered Raina after she had had a vision of Jiaying's plan. Campbell believed her, but just as he told her where the Terrigen Crystals were being kept, he was knocked out by Mackenzie. Mackenzie then went to protect the Crystals.

Skye is saved and forgiven by Melinda May

Instead of shutting down the beacon, Skye created a code in the beacon that warned everyone who read it about Jiaying's plan. The code was read by Leo Fitz on his way with Phil Coulson, Melinda May and Calvin Zabo to the ship. Skye also sent another message about the Crystals. Skye then found Jiaying and confronted her, failing again. Jiaying then left with the Crystals to the Quinjets to use them to exterminate the humans and create new Inhumans. Alisha Whitley was ordered to fight Skye. Skye fought her but when she was almost defeated, May and Campbell found and helped her. May forgave Skye and Skye went to stop Jiaying.[12]

A Terrible Choice

Skye is almost killed by Jiaying

"I don't want your revolution, because this isn't about protecting me or your people. This is about hate."
"No, you're wrong."
"It's consumed you. You can't even tell right from wrong. I can't let you destroy any more lives."
―Skye and Jiaying[src]

Skye found her mother and begged her to stop, but Jiaying did not listen, saying that it was the only way to protect her people. Skye said that she didn't want to protect her people or her, she wanted to do this because of hate. Jiaying realized that Skye would not listen, so she used her powers to suck the life-force out of Skye. However, Skye was able to muster whatever strength she had left and used it to create a shockwave that pushed the Quinjet off the ship and into the sea, causing the Terrigen Crystals to be lost forever.

Skye witnesses her mother's death

With her plan in ruins, Jiaying once again tried to kill Skye, only for Skye to use her powers to try to kill her, causing Jiaying's scars to open and bleed. The pair were interrupted by Calvin Zabo, who had escaped and begged them to stop. When Zabo said that they would not stop until one of them was dead, he pulled Jiaying away from their daughter and broke her nerve endings; he then lifted her high in the air and broke her spine, killing her, before breaking down and crying over the body of his beloved wife. The human race was saved and The Inhuman threat was over.[12]


Skye speaks with her father one last time

"I know I'm going away for good, but I was hoping you might come visit, once in a while."
"I will, I promise."
"That would be..."
"Let me guess, the best day ever? You have a lot of those."
"No, just one. July 2nd, 1988."
Calvin Zabo and Skye[src]

With the Inhuman threat at an end, Calvin Zabo left the Playground. As he was leaving, he was walked out by Skye. In their last few moments together, Zabo told her that she was better than he ever imagined, even though he had imagined her perfect.

Skye says a final goodbye to her father

Assuming that he was going to be incarcerated for the rest of his life for his crimes, Zabo requested that Skye come and visit him at his prison, and she promised that she would, telling him it would be the best day ever. Zabo told her he had only had one best day, the day she was born. But instead, Zabo's mind was erased by S.H.I.E.L.D. at a request from Skye, using the remaining resources from Project T.A.H.I.T.I., and he was allowed to begin a new and happy life as Doctor Winslow with no memory of his true past.[12]

Project Caterpillars

Wanting to Find Inhumans

Skye visits her father in his new life

"My mother was right about one thing – people like me need to be kept a secret. Not like the Avengers, out in the open. If we do this, we need to be–"
"Anonymous. That's the idea."
―Skye and Phil Coulson[src]

Skye and Phil Coulson drove to visit her father at his new work as a veterinarian. She was happy to see him as a new person. She presented herself as Daisy, to which Winslow responded that that was a beautiful name.

Skye and Phil Coulson discuss the next step

Skye then returned to Coulson and he asked her about her thoughts on leading a new initiative for people with powers, where they could use their abilities to help protect the world. Skye insisted that if they did this, the team should be kept a secret so the people involved could still live their own private lives. Coulson agreed, noting that his missing arm would be his personal reminder of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s past mistakes.[12]

Rescue of Joey Gutierrez

Daisy Johnson fights against the ATCU

"My name's Daisy and I'm with S.H.I.E.L.D., and we're here for your protection."
―Daisy Johnson to Joey Gutierrez[src]

Having fully assumed her birth name, Daisy Johnson began working with Alphonso Mackenzie on recruiting and safeguarding new Inhumans. She, Mackenzie, and Lance Hunter went to Seattle, Washington to extract Joey Gutierrez before the Advanced Threat Containment Unit could. She used her powers on the Unit's soldiers to keep them from shooting Gutierrez. She introduced herself to the frightened man and assured him that he would be safe with S.H.I.E.L.D., sending him to the Zephyr One.

