Prowler (Profile - Homecoming)

A collection of quotes from Prowler.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spoken by Prowler

"Why you tryin' to up-sell me, man?"
―Aaron Davis to Jackson Brice[src]
"I just need something to stick up somebody, not shoot them back in time."
―Aaron Davis to Herman Schultz[src]
"I just needed a piece to mug someone with, not vaporize them!"
―Aaron Davis to Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz[src]
"Can I give you some advice? You gotta get better at this part of the job."
―Aaron Davis to Spider-Man[src]
"I don't want those weapons in this neighborhood either. I got a nephew living out here."
―Aaron Davis to Spider-Man[src]


"Now this was crafted from a reclaimed Sub-Ultron arm straight from Sokovia."
"I wanted something low-key. Why you tryin' to up-sell me, man?"
Jackson Brice and Aaron Davis[src]
"Remember me?!"
"You have information. I need you to give it to me
"All right, just chill!"
"Come on!"
"What happened to your voice?"
"What do you mean, "what happened to my voice?""
"I heard you by the bridge, I know what a girl sounds like."
"I'm not a girl, I'm a boy! I mean, I'm a man!"
"I don't care what you are. Boy, girl..."
"I'm not a girl! I'm a man! Come on, man, look, who's selling these weapons? I need to know, immediately, or else!"
"You ain't ever done this before, huh?"
"Deactivate interrogation mode."
Spider-Man and Aaron Davis[src]
"Look man, these guys are selling weapons that are crazy dangerous! They can't just be out on the streets! Look, if one of them could just come out--"
"You go to Delmar's?"
"Yeah, they have the best sandwiches in Queens."
"The Subhaven's pretty good."
"Nah, it has too much bread."
"I like bread."
Spider-Man and Aaron Davis[src]
"Come on, man, please! Stupid interrogation mode, Karen, don't ever do that again!"
"The other night, you told that dude "If you're gonna shoot somebody, shoot me". That's pretty ballsy."
Spider-Man and Aaron Davis[src]
"Yeah, this crazy dude I used to work with, he's supposed to be doing a deal with him."
"Yes, yes!"
"Hey, hey, hey, I didn't tell you where. You don't have a location. "
"Yeah, of course, my bad. Silly. So... where is it?"
"Can I give you some advice? You gotta get better at this part of the job."
" I don't understand. I'm intimidating."
"Staten Island Ferry, Eleven."
"Oh that's soon. That's going to dissolve in two hours."
"No. No, no. Come fix this."
"Two hours. You deserve that!"
"I got ice cream in here."
"You deserve that. You're a criminal. Bye, Mr. Criminal!"
―Prowler to Spider-Man[src]
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