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"I learned a lot of lessons from Tommy Ridenhour over the years. Some harder than others. But the most important one was that you can't stop the tide. You can only try and save as many people as you can from the flood."
―Priscilla Ridley to Misty Knight[src]

Priscilla Ridley is a Deputy Chief of New York City Police Department.


Commanding Officer

"Priscilla, I heard they started calling you Inspector Gadget behind your back once you got promoted."
Misty Knight to Priscilla Ridley[src]

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A Case Falling Flat

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Luke Cage's Revelation

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"Ridley made deputy chief and got transferred to One Police Plaza."
Tom Ridenhour to Misty Knight[src]

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Returning to the 29th

"The brass is back in charge. You're a worker bee again, I guess."
"Yeah? Who'd they send? Strieber?"
"No. Me."
"Deputy Chief. Your new job looks good on you."
"Yeah, well, I've been better."
Nandi Tyler, Misty Knight and Priscilla Ridley[src]

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Promoting Misty Knight

"Your work ethic, your determination to do right by Harlem, it should be rewarded. Especially seeing how my tenure here is temporary."
"I'm sorry, Priscilla. What is it exactly you're getting at?"
"Harlem deserves a legitimate champion, not just a vigilante. And once I return to One Police Plaza, this precinct will need a new commander. I think it should be you."
"But I'm just a detective."
"Detective first grade. Best I've ever seen."
―Priscilla Ridley and Misty Knight[src]

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Shades Alvarez's Deal

"We risk never being able to prosecute Mr. Alvarez on any of the crimes that he discloses to us. Including capital crimes."
"With his cooperation, we can finally get Mariah in handcuffs. We could get closure on Candace Miller. And we get to the bottom of who killed Ridenhour. It's worth it, Priscilla."
"You just want your pound of flesh."
"You don't?"
―Priscilla Ridley and Misty Knight[src]

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Task Force

"First of all, I got us a task force."
"You got Pike to play ball?"
"Oh, I went over Pike's head to Deputy Chief Ridley."
Misty Knight and Colleen Wing[src]

Having failed with requesting task force from William Pike, Misty Knight went over his head and appealed to Ridley. She agreed and gave her special group of NYPD officers in order to capture Davos.[2]


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