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"That skull? That's a Memento mori. It's Latin for “Remember, you will die”."
Micro to Frank Castle[src]

Punisher's Vest is a special military-grade Bulletproof Vest with skull insignia used by the Punisher.


First Vest

Frank Castle's War

"Please... You won! You... you killed everyone! The bikers, the cartels, the Kitchen Irish, they're all gone!"
"Yeah. Yeah, almost."
"I get it. An eye for an eye and all that."
Mickey O'Hare and Punisher[src]
Punisher's Arsenal 3

Punisher finding Ray Schoonover's old vest

Colonel Ray Schoonover had kept his secret military-grade arsenal inside his cabin, which had included special Bulletproof Vest. Upon executing Schoonover, Frank Castle had then found that secret room which had contained Schoonover's arsenal. As Castle began looking over all of the various weapons closely, he looked at the vest, noticing the design on the front resembled a skull.[1] Castle then returned into his family's home with Schoonover's arsenal before he found The New York Examiner featuring an article about his trial, with the x-ray of his skull being used for the front image of the newspaper.

Frank leaves his past behind

Punisher preparing to continue his crusades

Using this image as inspiration, Castle went into the garage with the vest he found in the armory and began spray painting an image onto it. Castle, donning his bulletproof vest with a spray-painted skull-like symbol, embraced the mantle of the Punisher. With his new uniform and logo on his bulletproof vest, Castle returned to New York City to assist Daredevil in his confrontation with the Hand, as he stood on a nearby rooftop and shot Nobu Yoshioka's ninjas. Later, he wore his vest before burning his old home and leaving Hell's Kitchen in order to continue to punish crime in the only way that he saw fit.[2]

3AM pic

The Punisher chooses to burn the original vest

The Punisher had then continued to hunt and kill all of the gangs who had been responsible for killing his family. Wearing vest, the Punisher headed to Alabama, El Paso and JFK International Airport to execute their last members of Dogs of Hell, Mexican Cartel and Kitchen Irish, as Mickey O'Hare was terrified upon seeing the Punisher's skull vest before he was strangled to death in a bathroom. With seemingly all of the gangs destroyed, Castle believed that his family had finally been avenged once and for all. Believing that he no longer had any wars to fight for, the Punisher had burned his vest and began a new life.[3]

Second Vest

Ambush in Micro's Hideout

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The Punisher Sep 12 Promo 1

Punisher spray painting his newest skull vest

Preparing for an assault on Micro's Hideout, Castle spray-painted his trademark symbol on a new bulletproof vest which was previously stolen from the Greek Mob.[4]

Duel at the Central Park Carousel

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Skull Vest Returned

"Okay, that blood, it's yours and it's mine and it's his. Maybe you moved on, Frank. Maybe you got closure. Good for you. But he hasn't."
Dinah Madani to Frank Castle[src]

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Chase of Jigsaw's Crew

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Ambush at the Valhalla

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Third Vest

Ambush on the Gang Leaders

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"He... he tried to kill me. I couldn't see. That skull... that skull that I dream about every night, he wears it on his chest."
Billy Russo to Krista Dumont[src]

The vest is a standard military-grade Bulletproof Vest which protects the Punisher against impact force from all sorts of ammunition, but even more, his wearing it serves as an intimidation tactic by instilling feelings of fear and dread into his enemies.

After the showdown at the Central Park carousel, Billy Russo experienced nightmares of the skull's image for a year straight. He panicked when Frank Castle revealed the horrific stimulus belonged to him.


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  • In the comics, the Punisher wore a full-body suit of Kevlar with a white skull splashed across the front or a T-shirt with a similar skull symbol.


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