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"I always deal with problems head on."
―Pryce Cheng to Jessica Jones[src]

Pryce Cheng is the head of Cheng Consulting Management, a large private investigation firm. Cheng contacted Jessica Jones with the intention of absorbing Alias Investigations and hiring her, in order to attract superhuman cases, but Jones' refusal led to an enmity between them.


Early Life

Becoming a Marine

"I've seen guys like Cheng before. High school quarterback. Marine Corps captain. He needs to be the top dog."
Jessica Jones[src]
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Conflict with Alias

Failed Acquisition Offering

"You don't want me. You just want to eliminate the competition."
"If you can't join 'em, beat 'em."
Jessica Jones and Pryce Cheng[src]
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Attack on Pryce Cheng

"You're not super, you're a ticking time bomb."
"Keep telling me who I am, I dare you."
―Pryce Cheng and Jessica Jones[src]
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Hiring Nick Spanos

"You have any trouble?"
"Nothing I couldn't handle. I got all the stuff you flagged and a whole lot more."
"I'm sure she's been sitting on some twisted shit. No way she's straight up. Her cases are yours now. And if she's dirty, it's in there somewhere."
―Pryce Cheng and Nick Spanos[src]
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Hunting Alisa Jones

"She's a murderer. You can't change that instinct."
"Not even with a sniper rifle."
"I didn't want any cops to die. That's why I did it. She's gotta be stopped. I know you know that."
―Pryce Cheng and Jessica Jones[src]
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Establishing Association

"I was surprised to hear from you, given I still can't deadlift a car."
"Well, there are tasks for which Jessica Jones is not well-suited. Some, like this one, she may even object to."
―Pryce Cheng and Jeri Hogarth[src]
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"I never take no for an answer."
"How rapey of you."
―Pryce Cheng and Jessica Jones[src]
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Cheng is very loyal to his employees as he tried to shot Alisa Jones with a sniper after she butchered one of his men.


  • Expert Marksman: Cheng is an expert with using a sniper rifle due to his military service. He would have shot Alisa Jones if not her daughter's intervention.
  • Investigator: To be added



  • Taser: Cheng tried to use a tazer against Jessica Jones, but failed to affect her.
  • Assault Rifle: Cheng tried to kill Alisa Jones with this rifle out of revenge for the death of Nick Spanos. He waited in the building in front of the Alias Investigations Office and waited until he had a clear shot. However, he missed and ended up Jessica Jones in the shoulder. Once he realized that he missed the shot and that Alisa was coming for him, he tried to escape and confront her, but quickly lost his rifle.





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