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Pulsus was an Inhuman of Attilan and a member of the Royal Guard. Loyal to Maximus, he participated to his military coup, taking part on the capture on Queen Medusa and in the chase of Gorgon, his former mentor. However, he was killed during an ambush prepared by Gorgon and his newfound allies on Oahu.


Early Life

Pulsus underwent Terrigenesis and gained the ability to generate powerful electric pulses from his hands. Also after undergoing Terrigenesis, Pulsus supported Maximus in his coup to become King of Attilan. In order to get close to Maximus, Pulsus joined the Attilan Royal Guard and was trained by its captain, Gorgon.[1]

Capture of Medusa

Pulsus stops Medusa with his powers

As a member of the Attilan Royal Guard, Pulsus joined the rebellion orchestrated by Maximus against the Inhuman Royal Family. While the Royal Guard intended to capture all the members of the Royal Family, a group found Queen Medusa, who fought several guards before Pulsus stunned her with her powers, allowing Maximus and the Royal Guard to seize and depower her before leaving her on the ground. Pulsus and his associates then proceeded further.[1]

Ambush in Oahu

Pulsus and his associates prepare to fight Gorgon

After Auran's failure to kill Medusa on Earth, Maximus sent Pulsus among a group of Inhumans as reinforcements. Maximus directed them to Gorgon, who had left his Com-Link's connexion open to attract the rebels. Pulsus joined the fight between his group of Inhumans and the Makapu'u Surfers led by Gorgon, but he was fatally shot by a crossbow bolt fired by Lucky.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Pulsus was an Inhuman who obtained superhuman abilities after undergoing Terrigenesis and unlocking his genetic potential.

  • Electricity Generation: Pulsus was able to generate strong electric charges from the palms of his hands. The electric charge was strong enough to temporarily disable a fellow Inhuman like Medusa.[1]





  • In the comics, Pulssus was an Inhuman with a body entirely made of electricity and member of the Crimson Cadre.
  • Pulsus is one of the Attilan Inhumans whose name is directly related to his powers as the Latin word "pulsus" can be translated to "shock" or "pulse."



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