The Punisher's Hideout is an apartment in New York City, used by Frank Castle as his hideout.


During his anti-criminal crusade, Frank Castle acquired an abandoned apartment in Hell's Kitchen that he used as his base of operations. He returned to his hideout to stitch his wounds while listening to NYPD communications rig. Castle then acquired information about the ambush planned by NYPD with Grotto as bait and planned his own move to eliminate Grotto, avoiding the police. Daredevil managed to track down Castle's base and realized that he was going to kill Grotto despite the ambush.[1]

With an intention to find and apprehend Castle, the Kitchen Irish managed to locate his own apartment. Finn Cooley and his men stormed in the apartment where they found a full arsenal and Max as well as several detailed maps of New York City but despite a brief search, none of their stolen money could be found anywhere within the apartment.

Despite not finding their money, Cooley noticed the map pinned on the wall and found out that he was connected with the Massacre at Central Park and suggested that they can find Castle at the Central Park. With this information the Kitchen Irish left the apartment, taking Max with them, and came up with a new plan to hunt down and capture the Punisher. However, while they were leaving, Castle was spotting them across the street, watching their every move and making his plan.[2]


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