"Big fan. You built half of Dubai, including the Arabian Blade. I love that building, it's super sci-fi."
Skye to Qasim Zaghlul[src]

Qasim Zaghlul is a internationally renowned architect and one of the guests at Ian Quinn's party in Malta.


"Who are you?"
"Oh, apologizes for his manners. He knows very little English."
―Qasim Zaghlul and his translator to Skye[src]

Qasim Zaghlul and his Translator

Qasim Zaghlul is an internationally renowned architect, married to a woman called Nadrah and father to twin sons. He has designed many of the most well-known buildings in Dubai, including the futuristic Arabian Blade. When Skye infiltrated Ian Quinn's meeting, Zaghlul rudely approached her. This behavior made his personal Translator quickly apologize for his manners. Skye, with the remote assistance of Melinda May, was able to make him believe she knew about him to blend into the party.[1]



  • Nadrah Zaghlul - Wife
  • Two Sons



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