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"I hope fortune turns your way. And, of course, Hail HYDRA."
―Qovas to Hale[src]

Qovas was the leader of the Remorath and its representative on the Confederacy, who recruited General Hale and HYDRA to work together in order to save Earth from an impending invasion led by Thanos, demanding that they hand over Gravitonium as well as all of their Inhumans in exchange for the protection. After allying with the Gravitonium-empowered Glenn Talbot, Qovas then engaged in battle with Melinda May where he was subsequently tricked into killing himself when Deke Shaw set his own missiles to target his ship.



Recruiting General Hale

"Still empty-handed. You see how your lack of results could be construed as ineptitude."
―Qovas to Hale[src]

Qovas was one of the members of the Confederacy who answered HYDRA's attempted contact when they had reclaimed a Chitauri transceiver following the Battle of New York. When General Hale got involved in the talks between the Confederacy and the representatives from Earth, Qovas informed her of the deal the Confederacy suggested: protection of the Earth against an impending galactic conflict in exchange for Gravitonium and the Inhumans.[1]

When Hale joined Qovas in the room they usually met, Qovas noticed that she was empty-handed, though Hale insisted she would succeed in her mission. To that end, Qovas gave her a vial of Odium in case she faced failure and greeted her with the traditional "Hail HYDRA" saying.[4]

Meeting Phil Coulson

"Why have you brought this Human uninvited?"
"This is Phil Coulson. He considers himself humanity's shield, one of Earth's mightiest heroes."
"Her words, not mine."
―Qovas, Hale and Phil Coulson[src]

Qovas is first introduced to Phil Coulson

Qovas later met with Phil Coulson after he was captured by Hale, although Qovas made it clear that this meeting was not planned. Qovas explained to Coulson that the Earth was on the verge of being attacked and that the Confederacy could protect humanity, giving Coulson a vision of a hostile spaceship by touching Coulson's forehead. Once the message was delivered, Coulson and Hale left Qovas.[1]

Search for Gravitonium

Siege of the Lighthouse

Qovas offers a final warning to Phil Coulson

"I can tell you where they're hiding. But they won't give it willingly."
"You'd have me kill them?"
"I have no reason to stop you."
Hale and Qovas[src]

Qovas was angered to see Hale coming to the Confederacy meeting room where they usually met as Hale had not been invited. Hale, distraught by the recent death of her daughter Ruby Hale, informed him that S.H.I.E.L.D. had seized the Gravitonium the Confederacy was looking for and that she could tell him where it was. As Qovas asked her whether Hale would let him kill S.H.I.E.L.D., Hale replied that she had no reason to try and stop him.[5]

Qovas sending the Remorath army into battle

Qovas took a spaceship over the Lighthouse and made contact with S.H.I.E.L.D, demanding the Gravitonium. However, Phil Coulson refused his request and warned him that the Lighthouse could withstand a massive assault. Qovas cut the communication without further word and soon instructed his Remorath to invade the Lighthouse by using the Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device kept in the ship. Qovas remained in his spaceship, waiting for the Gravitonium to be brought to him. However, the Remorath were crushed by a recently empowered Glenn Talbot.[6]

Unexpected Newcomer

Qovas is forced to kneel before Glenn Talbot

"You were right to bring this man here, Qovas, for truly he stands a giant."
"As always, you see wisdom while the others cower in fear."
Taryan and Qovas[src]

As Qovas ordered for the missiles to be ready to be fired onto the Lighthouse, he was informed that Humans had infiltrated into his spaceship. Indeed, Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot soon came to him with the intent of renegotiating the deal the Confederacy had struck with HYDRA. Qovas refused to hear them out, until Talbot revealed his newfound powers and crushed a nearby Remorath, ordering Qovas to kneel before him. Qovas complied, as well as the other Remorath, although he warned Coulson and Talbot that they were making a mistake.

Qovas and Talbot go to meet the Confederacy

While Coulson left to find Hale on the ship, Qovas was interrogated by Talbot about the Confederacy and its members. Although Qovas refused to disclose any information, Hale arrived and gave the answers in his place. Qovas was then asked by Talbot to summon a Confederacy meeting, in which he would participate. Qovas reluctantly agreed and left to meet the fellow leaders of the Confederacy.

Qovas and Glenn Talbot arrive at the meeting

Qovas explained to the other members of the Confederacy that Talbot was here to renegotiate the deal struck with Earth. As Estella suggested that Talbot had no business with the Confederacy and should be put into a slave auction, Qovas warned her of his new powers and watched helplessly as Talbot murdered Crixon. The meeting was over, Qovas remained alone with Talbot and Taryan, and they discussed Thanos' attack on Earth. Qovas, Taryan, and Talbot came to the conclusion that having Talbot absorb more Gravitonium was the only way for him to defeat the Mad Titan.

