"You maniac. The whole ship's gonna blow!"
"Not the whole ship."
Rocket Raccoon and Yondu Udonta[src]

The Quadrant is a detachable part of the Eclector. It was used by Yondu Udonta, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Kraglin Obfonteri to escape the Eclector and rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy on Ego's planet.


Escape from the Eclector

"Get the third Quadrant ready for release."
Yondu Udonta to Kraglin Obfonteri[src]

Feeling sorry for the loss of his fellow Ravagers following Taserface's mutiny against Yondu Udonta, Kraglin Obfonteri decided to release his former captain, apologizing for the turn of events. In response, Udonta ordered Obfonteri to be ready to release the Quadrant and to await him as well as Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

GotGV2 Trailer WP 33

The Quadrant leaves as the Eclector is destroyed

Udonta, Rocket, and Groot escaped from their cell and killed most of the traitorous Ravagers, causing an explosion which set the Eclector on fire. Before the massive spaceship was blown up, they joined Kraglin in the Quadrant and released it from the Eclector as it exploded. Rocket then decided to rescue his friends and set course for Ego's Planet through 700 Jump Points, causing their bodies to disfigure temporarily due to the amount of jumping the ship performed.[1]

Battle on Ego's Planet

When they arrived on Ego's Planet, Kraglin Obfonteri stayed in the Quadrant while Yondu Udonta, Rocket Raccoon and Groot went to rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy in the Laser Drill. However, while Kraglin was waiting for his teammates to return and leave Ego's planet, a fleet of Sovereign Omnicrafts approached the planet. Kraglin flew down to the planet to retrieve the Guardians and as he went to open the door, Drax the Destroyer took an unconscious Mantis to the ship. However, they were attacked by Ego who wrapped massive tentacles around the ship nearly turned it upside down. Fortunately, Kraglin activated the thrusters to balance the Quadrant and avoid crushing Drax and Mantis.

As the planet was about to explode, Gamora and Nebula joined the others on the ship, later followed by Rocket and Groot. As Star-Lord and Yondu were still on the planet, Gamora intended to find them, but Rocket rendered unconscious and ordered Obfonteri to take off before the blast. Udonta ultimately chose to sacrifice himself to save Quill, and both Quill and Yondu's body were brought to the Quadrant.[1]

Yondu Udonta's Funeral

Udonta Funeral3

The Guardians of the Galaxy hold a funeral for Yondu Udonta

Following the battle against Ego, the Guardians of the Galaxy held a funeral for Yondu Udonta on the Quadrant. After Peter Quill's eulogy, Udonta's body was cremated in the Quadrant's reactor, spreading colored ashes into outer space. The Quadrant was soon surrounded by spaceships from all other Ravagers clan called by Rocket Raccoon so that they could pay their respects to their late comrade.

Meanwhile, Nebula decided to chase and try to kill Thanos. After bidding farewell with Gamora, Nebula left the Quadrant on a spacecraft.[1]


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