Johnson tells Joey Gutierrez he's Inhuman

Later, Johnson explained to Gutierrez that he was an Inhuman and had recently undergone Terrigenesis, of which there was no possibility of reversing. Johnson then spoke with Phil Coulson about the rising number of new Inhumans emergences and their sequential capture by the ATCU, noting that Gutierrez was the first they successfully rescued. Returning to the Playground, Johnson and Mackenzie spoke with Gutierrez, with Johnson giving a full explanation of the Terrigen outbreak, which affected his DNA. They then told Gutierrez that he couldn't return to his normal life, agitating him, so Johnson knocked him out.

Johnson asks for Lincoln Campbell's help

Understanding she needed help dealing with Gutierrez, emotionally, Johnson suggested reaching out to Lincoln Campbell, as he had experience with Inhuman transitioning, so Coulson authorized the decision, and she and Mackenzie went to find him. Johnson and Mackenzie went to the hospital where Campbell worked and managed to meet with him, despite his previous wishes for S.H.I.E.L.D. to leave him alone. Johnson told him it was important, revealing a new Inhuman had appeared and they needed his help to transition him, However, Campbell believed his previous experience wouldn't be right to use, now knowing he was taught lies, and now just wanted to live a normal life, so he went to leave but was stopped.[13]

The Coming of Lash

Johnson witnesses the arrival of Lash

"We'll have to hit this thing with everything we've got."
―Daisy Johnson to Lincoln Campbell and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Before the argument of Alphonso Mackenzie and Lincoln Campbell could escalate further, the lights began to short circuit. Running to the main lobby, the three saw a monstrous man kill a security guard while asking for an Inhuman. The Inhuman the man was looking for turned out to be Campbell, and with no choice but to do so, Campbell proceeded to fight the man; Johnson, using her vibrational powers, and Mackenzie, using his sidearm, acted as backup. The man then cut a hole into the wall and fled.

Johnson and Lincoln Campbell fight Lash

Insisting that they pursue the man, Johnson led Campbell and Mackenzie through the hospital to find him. When the man suddenly appeared and incapacitated Mackenzie, Johnson and Campbell used their powers on him simultaneously but to no avail, as the man continued his advance towards them. Johnson then directed her powers on the floor under their foe; he fell through the floor and escaped the hospital. She asked Campbell to come to the Playground since he was now discovered with powers; Campbell refused, and fled on his own. Returning to the Playground, Johnson went into Gutierrez's room. As they watched the press conference of President Matthew Ellis, they sipped a beer and talked about keeping Inhumans a secret.[13]

Speaking with Doctor Garner

Johnson speaks about Joey Gutierrez

"When I changed, I felt like a monster. I needed help. This is a chance to show people they have a place to belong. It sounds stupid."
"No, but what you're describing sounds more like a halfway house. I'll gladly help you build that."
"My mother created a halfway house for Inhumans, and it was not enough. I... I want Inhumans taking action with S.H.I.E.L.D., to see that being different can mean making a difference."
―Daisy Johnson and Andrew Garner[src]

Johnson spoke with Alphonso Mackenzie about Joey Gutierrez, believing he was a fitting candidate to the team of powered individuals, but Mackenzie did not think the same. Johnson pointed out that Phil Coulson's team would be soon with only three people as the rest were gone, left or injured.

Johnson is asked to stay with Joey Gutierrez

Suddenly, Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter rushed past them, as Leo Fitz had opened the containment of the Monolith, so Johnson and Mackenzie followed them, and they managed to get Fitz out and close the door just in time. However, Fitz discovered residue of sand, leading to him realizing the Monolith was a portal to another planet, giving everyone hope that Jemma Simmons was still alive. Coulson tasked Johnson and Mackenzie with staying with Gutierrez and waiting for Andrew Garner's arrival and assessment, as the team was still the priority.

