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The Quad Blasters are Star-Lord's primary combat weapons.


Quest for the Orb

Battle of Morag

On Morag, when Quill retrieved the Orb, he shot Korath the Pursuer with his blasters but Korath got back on his feet in short order.[1]

Skirmish on Xandar

The blasters were taken from Quill when he was imprisoned by the Nova Corps on the Kyln. During his escape, he retrieved them along with his other belongings. He used these weapons to stun the Nova Corps guards and retrieve his Walkman. He hit the Mean Guard listening to his Walkman in the head with his quad blaster.[1]

Battle of Xandar

He once again wielded the weapons on the Dark Aster during the Battle of Xandar, using it to kill multiple Sakaarans.[1]

Battle on Sovereign

Two months later, Peter Quill used his blasters on Sovereign to fight against the Abilisk.[2]

Battle on Ego

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Infinity War

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Attack on Knowhere

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Battle of Titan

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Battle of Earth

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The quad blaster has two separate triggers and barrels, for the index and middle finger respectively. Both of which can be fired at the same time and have a lethal and non-lethal attack function. They can also function as melee weapons to strike and knock out opponents, while striking enemies with the barrels while shooting the weapon to hit harder and harm stronger opponents.

  • Plasma Shot: The quad blaster has a top barrel that is meant for lethal force. The fiery blast from the top barrel can kill most targets on impact, though some physically enhanced hostiles can withstand the blast and only be stunned by the impactive force.
  • Electric Shot: From the bottom barrel, the quad blaster can fire electricity to electrocute and stun its targets, knocking them unconscious. Some hostiles are physically superior to others and can better withstand the shock and only be in pain from the electricity.
  • Dual Shot: Firing both triggers allows both barrels to be fired simultaneously and have a greater effect to incapacitate targets and kill them. This is greatly effective if there are multiple targets which are more physically superior and more durable.
  • Barrel Attachments: Modular attachments can be loaded onto and then fired from the barrel, such as a stun device capable of shocking and causing pain to beings as powerful as Thanos.


  • In the comics, Star-Lord uses a weapon of identical appearance known as the Element Gun, a weapon capable of conjuring each of the four elements. The akimbo fashion of the quad blaster his twin Kree Sub-Machine Guns which he uses in the comics at a point when he did not use his element gun.
  • The designs of quad blasters have some reference to handguns from 1980's space western animated series BraveStarr.


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