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Pym Technologies Headquarters was the primary HQ for Pym Technologies, located on Treasure Island in San Francisco. The building was later destroyed when the stored Pym Particles in the building were released in an explosion, causing the entire building to implode.


Yellowjacket Suit Exhibition

Darren Cross invited a delegation of potential customers, including HYDRA officer Mitchell Carson, to the Pym Technologies Headquarters so that he could show them the Yellowjacket Suit. Cross also invited his former mentor Hank Pym to earn his admiration. Pym Technologies senior executive Frank also attended the exhibition.

Darren Cross ready to reveal the Yellowjacket

Cross firstly took his guests to the labs where he displayed footage of Pym wearing the Ant-Man Suit and taking down his opponents while in his shrunken form. Although Cross believed the images to be forged, he worked on his own version of the Pym Particles and claimed to be close to replicate the original formula. He then took the attendees to an experiment room where he displayed the Yellowjacket Suit.

Although Carson was interested and proposed to pay a high price for the suit, Frank remained doubtful about it as the tech would be dangerous should it fail into the wrong hands. Feeling Frank would be an hindrance, Cross waited for Frank to go the building's bathroom and murdered him with his imperfect Pym Particles, flushing all that remained from Frank in the toilet.[1]

Further Experiments

Darren Cross manages to shrink a living lamb

As Darren Cross was still unable to shrink living matter, thus rendering the Yellowjacket Suit unusable, he decided to accelerate the testing on alive subjects, skipping the testing on mice and trying to shrink lambs. Although his first attempts were unsuccessful, Cross eventually managed to minimize a lamb without killing it. Hope van Dyne attended all the attempts and realized that Hank Pym's most terrible fear had come to reality.[1]

Infiltration into Pym Technologies Headquarters

"The Ant-Man is in the building."
Kurt Goreshter[src]

Fearing that Hank Pym was planning to steal the Yellowjacket Suit from him, Darren Cross tripled the security of the facility, having new sensors installed at the entrances and exterior vents reinforced with steel micro mesh. The new security measures did not keep Ant-Man and his team to try to infiltrate the facility to rob the Yellowjacket Suit. Luis entered the building posing as a security guard and knocked another guard unconscious, stealing his clothes and gun and enabling Hope van Dyne to place a Signal Decoy.

Ant-Man arrives in the servers room

Meanwhile, Ant-Man infiltrated the headquarters by riding a troop of fire ants in the water supply pipes. Emerging in the bathroom, Ant-Man then used carpenter ants to fly to the servers room, where crazy ants fried the servers, enabling Kurt Goreshter to hack into the systems so that he could disable the laser grid protecting the Yellowjacket Suit. Ant-Man then headed to the Particles Room right above the Yellowjacket Pod and rigged the place with explosives.

Darren Cross concludes his deal with HYDRA

In the same time, Mitchell Carson and other HYDRA agents had come to the Yellowjacket Pod to complete the purchase of the Yellowjacket Suit under the eyes of Pym and van Dyne. While Cross bragged about his success, Ant-Man plunged into the pipe and Kurt successfully deactivate the laser grid. However, Cross had been expecting Ant-Man's attempt to steal the Yellowjacket Suit and trapped him in the pod while taking the Yellowjacket Suit away and putting it in a case.

Ant-Man fights in the Future Labs

Cross then ordered Pym to be executed before choosing to do it himself, only to be threatened by van Dyne who openly revealed she had been siding with her father all along. A furious fight erupted between Cross, the HYDRA operatives, van Dyne, Pym and Ant-Man who broke free of the pod. Eventually, Pym was wounded and both Carson and Cross managed to escape. Ant-Man was assaulted by two guards who tried to shoot at him while in his shrunken form in the Future Labs until Luis saved him and knocked out the guards.

Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne escape with a tank

Van Dyne remained with his wounded father, who handed her over a toy tank key chain. Pym informed his daughter that it was actually a real miniaturized tank and van Dyne used a Pym Particle Disk to return it to its normal size, using it to perform a spectacular escape from the building.[1]


A destroyed Pym Technologies Headquarters

"Did you think you could stop the future with a heist?"
"It was never just a heist!"
Darren Cross and Ant-Man[src]

Darren Cross escaped the Pym Technologies Headquarters with his helicopter, killing Ant-thony in the process. As Ant-Man infiltrated the helicopter, the explosives he had set up in the Particles Room exploded, releasing the Pym Particles and causing the whole facility to implode.[1]


The Yellowjacket Suit secure containing pod

The Pym Technologies Headquarters are organized with different floors and rooms.

  • Future Labs: The Future Labs are the main laboratories of the facility, where the team working for Darren Cross worked on replicating the Pym Particles and created the Yellowjacket Suit.
  • Yellowjacket Pod: The Yellowjacket Suit was stored in a secure pod which was hermetically sealed and could only be accessed through an extremely thin tube protected with a laser grid. The pod itself was contained in a high security vault which opened with facial recognition.
  • Particles Chamber: Right above the Yellowjacket Pod was a Particles Chamber which displayed multiple tubes containing the Pym Particles recreated by Cross' teams.
  • Servers Room: The Pym Technologies Headquarters featured a large servers room located underground.
  • Helicopter Bay: The roof of the Pym Technologies Headquarters could have a helicopter taking off and landing.



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