Johnson greeting Andrew Garner's arrival

When Garner arrived at the Playground, Johnson welcomed him, attempted to make him happy so he would approve Gutierrez for the team, but he caught on to what she was doing. Johnson asked Garner about when Melinda May would be returning, but he told Johnson she should ask May herself, only she couldn't, not knowing where she was. After Garner returned from assessing Gutierrez, Johnson accurately guessed that Garner declared him unqualified for the team. Johnson expressed the importance of the team, which made Garner reaffirm the need to keep everyone safe, especially with Coulson's decisions, as well as saw as pointing out Johnson changing into a leader. But Johnson revealed the purpose was to give Inhumans a proper place to belong with S.H.I.E.L.D., unlike what her mother did.[70]

Opening a Portal

Johnson arrives at the English castle

"I can do it. I can open the portal myself."
―Daisy Johnson[src]

Alphonso Mackenzie got a call from Phil Coulson that he needed the Monolith to be brought to a room in an English castle where they could transform it to a portal. Johnson came with Mackenzie on the Zephyr One and then to the room. She wondered if there was a chance they could succeed. She then said to Coulson and Bobbi Morse the things Andrew Garner had said about them.

Johnson is affected by the machine

They then activated the machines of the room that caused the Monolith, that was in a hole on the floor, to transform into its liquid state. Johnson heard a deafening noise that caused her bleeding from her nose and to faint as the machines broke. Coulson asked Johnson if she was alright but called her "Skye," to which Johnson responded that she called "Daisy." She then realized that she was the only person who had heard the noise. Leo Fitz then realized that the room they occupied was shaped to send the Monolith a high frequency that would make it transform to a portal. Johnson then realized that she could open the portal with her powers.

Johnson helps bring back Jemma Simmons

The team prepared to send through the portal a probe that so they could see the planet through it. Elliot Randolph asked what she was planning to do as Johnson started to activate her powers. The Monolith transformed again to a portal; Fitz, tied to a line, jumped through it to the other planet. While Fitz was searching for Jemma Simmons, Johnson was struggling to keep the portal open. Coulson then ordered them to bring him back. As Johnson released her powers, the Monolith exploded, but Fitz returned with Simmons back to Earth. After she saw them, she fell down but Mackenzie held her and said that she had done good.[70]

Search for Lincoln Campbell

Johnson discusses Lincoln Campbell

"You... you help people because you were meant to. You can do that with us, like you were doing at the hospital saving lives."
"That part of my life is over."
"No, you... you are not cursed. You are not some horrible thing. I know... because you taught me that I wasn't."
―Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell[src]

Johnson discovered that the Advanced Threat Containment Unit were hunting Lincoln Campbell, along with several other agencies, so she notified Phil Coulson, believing they should help him, despite his refusal. Coulson agreed, and decided to bring him in, revealing to Johnson the Tracker they planted on him back at the hospital.

Johnson calls Lincoln Campbell to help him

Tracking Campbell's whereabouts to learn he had recently purchased a phone, Johnson called him to warn him about the danger he was in, telling him they could keep him safe, but Campbell ignored her, destroyed his phone, and fried the Tracker. Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie argued over how they handled the situation, with Mackenzie wanting to have gone straight for him, but Johnson felt it best they don't scare Campbell any further than he already was, so they decided to figure out a new plan to help him.

Johnson discusses Project Caterpillars

After watching a news report about the hunt for Campbell, Johnson was tasked with locating his last location, but suggested going out to find him, which Coulson rejected, not wanting her to get discovered by the ATCU. When Johnson asked about why she wasn't informed of the Tracker, Coulson said it was because she was too close to the situation, with her being in charge of assembling the team of Inhumans, and that he would have wanted that done without the rise of problems they were currently facing.

Johnson comes to visit Jemma Simmons

Deciding to take a break, Johnson went to visit Jemma Simmons in her room, gifted her some daisies to help remember her new name, although she said Simmons could call her whatever she wanted. Johnson apologized for not coming to see Simmons sooner, being busy, but said that if she ever needed to talk about her experiences, she'd be there, although Simmons interjected that she'd rather listen, so Johnson filled her in about the Terrigenesis outbreak. Simmons began to open up, but they were interrupted when Campbell called Johnson, asking fo her help.

