"The Confederacy has stood more than 1,000 years. They will seek vengeance, making slaves of you all."

Qajax was a Remorath warrior of the Confederacy who participated in the Siege of the Lighthouse and died after he drank the Odium.


The Confederacy

Glorious End

With the end of the Siege of the Lighthouse, Qajax regained consciousness in one of the Lighthouse corridors. Spotting Alphonso Mackenzie patrolling, Qajax drank some of his Odium and immediately faced against the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Qajax charged at him, unaffected by the Shotgun-Axe's bullets. He managed to hit Mackenzie a few times, but the latter used the blade of the Shotgun-Axe to bring him down. As he was about to kill him, Melinda May stopped him so Qajax would be kept alive for information, so Mackenzie knocked him out.

6-Remorath Prisoner

Qajax was tied in chains and was questioned by Mackenzie, May and Jemma Simmons. He did not answer their questions, only promised them that the Confederacy would take revenge then. When asked about the Odium, Qajax said they were not worthy of holding it. He then described it purpose, but suddenly a tantrum hit Qajax, causing him to rave, and when he freed one of his hands from the shackles, he passed away. Simmons later opened Qajax's body to understand more of the Odium's effects.[4]

Powers and Abilities


  • Remorath Physiology: As a Remorath, he had also of there natural attributes such superhuman strength, durability and agility, as well as to cause nearby electronics to fail only by mere presence.
    • Night Vision: Qajax was able to see from a distance Alphonso Mackenzie in almost total darkness.
"The Odium gives the power of the gods to those in final battle. It is glory through the spilling of blood, the taste of your enemy's pain."
―Qajax to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]
  • Odium Empowerment: Qajax natural physiology was enhanced upon consuming the Odium.
    • Superhuman Strength: Qajax showed some degree of superhuman strength. He was able to fight Alphonso Mackenzie and smashed part of a stone wall while doing so. He managed to free one arm from shackles before passing away.
    • Superhuman Durability: Qajax was granted superhuman durability from the Odium, as he remained unaffected by the Shotgun-Axe's bullets.
    • Pain Suppression: Qajax seemed to not feeling pain, enabling him to fight with rage until his death.






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