"This is Project Insight. Three next generation Helicarriers synced to a network of targeting satellites."
"Launched from the Lemurian Star."
"Once we get them in the air they never need to come down."
Nick Fury and Captain America[src]

Project Insight was a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. operation initiated in direct response to the growing need for national security that began after the Battle of New York. Agents required a Clearance Level over Level 8 to access the Helicarrier Bay in the Triskelion. It is presumed that only S.H.I.E.L.D. Level 9 and Level 10 agents know about Project Insight, as well as most likely most HYDRA agents undercover, posing as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.


"S.H.I.E.L.D. wanted to stop wars, not start them."
"By building giant battleships floating in the sky?"
Daisy Johnson and Hive[src]

Project Insight involved three heavily armed, satellite-linked Helicarriers designed to proactively strike out against potential threats to the United States of America before they actually happened. In 2014, the project was to be put into effect, but through the actions of a HYDRA infiltration, the operation was turned against S.H.I.E.L.D.. HYDRA planned on using Arnim Zola's algorithm to root out individuals that would oppose or threaten HYDRA's goals. The algorithm used every variable of a person's life such as bank records, voting patterns, and even standardized testing scores.[1]

There were at least 715,854 individuals targeted.[1][2] While attempting to justify his actions to Nick Fury, Alexander Pierce suggested that Project Insight would kill approximately 20 million people in total.[1] f 175286

Insight Helicarriers launches from Triskelion

The three Helicarriers were launched from an underground launch facility next to the Triskelion on the Potomac River. Once they reached a certain altitude, their guns would fire on all potential targets HYDRA deemed a threat to their plans. Thanks to the actions of Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, Nick Fury and Maria Hill, the three Helicarriers had their targeting systems changed to fire on each other. All three Helicarriers were destroyed and all HYDRA agents aboard them were killed, plunging into the Potomac River. One also crashed into the Triskelion, damaging it.[1]

Alternate Timeline


Project Insight is launched from the Lighthouse

At the behest of the Chronicoms, who traveled back in time, Wilfred Malick, a high ranking HYDRA agent within S.H.I.E.L.D., had his subordinate, General Rick Stoner assist him creating Project Insight. The Chronicoms wanted to use the project to eliminate S.H.I.E.L.D. and its future agents such as the leaders Nick Fury and Robert Gonzales, as well as future Avengers including Bruce Banner. This would ensure the Chronicoms' goals. Project Insight involved a satellite that would use lasers to destroy its targets. By 1976, Project Insight was ready to be launched from the Lighthouse. However, a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the future arrived to stop the launch. Despite Malick's hostages, Zephyr One was able to destroy the satellite before it could carry out its targets.[3]

Named Targets

  • Deborah Adams
  • Julian Addelman
  • Jerod Allen
  • Daniel Amendan
  • James Anderson
  • Stephen Ashley
  • Bruce Banner
  • Anthony Benson
  • Rachel Berni
  • Marcus Bledsoe
  • Steven Blinn
  • William Blinn
  • David Bowers
  • Ronald Brinkley
  • Robert Brodeor
  • Robert Brody
  • Thomas Brody
  • Barbara Brown
  • Davis Brown
  • Jason Brown
  • Marcus Campbell
  • Paul Campbell
  • Michael Carrot
  • David Chalmers
  • Karen Chan
  • Micael Clock
  • Austin Collibe
  • Kimberly Collins
  • Sally Collins
  • Jeff Dansworth
  • Martin Davis
  • Matthew Ellis
  • Craig Faldspar
  • Chandler Fletcher
  • Elizabeth Franz
  • Aran Frebowitz
  • Christina Frennel
  • Kevin Garcia
  • Jennifer Gast
  • Fred Gnomon
  • George Greenwall
  • Joe Gregory
  • Anthony Grey
  • Roberta Gronsatti
  • Jeremy Hammers
  • Joseph Harrison II
  • Betty Hatch
  • Warron Heiwall
  • Kenneth Hernandez
  • Alfred J. Higgens
  • Maria Hill
  • Mark Hill
  • Hiro Honoua
  • Jeremy Irons
  • Fred Jackson
  • Christopher Johnson
  • James Jones
  • Sebastian Jones
  • Stone Jones
  • David Jurgens
  • Kenneth Keghley
  • James Kenburg
  • George Kho
  • Richard Lim Klein
  • Wendy F. Klein
  • Alex Kolinsky
  • Emilio Perez
  • Aaron Kublainer
  • Hun Le
  • Ryan Lewis
  • Daniel Light
  • Michael Lindon
  • Tram Lo
  • Linoa Long
  • Richard Lopez
  • Sasha Lopez
  • Patricia Mackenna
  • Brandon Mallett
  • Eric Mansfeld
  • Charles Mansfield
  • Paula Marinez
  • Henry Marker
  • Sandra Martin
  • Eduardo Martinez
  • Jose Martinez
  • Nate Matthews
  • Mary Miller
  • Alex Millhouse
  • Joseph Moore
  • Brianna Morkland
  • William Morreston
  • Kris Mortimer
  • Sharon Mui
  • James Nelson
  • Pippin Ohanna
  • Preston Quan
  • Jennifer Pernbaum
  • Scott Phillips
  • Steven Phillips
  • Jorge Pistano
  • Gregory Platt
  • Scott Plussard
  • Shigery Podhzoi
  • Molly Probst
  • Gerard Purkin
  • Ben Radcon
  • Taylor Renee
  • Philioe Robierto
  • Steve Rogers
  • Margaret Rutheford
  • Maria Sandberg
  • Claus Schindling
  • Claire Sei
  • Anderson Shapiro
  • Laura Smith
  • Thomas Smith
  • James Solder
  • Caleb Sophia
  • Christopher Sorensen
  • Nancy St. James
  • Tony Stark
  • Frank Stephens
  • Carter Stevenson
  • Stephen Strange
  • Paul Struper
  • George Sturgeon
  • Brian Taylor
  • Brian Tellalian
  • William Thompson
  • Daniel Thomson
  • Tonya Timmens
  • Jr Townsed
  • Jeffrey Welker
  • Jeremy White
  • Mark White
  • Charles Wilson
  • Wes Woon
  • Paul Wright
  • Ki Wu
  • Benjamin Young
  • Helen Young

Alternate Timeline


Alternate Timeline


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  • The patch used by the Insight and STRIKE agents on their uniforms have green and yellow details, the colors that are used by HYDRA in the comics.


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