Johnson and Lincoln Campbell share a kiss

Johnson notified Coulson that Campbell was waiting for them for an extraction, but when he suggested that only Mackenzie would go, she insisted she come, as Campbell trusted her. Arriving at the location, Johnson entered the apartment where Campbell was hiding, and he began express how he was dangerous, feeling guilt for accidentally killing a man, but Johnson attempted to calm him down. She continued by telling him that he could help people, just like he helped her, but when Campbell said she was wasting her time with him, Johnson kissed him, and he agreed to go with her.

Johnson being threatened by Luther Banks

Mackenzie then entered and said that there was a change in the plan as the ATCU soldiers entered and arrested Campbell, by Coulson's order. Johnson demanded an explanation of what was happening, but Mackenzie said that Coulson said she would be safe. Campbell then used his powers to knock the soldiers out and escaped, so Luther Banks then ordered his soldiers to arrest Johnson, but Mackenzie stood against him. Banks then got a call from Rosalind Price; he and the soldiers then stood down and left without Johnson.

Johnson playing with Alphonso Mackenzie

Back in the Playground, Coulson explained that he had had to make a choice between Johnson or Campbell. He said that since the ATCU had her picture and Campbell had escaped, he offered Price an alliance between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the ATCU, as a lesson from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s fight against Brigadier General Glenn Talbot and the fight against the other S.H.I.E.L.D. faction. After Coulson got a call from Price, Johnson then understood that Mackenzie had not told him about the romance between her and Campbell. She went to say thank you to Mackenzie before sitting beside him on the sofa and the two played a video game.[14]

Hunting Lash

Johnson witnesses the carnage left by Lash

"You think the ATCU knew about him?"
"Worse. What if they're running him?"
"I think the conspiracy nut in you had a few too many lattes this morning."
"I did have a latte. It was a double. But if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were defending the ATCU, or the dragon lady."
Phil Coulson and Daisy Johnson[src]

When Alisha Whitley assisted S.H.I.E.L.D. with a recruitment mission for an Inhuman couple, Lash found them and killed the couple and Whitley's duplicate, so Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie went in for support. Angered, Johnson rushed after Lash to find him, and stop him from killing any more Inhumans, so Mackenzie hastily followed her to back her up.

Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie hunt Lash

The partners followed the trail to a dark industrial place, informing Phil Coulson of their status, and requesting backup. Johnson reiterated the importance of finding Lash and learning why he was killing Inhumans, which Mackenzie saw as instinct, and they overheard movement, so they persisted, resulting in them encountering the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, much to their surprise. Rosalind Price ordered her soldiers to stand down, so Johnson and Mackenzie did the same, and the two were shocked to see Coulson with them, as the two leaders declared their cooperation with each other, much to Johnson's uncertainty.

Johnson learns that Lash is an Inhuman

Back at the Playground, Johnson was informed by Bobbi Morse that Lash was an Inhuman, making her wonder why he would kill his own kind, considering the troubles they already face. Johnson then revealed that she inspected the email the victims received, and noted that it tracked their locations, so Coulson told her to pass the information to the ATCU, but she was hesitant. Coulson explained that the ATCU could have information they need, and that they need to work with them if they want answers.

Johnson considers Dwight Frye to be Lash

Johnson returned to Coulson after she had spoken with Luther Banks. She told Coulson that he said that the ATCU had came across that email before, but could not find the source. However, Johnson searched and found out that the emails had been sent by Dwight Frye, who Johnson thought could be Lash. Johnson theorized that the ATCU was running this man, but Coulson did not believe that. Johnson said that she thought Coulson defended them and Price too much. Coulson ordered her to take Mackenzie and go to Frye's home.

Johnson arrives outside Dwight Frye's home

Outside the home, Price and Banks waited for them. Johnson used her powers to open the door and she entered to search for Frye. She found what looked like the monstrous man's shell after his Terrigenesis. She then found Frye in his closet, crying. When Johnson tried to help him, he yelled at her, demanding her to get out. Johnson used her powers to dash him against a wall. Mackenzie pulled him out and noticed Frye had a reaction on his face from Johnson's presence, so she was asked to leave the room. Johnson listened to Frye as he told Coulson and Price the alliance he made with the monstrous man called Lash, and how he helped him to track Inhumans so he could kill them.

