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"Second best. The fool who lost his birthright to an outsider. I thought I had raised a champion. I was mistaken. I now must wear that shame."
―Priya to Davos[src]

Priya is a member of the Order of the Crane Mother who oversaw the fight between Danny Rand and her son Davos to determine who would face the dragon Shou-Lao.


Early Life

Raising Davos

"If you were Iron Fist, Davos, and Daniel were Hand, you would strike him down without a second thought. That's why you will never face Shou-Lao. Compassion is your weakness, a deficiency of character. The Iron Fist must remain above all others. Chaste. Pure. Without wife, family or friends. With practice comes mastery."
―Priya to Davos[src]

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Choosing the Iron Fist

Farewell to Davos

"I'm leaving K'un-Lun. And I'm going to bring Danny back. I just, um... I know I know how much you sacrificed for me. And I know that you pushed me so that I might have the keenest edge in battle. There are things unsaid between us. There are things other mothers could say to their sons, things other sons... could just say to their mothers. I may not return, Mother. My bones may rot in cursed soil, far from home. Is there anything you want to say to me? This may be your last chance to speak your heart. Please. Okay. I understand what I must do. I haven't told Father or the Yu-Ti, but I just, I just... I just wanted you to hear: I will make you proud, Mother. And I won't rest until my destiny is realized. And then maybe you'll be able to say the words you cannot say."
Davos to Priya[src]

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"Excuses for your failure. Better I were barren than to bring a disgrace like you into this world."
―Priya to Davos[src]

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