"You dare to approach my ship."
Qovas to Glenn Talbot[src]

Qovas' Ship was a Confederacy warship used by Qovas, and later Glenn Talbot.


Siege of the Lighthouse

"All exits, including the hangar, have been sealed to protect us from any outside intrusion. Which is good, 'cause there is currently a sizeable alien spaceship overhead."
Phil Coulson[src]

Following the death of Ruby Hale, Hale gave to Confederacy the coordinates of the S.H.I.E.L.D. base known as the Lighthouse. She then remained into Qovas' spaceship, alone and despaired.[1]

Qovas transported his spaceship with a Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device above the Lighthouse. The negotiations with S.H.I.E.L.D. failed since Phil Coulson refused to hand over the Gravitonium, prompting Qovas to send a group of Remorath soldiers into the Lighthouse using the ship's teleportation device in order to forcefully reclaim the element.[2]

New Ownership

1-Remorath Welcoming Party

The Remorath apprehend Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot

"You see, this is my ship."
"Easy, buddy."
"Your impudent tone is only go–"
"I said this is my ship!"
Glenn Talbot, Phil Coulson, and Qovas[src]

However, the Confederacy's assault failed because of Glenn Talbot, who used his gravity manipulation abilities to take Phil Coulson and himself aboard Qovas' spaceship on a concrete chunk. Upon learning of the infiltration, Qovas sent his Remorath soldiers to apprehend the intruders so they could be brought to him. The spaceship left Earth's atmosphere soon after.

5-Qovas Kneeling 2

Glenn Talbot forces the Remorath to hand over their spaceship

Qovas soon met with Coulson and Talbot, who demonstrated his abilities and forced Qovas and the Remorath to kneel before him. As Talbot commandeered the ship for his own, Coulson left to find Hale in her cell. Coulson informed her of Talbot's infusion with the Gravitonium and they joined again Talbot and Coulson in the ship's control room.

11-Talbot Qovas Teleportation

Glenn Talbot and Qovas leave the spaceship

Talbot decided to meet the other members of the Confederacy. The Remorath found him a new suit on the ship and he left with Qovas, leaving Coulson with Hale in the spaceship. Talbot and Qovas later returned into the ship, causing an argument between Coulson and Talbot as Talbot had met with Taryan. In the end, Talbot forced Coulson to kneel before him just like he had done with Qovas.

24-Cloaked Zephyr and Qovas Ship

The Zephyr One docks to the spaceship

Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. successfully upgraded the Zephyr One so it could fly in space and spotted Qovas' spaceship's satellite signal. Therefore, they flew the Zephyr One to Qovas' ship in cloaking mode, docking to the spaceship and enabling Quake and Melinda May to infiltrate it. Upon learning this, Talbot got angrier and ordered the Remorath to capture the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

25-Hale Death

Hale is murdered by Glenn Talbot

Quake and May made their way through the spaceship. They soon reached the control room and found Coulson being held in the air by Talbot, who threatened to kill him. During the confrontation, Quake offered to surrender, supported by Hale who claimed that she trusted her, but when Hale tried to reactivate the Faustus programming Talbot, he resisted and crushed her to the death. Quake and May attempted to stop Talbot, but he eventually defeated her, knocking Quake unconscious and forcing May to lay down her weapon.

2-May and Coulson Prisoners

Qovas locks up Phil Coulson and Melinda May

Following this victory, Talbot ordered Qovas to consider the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents prisoners of war and to treat them as such.[1] As a result, Coulson and May were locked up in a cell while Quake was taken away to be delivered to Taryan. To prevent the prisoners from attempting an escape, Qovas aimed the ship's Ionizer Missiles on the Lighthouse.[3]


13-Coulson May Looking for an Exit

Phil Coulson and Melinda May attempt to escape

"We changed the target. Told ya I didn't need a gun to stop you."
Melinda May to Qovas[src]

While Glenn Talbot left the ship to find more Gravitonium, Phil Coulson and Melinda May escaped from their cell, assisted by Deke Shaw who had remained in the Zephyr One the whole time. Meanwhile, Quake, who was subjected to an Astralscope generated illusion, manage to break free and to take down her captors as well. The agents reunited and decided to split up: Coulson and Johnson would return to the Zephyr One to escape while May and Shaw would retarget the Ionizer Missiles so they would hit the ship itself instead of the Lighthouse.

Upon discovering the prisoners' escape, Qovas ordered his soldiers to find and kill them, except for Quake, and to launch the missiles. However, the launch was avoided by Shaw and May, who took down the guards in charge of the missiles. Shaw managed to access the missiles' control system, but they were soon confronted by Qovas, who attempted to stop them.

41-Qovas Ship Destroyed

The spaceship is destroyed by its own Ionizer Missiles

While May furiously dueled against Qovas, Shaw reoriented the missiles and set up the ship's teleportation device so they could use it to return to the Lighthouse. Eventually, Qovas was defeated by May and he launched the missiles, unaware that the target had been changed. May and Shaw mocked him before teleporting away as Qovas watched the missiles being fired and turning to the ship, which was soon destroyed by the launch.[3]

Despite the destruction of the ship, Talbot used his powers to move the remnants towards Earth, with Robin Hinton and Polly Hinton as prisoners. The remnants crashed into Chicago and were later explored by Alphonso Mackenzie, Leo Fitz and May as they rescued Polly from two Remorath soldiers. Due to the confrontation between Talbot and Quake, the remnants of the ship were then permanently destroyed.[4]


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