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"Your brain is a pendulum, swinging between a very difficult reality, that you are my patient here at Putnam Medical Facility in Chicago, Illinois, and a reassuring fantasy that you've created on your own."
Arthur Harrow to Marc Spector[src]

Putnam Psychiatric Hospital[1], also known as Putnam Medical Facility, is a psychiatric hospital in Chicago, Illinois, which Marc Spector visualized as his way of perceiving the Duat.


Marc and Steven

Waking up in Putnam Psychiatric Hospital, Marc Spector watched Tomb Buster, which featured a fictional Steven Grant. After being sedated, he met with Arthur Harrow, who told him that they lived in a psychic world. Remembering that Harrow had shot him, Spector managed to run away into a hallway where he found several rooms. One contained a sarcophagus and someone was yelling inside. Opening it, Spector reunited with Steven Grant. Together they ran back into the hallway and were met by Taweret.[2]





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