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"Garrett started Project Deathlok way back in 1990. Look at this. He was patient zero."
Phil Coulson[src]

Project Deathlok was an initiative, launched by HYDRA and Cybertek, and aimed at producing enhanced cybernetic soldiers.


John Garrett's Upgrades

"How can this all be Project Deathlok? 1990? How far back does this thing go?"
Phil Coulson to Melinda May[src]

In 1990, after being affected by the explosion of an IED in Sarajevo, John Garrett was brought in by HYDRA as the first test subject of Cybertek's Project Deathlok. The program was able to save Garrett's life, however, by 2014, Garrett's organs started to fail and the only thing keeping him alive were the bio-mechanical parts.[1] This forced him to use the Centipede Project's serum and manipulate Coulson to finding the GH.325 cure.[2]

Mike Peterson's Upgrades

The second known test subject was Mike Peterson in 2013. Following his apparent death,[3] Peterson was then outfitted with an eye implant[4] and then placed in stasis. Peterson was then taken to a villa in Italy where he was given a Prosthetic Leg.[5] Following that, Peterson was then given a Forearm Rocket Launcher.[6]

Sold to the Military

After being freed by John Garrett and HYDRA, Ian Quinn attempted to convince members of the United States Armed Forces to give Cybertek a contract to build thousands of Deathlok Soldiers for use in military operations.[1] Quinn brought General Jacobs, Admiral Jolnes, and other government officials to the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility in New Mexico for a tour. Quinn showed them the only known prototype of the Project Deathlok Installer that built the Deathlok soldiers.

His tour was interrupted by Garrett who killed Jacobs and imprisoned the rest of the officials before a battle with Coulson's Team broke out. The Project Deathlok Installer was used by Garrett to repair himself after he lost the battle when Mike Peterson nearly killed him; however, mere moments after he was rebuilt, Garrett was killed by Phil Coulson.[7]

Known Participants