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The Quadjet is a jet built by Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. In 1995, a Quadjet was stolen by Carol Danvers and Nick Fury, and upon being upgraded by Norex, was able to fly into space in order to reach Mar-Vell's laboratory. During the 21st century, the Quadjet was succeeded by the Quinjet.



The Quadjet was developed by Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. as a means of transportation. At least one Quadjet was present at the Project's headquarters in 1995.[1]


"Do you know how to fly this thing?"
"We'll see."
"That's a 'yes' or 'no' question."
Nick Fury and Vers[src]

Vers and Nick Fury hijack a Quadjet

While being pursued by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents through Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility, Vers and Nick Fury were cornered in the facility's hangar bay, where they spotted the Quadjet. Sneaking inside, Vers was able to pilot the ship to Fury's surprise, where they then managed to escape the facility. Much to their surprise, they discovered that Goose had stowed away on the ship and was experiencing discomfort due to the G-Force.[1]


"You're going to space?"
"In what?"
"A few tweaks to your vessel should do it. I can handle the modifications."
Nick Fury, Carol Danvers and Norex[src]

In order to investigate more of her past, Vers piloted the Quadjet to the Rambeau Residence in New Orleans, Louisiana. Parking the jet in a field nearby the house, Vers and Fury entered the garage, where Maria Rambeau and Monica Rambeau were shocked to see Vers still alive. The Skrulls Talos and Norex soon followed the Quadjet to the Rambeau Residence, where they explained their plight and Vers' origin. Coming to an alliance, Norex offered to upgrade the Quadjet to survive in space, allowing them to travel to Mar-Vell's Laboratory.[1]

Ascent to Space

The Quadjet breaks through Earth's atmosphere

"Your plan is to leave the atmosphere in a craft not designed for the journey, and you anticipate hostile encounters with a technologically superior foreign enemy. Correct?"
Maria Rambeau to Carol Danvers[src]

While the Quadjet was being upgraded, Carol Danvers approached Maria Rambeau, asking her to help her fly the jet. Maria was unwilling, attempting to use Monica as an excuse. Monica helped convince Maria, who decided to call her parents to babysit Monica, agreeing to help fly the ship.

Blasting off, the Quadjet quickly gained altitude, where Danvers then activated the upgraded thrusters, pushing the jet through the atmosphere and into orbit. Goose, being untethered to anything, floated around the cockpit until Nick Fury gently grabbed her, until artificial gravity was activated. Locating the Mar-Vell's Laboratory, Danvers disengaged the lab's cloaking field, allowing the team to dock with the lab, entering the facility.[1]

Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory

Locating Mar-Vell's Laboratory, the Starforce docked with the laboratory themselves and Yon-Rogg stationed several Kree soldiers to guard the Quadjet, ensuring that the Skrulls could not escape. When the Skrulls was escorted to the hangar bay for execution, Talos revealed his deception and killed the Kree guards, allowing the Skrulls to board the Quadjet. Maria Rambeau quickly launched the Quadjet, intending to escape the lab. However, Yon-Rogg saw the ship taking off, and managed to shoot Talos through the closing cargo doors. With his targets escaping, Yon-Rogg dispatched Minn-Erva in a scout ship to destroy the Quadjet.

Maria Rambeau fires at Minn-Erva

Engaging in a dogfight in the Mojave Desert, Rambeau took advantage of the surrounding canyons and utilized the Quadjet's superior maneuverability to flank Minn-Erva, allowing her to use the Quadjet's turrets to destroy the scout ship, killing Minn-Erva. In celebration, Nick Fury played with Goose, who scratched Fury's face, blinding him in his left eye. Safely out of the combat, Rambeau piloted the ship back to her home, where the Skrulls temporarily stayed until they decided to use the Laboratory to explore for a new world.[1]

Alternate Universe Versions

Trip to Wakanda

Peter Parker, Scott Lang, and T'Challa in the Quadjet

"There's a Quadjet in the hangar."

In an alternate universe, Vision told Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, T'Challa, and Scott Lang about a Quadjet in the hangar at the Camp Lehigh, New Jersey base. When T'Challa, Lang, and Parker got inside, Banner stepped in and handed Parker the Mind Stone before leaving. T'Challa took the pilot seat, while Parker and Lang, wearing the Cloak of Levitation, sat as passengers. As they were leaving the base, a zombified Hope van Dyne grabbed hold of it, but T'Challa applied the thrusters and was able to get out of her grasp. The three then flew to Wakanda.[2]


The Quadjet was an aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities, achieved through two large, angle-adjustable rotors, one housed in each wing, which was also used to allow the ship enhanced maneuverability. The Quadjet also possessed three machine guns mounted on each wing. After being upgraded with Skrull technology, the Quadjet was capable of achieving space travel, with artificial gravity being installed to prevent discomfort.

Behind the Scenes


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