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"Private game, do you mind?"
―Prohaszka to John Healy[src]

Prohaszka was a mobster based at Hell's Kitchen targeted by Wilson Fisk. He was killed by John Healy in a bowling alley.



"Get this moron outta my face."

Prohaszka was with his two bodyguards enjoying a game of bowling at Whitestone Lanes after business hours; he had an arrangement with the owner to allow him to do so. John Healy approached and asked if he could play also. Prohaszka refused, because he wanted to have a private game. When Healy insisted, Prohaszka commanded his bodyguards to have Healy leave the establishment. Healy began to fight the bodyguards with such skill that they ran upon defeat.

Prohaszka fights against John Healy

Prohaszka saw Healy draw a gun and pull the trigger; but the gun jammed and did not fire. The two men started fighting. Prohaszka eventually got pinned to the ground; Healy broke Prohaszka's arm and used a bowling ball to smash his skull.[1] With Prohaszka's death, Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov took control of his assets, among them the taxi company "Kitchen Cab."[2]




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