"The book is full of truth."
"No, not that book, that book promises eternity but fails to deliver."
"The afterlife is..."
"Afterlife is a contradiction."
―Priest and Kaecilius[src]

The Priest was responsible for the Exeter College Chapel. He was murdered by Kaecilius in order for him to use the Priest's chapel for his Dormammu summoning rituals.


Killed by Kaecilius

Questions of Faith

While lighting candles inside of his church, the priest was greeted by the arrival of Kaecilius who was quoting the bible. The pair discussed Corinthians II which was the passage Kaecilius was quoting, agreeing that it was one of their favourites, with Kaecilius claiming it was the most honest section of the bible. The Priest then witnessed the arrival of the other Zealots who surrounded him while Kaecilius then claimed that the bible was filled with broken promises, telling him that the afterlife was in fact a contradiction. Kaecilius then promised to show the Priest the afterlife as he then summoned a blade with Magic and killed the Priest.[1]




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