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"Can I give you some advice? You gotta get better at this part of the job."
―Aaron Davis to Spider-Man[src]

Aaron Davis, also known as the Prowler, is a criminal working within New York City. Wanting to further his criminal interests, he sought out Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz, two criminals who were working for Adrian Toomes' Crew, in order to purchase their alien-human hybrid weapons. During the meeting, however, Davis encountered Spider-Man, who had saved his life. As a result of his life being saved, Davis agreed to help Spider-Man get all the alien guns off the streets where they could endanger innocent lives.


New York Criminal

Deal with Mac Gargan

"Yeah, this crazy dude I used to work with, he's supposed to be doing a deal with him."
―Prowler to Spider-Man[src]

During his criminal career within New York City, Aaron Davis was arrested four times between 2011 and 2014, while supporting his nephew, Miles Morales, who also lived in the city. Davis had also admitted that he used to work with Mac Gargan, although he claimed that Gargan was "crazy" and ceased working with him sometime before 2016. Despite this, Davis still kept tabs on Gargan, knowing that he was entering a deal with the criminal Vulture on the Staten Island Ferry.[1]

Failed Weapons Deal

"Now this is crafted from a reclaimed Sub-Ultron arm straight from Sokovia. Here, you try."
"Man, I wanted something low-key. Like, why you tryin' to up-sell me, man?"
Jackson Brice and Aaron Davis[src]

Davis makes a deal with Jackson Brice

Davis met Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz in the outskirts of Queens where Brice enthusiastically demonstrated a weapon created with Ultron Sentries parts, straight out of Sokovia. Davis was wary of the weapon, insisting that he wanted a small device so he could simply mug people, not "shoot them back in time". Brice put the weapon away and offered several other devices, such as Black Hole Grenades, Taser Rods and an Anti-Gravity Climber, which Davis took interest in.

Davis is saved by Spider-Man

When the trio suddenly heard a ringtone, Schultz immediately assumed that Davis had set them up. As he pulled a gun on him, Spider-Man appeared, telling the arms dealers to shoot him instead. As Schultz tried to open fire on the young vigilante and Brice put on the Shocker Gauntlet, Davis fled the scene in his car.[1]

Spider-Man Confrontation

Davis is startled by Spider-Man's interrogation

"The other night, you told that dude, 'if you're gonna shoot somebody, shoot me.' It's pretty ballsy. I don't want those weapons in this neighborhood. I got a nephew who live here."
―Aaron Davis to Spider-Man[src]

Several days later, Davis was walking towards his car with his groceries. As he prepared to close his car's boot, his hand was webbed to the bonnet. Davis looked up in surprise to see Spider-Man advancing towards him with his voice amplified. Davis, having heard Spider-Man's voice on the bridge, wasn't intimidated and started teasing Spider-Man on whether he was a girl or a boy, causing Spider-Man to become flustered and disable the amplifier.

Davis discusses where the Vulture is going

Spider-Man asked Davis where the arms dealers were, only for Davis to tell him that he did not know where the Vulture or his crew were. He confessed to Spider-Man that he has a nephew that he wants to keep safe so he told him that he knew where Vulture's next arms deal would be. Spider-Man thanked him and ran off, only for Davis to remind him that he had not given him a location. After berating Spider-Man's lackluster interrogation skills, he told Spider-Man that the deal would be happening on the Staten Island Ferry at eleven o'clock.

Davis making a phone call to Miles Morales

Spider-Man ran off leaving Davis webbed to his car, telling him that the webbing would dissolve in two hours to Davis' dismay, as he had ice cream melting in the car.[1] While trying to free himself, Davis accidentally dropped his keys and was unable to reach them. He also failed in convincing a bystander to aid him. Realizing that the spiderweb wasn't going to dissolve soon and he would have to wait, Davis resolved to call Miles to apologize and tell him that he wouldn't be able to attend their planned appointment.[2]


"I just need something to stick up somebody. I—I'm not trying to... shoot them back in time."
―Prowler to Jackson Brice[src]

Davis is an intelligent and observant criminal, unwilling to purchase weapons that were extremely dangerous and only desiring an enhanced weapon to mug people, showcasing that he holds a certain regard for life unlike his sellers. Davis is also shown to be a thoughtful uncle, as he decided to reveal the location of the next arms deal to Spider-Man to aid the young web-slinger in his mission to rid the streets of the weapons, as he wished to protect his nephew who also lives in Queens.

Davis is also a level-headed individual, remaining unfazed at Spider-Man's interrogation attempt, and even slammed his boot down as Spider-Man was talking. Though ultimately revealing to Spider-Man the location of the deal, he stated that Spider-Man had to improve his interrogation skills.


  • Thief: Davis is a skilled thief. However, he was eventually caught and arrested.



  • Ultron Blaster Gun: While attempting to buy a high tech weapon from Jackson Brice, Davis was shown a powerful gun made from a destroyed Ultron body. Despite being handed the gun, Davis insisted that it was more power than he needed and did not bother firing it.





  • In the Ultimate Universe, Aaron Davis was the uncle to Miles Morales and the expert thief known as the Prowler. While stealing technology from Osborn Industries, a spider genetically enhanced with the Oz Formula crawled into his bag and later bit his nephew, granting his nephew powers and turning him into the new Spider-Man. Davis blackmailed his nephew into an alliance with him, only to be killed by an explosion caused by Shocker's Gauntlet.
  • Davis's alias, Brian Pinchelli, is a reference to the original creators of the character, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli.
  • Davis resides in Slott Avenue, Queens. This is a reference to Spider-Man comic-book writer Dan Slott, who has worked on Spider-Man for many years.
  • Davis's licence plate is "UCSM01", a reference to the comic book issue Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, which features the first appearances of Davis in the comics.
  • Davis claims that he "likes bread", with Delmar's Deli-Grocery's sub haven sandwich being one of his favorites.

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