"You are now prisoners of the Remorath."
―Qolpakc to Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot[src]

Qolpakc was a Remorath soldier under the leadership of Qovas.


Unexpected Visitors

"Something has entered our docking station."
"A terran ship?"
"The object appears to be human."
―Qolpakc and Qovas[src]

Qolpakc was a Remorath soldier serving under orders of Qovas aboard his spaceship. In the aftermath of the Siege of the Lighthouse, Qolpakc spotted an alien object docking to the spaceship and informed Qovas that it appeared to be human.

1-Remorath Welcoming Party

Qolpakc apprehends Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot on Qovas' Ship

Qolpakc and three other Remorath soldiers went to intercept Glenn Talbot and Phil Coulson who had reached the spaceship. He then escorted them so they could meet with Qovas and remained silent as Talbot revealed his powers, crushing another Remorath soldier and forcing Qovas and his soldiers to kneel, which Qolpakc did. Qolpakc remained silent during the further talks. When Talbot decided to join a Confederacy meeting, Qolpakc gave him a new suit to appear decent.

Qolpakc remained with Coulson and Hale while Talbot and Qovas left for the Confederacy meeting. Once they returned, Qolpakc watched as Talbot argued with Coulson and forced him to kneel before him. He then informed Qovas that a vessel had docked Qovas' ship, which greatly angered Talbot. Qolpakc was ordered by Talbot to send soldiers find and eliminate the intruders, who turned out to be Quake and Melinda May. When they arrived, Qolpakc watched their confrontation against Talbot, which led to Hale's death and the capture of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.[1]

Qolpakc was eventually killed in the destruction of the Remorath spaceship caused by May and Deke Shaw.[2]





  • Qolpakc appears to have a somehow intermediate rank between the regular Remorath soldiers and his commander Qovas. Indeed, his general outfit is different than the other soldiers: unlike them, he does not wear a mask on his face and dons a longer cloak than they do.
  • Qolpakc's name appears to be a reference to Mark Kolpack, a visual effects supervisor for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..


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