Johnson asking to accompany Dwight Frye

Coulson and Price ordered Banks to arrest Frye and transport him to the ATCU facility. However, Johnson insisted she accompany the transport, so Coulson negotiated with Price to allow her and Mackenzie to accompany Banks, ensure Frye's good treatment, and inspect the facility. Johnson and Mackenzie obtained permission to ride, but Price sent Banks on ahead of them. During the drive, Johnson, whose presence agitated Frye, discussed with Mackenzie about the ATCU's suspicious behavior, knowing they were hiding something.

Johnson witnesses Lash turn into a human

Suddenly, the roof of the van was ripped through by Lash, who entered, so Johnson sent a shockwave at Lash which knocked him back, but also caused the van to crash and the agents inside to be knocked unconscious. After Lash dragged Frye out and killed him, Johnson awoke, only able to witness the monster walk away, as he appeared to transform into a human. The unit was taken to a hospital, where Johnson told Mackenzie what she saw. Price then visited them, and Johnson told her Coulson was after Grant Ward.[15]

Tracking Luther Banks

Johnson reveals her theory to Phil Coulson

"Lash was tracking us. He knew where our truck was. He... he needed inside info for that."
"You think he's got access to ATCU information?"
"No, I... I think he's in the ATCU."
―Daisy Johnson and Phil Coulson[src]

Returning to the Playground, Johnson, still frustrated with her encounter with Lash, began working on her new theory, revealing to Phil Coulson that she thinks Lash works for the ATCU. Coulson brought up keeping the investigation away from Rosalind Price's awareness, leading to Johnson wondering if he was getting close with her, but Coulson dismissed the idea.

Johnson consults with Andrew Garner

Johnson came across Andrew Garner to ask for a consult about Lash, wondering why she was still alive, being a Inhuman. Garner suggested getting Lincoln Campbell's help, but Johnson was unable to locate him. Alphonso Mackenzie interrupted them, revealing that he believed that Luther Banks was Lash, so they planned to tail him to find out whether or not they were right. Right before they were about to leave, Lance Hunter, who had been benched by Coulson, desperately asked to join them, so they let him.

Johson tracks Luther Banks

Johnson, Mackenzie, and Hunter followed Banks as he drove home, then made a call outside. Johnson and Mackenzie discussed what to do, as they could not reach him. However, Johnson was surprised to see Hunter, with a bandanna over his face, walk up to Banks and shoot him with an I.C.E.R.. Furious, Johnson confronted Hunter as he dragged Banks back to the van; Hunter told them that the best way to see if Banks was Lash was to test his blood for Inhuman markers. Johnson grudgingly admitted that his suggestion was smart and sent a blood sample back to S.H.I.E.L.D., asking Jemma Simmons to test it. While waiting for the sample's results, Mackenzie and Hunter went through Bank's phone; they noticed a text message informing Banks of a test subject being moved to a lab. Johnson traced the lab and the team decided to investigate it, leaving a still-unconscious Banks in his car.

Johnson discovers the suspended Inhumans

At the lab, Johnson revealed she had a new D.W.A.R.F. that Leo Fitz had been working on but had not yet authorized for use, telling Mackenzie that she had stolen it. As she searched the facility, Johnson received a call from Simmons, who told her that the blood samples had come back fully human. Hunter stated that despite this, Banks still could not be trusted. Johnson watched the D.W.A.R.F.'s video feed as it showed something arriving at the lab: an Inhuman suspended in gel inside a cage. With horror, Johnson saw that Phil Coulson and Rosalind Price were watching also, from the floor of the facility. Later, in secret, Johnson called to check in on Campbell, who Garner felt should be at the base.[71]

Fighting Lash

Johnson argues with Rosalind Price

"I protect people."
"It doesn't matter."
"How can you say that?"
"Because for every Daisy Johnson, there's a Lash, and it's ignorant for you to think otherwise."
―Daisy Johnson and Rosalind Price[src]

As Johnson and Phil Coulson were arguing Rosalind Price and the Advanced Threat Containment Unit intention to c