Qovas beginning to manipulate Glenn Talbot

Qovas and Talbot returned to the former's ship. Qovas watched in silence as Talbot, Coulson, and Hale argued about the relevance and risks of using more Gravitonium, and later as Talbot forced Coulson to kneel, just like Qovas. Qovas was then informed that a spacecraft had docked his ship and again, watched from aside as Talbot defeated Quake and forced Melinda May to surrender. He asked Talbot what they should do with them, and Talbot ordered him to consider them prisoners of war.[2]

Final Stand

Qovas locks up Melinda May and Phil Coulson

"You have just sealed the fate of everyone in your base. And now you will die."
"Well, one little thing. We changed the target. Told you I didn't need a gun to stop you."
―Qovas and Melinda May[src]

While Quake was being taken to Taryan, Qovas locked up Phil Coulson and Melinda May in a cell in his ship. When Coulson claimed that they would ultimately defeat him, Qovas replied that they could not do it unless they secured some guns, which use Qovas despised. Qovas also warned that should Coulson and May try to escape, he would launch Ionizer Missiles on the Lighthouse, threatening to kill everyone in and around the S.H.I.E.L.D. base. Leaving the cell, Qovas joined Glenn Talbot, who informed him that he would leave to find more Gravitonium.

Qovas prepares to fight against Melinda May

Thanks to Deke Shaw, who infiltrated the ship as well, Coulson and May managed to escape their cell while Quake also took down the Remorath who were guarding them. In response, Qovas ordered his soldiers to search for the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and to kill them with their own weapons, which would be a mark of dishonor. Qovas then reached the ship's control room, where he found Shaw and May. Wielding his claws, Qovas prepared to fight against May while Shaw worked on the ship's teleportation device.

Qovas launches out all of the Ionizer Missiles

Qovas furiously dueled against May, who wielded Remorath claws as well and managed to disarm her all the while trying to murder Shaw who kept running around them. However, May managed to knock Qovas over and he arrived near the missiles controller. Angered by his fight against May, Qovas decided to launch the missiles and mocked May and Shaw. However, they revealed that they had changed the coordinates of the missiles' target, which was now Qovas' ship itself. As May and Shaw teleported away, Qovas watched as the missiles approached the ship, causing its destruction and leading to Qovas' death.[3]


"I would rather die than betray the Confederacy."
―Qovas to Glenn Talbot[src]

Qovas generally appeared to have a calm and serious demeanor. He rarely raised his voice and usually uttered his threats with a cold attitude. Additionally, Qovas was pragmatic who never considered following reckless and foolish plans. As such, he immediately recognized the immense powers Glenn Talbot had acquired with the Gravitonium and, knowing that he would not stand a chance against Talbot, Qovas agreed to kneel before the latter and to follow his commands.

Moreover, Qovas was fiercely loyal to the Confederacy he belonged to. As such, he was willing to die fighting with the Odium rather than telling Talbot about the other members. Qovas held the Confederacy's traditions in high regard and was reluctant to set up a meeting so that Talbot would meet the other members. When Hale joined the Confederacy meeting room without being invited, he immediately threatened to punish her.

Finally, like many other extraterrestrials, Qovas showed little consideration for human life, as he considered Humans to be a weak species which could not fight against races like the Remorath without firearms. However, Qovas' contempt for Humans ultimately caused his demise, as he underestimated Melinda May and Deke Shaw and never suspected that they had changed the target of his Ionizer Missiles until they revealed it to him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Remorath Physiology: As a Remorath, Qovas possessed natural attributes such as superhuman strength, durability, and agility, as well as to cause nearby electronics to fail only by mere presence.


"I will watch you bleed."
―Qovas to Melinda May[src]
  • Combatant: Qovas was a skilled combatant, who was able to fight against Melinda May and to disarm her, although he was unable to defeat her.



Qovas drawing his own pair of fighting claws

  • Remorath Claws: Like other Remorath, Qovas had retractable metal claws implanted in his hands which he could use to fight as he did against Melinda May. Due to his position within the Remorath, Qovas' claws were significantly longer and more elaborate than the traditional Remorath claws.

Other Equipment

Qovas preparing to use his Astralscope

  • Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device: As a member of the Confederacy, Qovas owned a teleportation device he used to join the Confederacy meeting room. The device could also be used to transport his entire spaceship from space to remote locations like the Lighthouse.
  • Odium: Qovas kept vials of Odium as part of the Confederacy's tradition to drink it when facing failure. He gave one such vial to Hale and was willing to drink his own Odium instead of telling about the Confederacy to Glenn Talbot.
  • Astralscope: Qovas used this transmission device to transmit information into people's heads. He used this device to show Phil Coulson a vision of an alien warship, and later to show Remorath where they should go in the Lighthouse.


Qovas' Ship





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