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Proxima Midnight's Spear was a three-pronged spear used by Proxima Midnight as her weapon in the beginning of the Infinity War. It was used during the Attack on the Statesman and Attack on Vision where it was broken by Captain America using Corvus Glaive's weapon.


Infinity War

Attack on the Statesman

Proxima Midnight used her spear to kill the Asgardians that were onboard the Statesman. When Thanos confronted Loki, Proxima Midnight held her spear right next to Loki's head, threatening to strike should Loki attempt to attack Thanos.[1]

Attack on Vision

Later, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland and ambushed Scarlet Witch and Vision in an attempt to steal the Mind Stone from the latter. While Corvus Glaive was forcefully removing the Mind Stone out of Vision's head, Proxima Midnight used her spear to blast Scarlet Witch away, preventing her to interfere. Still, Scarlet Witch stood back and knocked away both the members of the Black Order.

Proxima Midnight uses her spear against Scarlet Witch

Proxima reclaimed her spear and used it to battle against Scarlet Witch, nearly killing her. When Scarlet Witch managed to briefly project Proxima Midnight into a burning car and attempted to flee through the air with Vision, Proxima Midnight shot them both with her spear, causing them to fall in the city's train station. Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive caught up with them and prepared to attack Scarlet Witch, only to discover Captain America hiding behind a passing train.

Proxima Midnight's spear is blocked by Captain America

Proxima Midnight hurled her spear at him, but Captain America was able to catch it. He then threw it to Black Widow, who used the spear to heavily wound Corvus Glaive. In the ensuing fight, Proxima Midnight reclaimed her spear and tried to strike Black Widow with it, but Captain America stopped her by using Corvus Glaive's Glaive and broke her spear in half. As the Black Order was defeated, they fled, leaving the spear behind.[1]

Battle of Earth

Proxima Midnight from an alternate 2014 used her spear during the Battle of Earth. Midnight used her spear to try and kill her enemies. When Midnight was turned to dust, her spear vanished with her.[2]

Alternate Universe Versions

Protecting the Collector

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Proxima Midnight's spear was a very powerful and dangerous weapon, with its material being strong enough to cut through stone as Proxima Midnight manage to pierce a wall while chasing Vision and Scarlet Witch. However, the spear was broken in half by Captain America using Corvus Glaive's Glaive. In addition of being a formidable weapon being used both in melee combat and as a throwing weapon, the spear displayed the following capabilities:

  • Weapon Summoning: Whenever Proxima Midnight was away from her spear, she was able to telekinetically make it come to her. She demonstrated it during her fight against the Avengers in Edinburgh, where she summoned her spear from Black Widow's hands.
  • Energy Blasts: The spear was able to fire powerful blasts of blue energy. These shots were powerful enough to project Scarlet Witch several meters away on two occasions, and to cause both Scarlet Witch and Vision to fall as they attempted to flee through the air.[1]
  • Light Emission: Proxima Midnight could generate light on the edge of her spear in order to look into dark areas.[3]
  • Electric Supercharge: To be added


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Behind the Scenes

  • Originally, in the script of Avengers: Endgame, Thanos was going to throw the Proxima Midnight's Spear instead of his broken sword, for destroy the Quantum Tunnel in the Luis' Van during the Battle of Earth. The spear was going to survive the explosion and return to Thanos' hands.[4]
    • In the script they referred to the spear as "Proxima's Returning Spear".


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