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"It's been fun playing pretend for a while, hasn't it, Wanda? But it's time to look at some real reruns."
Agatha Harkness to Wanda Maximoff[src]

Previously On is the eighth episode of the first season of WandaVision.


Wanda embarks on a troubling journey revisiting her past for insight into her present and future.


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Agatha Harkness in 1693

Agatha Harkness is put on trial during the 1693 Salem Witch Trials, accused by her coven of practicing dark witchcraft. Bound to a stake, she claims to her mother and coven leader Evanora that she has no control over her powers, and that she didn't break any of their rules. Nevertheless, her fellow witches attempt to execute her by projecting light beams into her body to drain her life force, but Agatha utilizes her dark magic to reverse control of the beams and kill her attempted executioners. Evanora tries to execute her daughter herself, but she too falls victim to Agatha's magic.

The door to Maximoff's past

In the present day, Wanda Maximoff attempts to attack Agatha in order to find her children, but finds her magic nullified by the presence of runes in the basement. Agatha taunts Wanda for opening up to the "fake Pietro" she was controlling, as Pietro's corpse was located on another continent, before revealing her fascination with the magic behind the Westview Anomaly-- thousands of spells cast simultaneously, spanning some miles past the town limits. Determined to know the origin behind such power and to make Wanda accept reality, Agatha forces her to relive key events of her life, starting with her childhood in Sokovia.

In 1999, Oleg and Iryna Maximoff plan on selling their luggage-sized collection of classical TV sitcoms, when Pietro and Wanda rush into the living room to join their parents for TV night. Wanda notes her pick-- The Dick Van Dyke Show-- isn't in their luggage, only for Oleg to reveal that he hid it in a wall for safekeeping. Iryna gazes out the window to witness gunfire on their war-torn streets. As the family watches television, Wanda becomes fixated on the Laura Petrie character and the show's light-hearted suburban setting, when a bomb suddenly explodes their apartment building. Oleg and Iryna are killed, while Pietro and Wanda hide underneath a table as the building crumbles. As an aerial attack ensues outside, a Stark Industries-produced bomb lands in front of the twins. The two were left stuck in the building for the following two days, but the bomb never went off, suspected by Wanda to be defective. Agatha reveals to Wanda that she has had magical powers since birth, and that she used a probability hex to prevent the explosion.

Maximoff has a vision from Mind Stone

Remaining determined to learn more about Wanda's power, Agatha sends them back to the time HYDRA was experimenting on her with the Mind Stone. Although such an experiment had left no survivors in its wake, Wanda signed up as a volunteer test subject. In the test chamber, the stone reacts to Wanda's presence and explodes. Amid the blast, Wanda sees an apparition of herself in a costume before fainting. While reviewing security footage, HYDRA scientists notice a jump-cut in the feed, omitting the explosion. Wanda's exposure to the radiation of the Mind Stone had enhanced the power of her natural magical abilities, gaining the ability to rewrite reality as a result.

Agatha and Wanda then find themselves at the New Avengers Facility, the first home she and Vision shared. As Wanda watches sitcoms on television, Vision encourages her to open up about her traumatic past, learning from Wanda that the trauma that is deeply engrained in her life will always find a way back into her consciousness. Vision shares that due to being an artificial creation of life, he is unable to grasp the knowledge of what loss, sorrow, or grief is as he has no real familial connections. As they share their experiences of isolation and grief, Wanda and Vision begin to bond emotionally.

Maximoff goes to Vision's body after being dismantled by S.W.O.R.D.

After Vision's death, Agatha notes that Wanda has no one left in her life, and that her first thought in the aftermath of the Battle of Earth was to bring her lover back. Arriving at the S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters, she demands to see Vision's corpse, stating that he at least deserves a funeral. She meets Director Tyler Hayward, who leads her to the operating room where Vision's corpse was being disassembled by S.W.O.R.D. personnel. As Wanda looks on in horror, Hayward explains that due to the agency's legal and ethical obligations, as well as the valuation of the vibranium in Vision's body, Wanda cannot retrieve the remains for burial. In addition, he hints that not many people possess the powers that are able to resurrect their soulmates. Furious that Vision is now S.W.O.R.D. property, Wanda shatters the glass barrier separating her and the corpse. S.W.O.R.D. guards draw their weapons on her, but Hayward orders them to stand down to allow her to examine Vision's corpse, using her powers in an attempt to read his emotions. However, she only finds nothing. A devastated Wanda departs from the base without further incident, leaving the body behind.

Maximoff unleashing her Chaos Magic

Driving into Westview, Wanda arrives at a plot she and Vision had purchased, preparing to spend the rest of their lives together in harmony. As she opens her property deed certificate for the house, she finds a note encapsulated in a heart handwritten in red ink: "To grow old in. V." Overcome by years of pain and suffering from losing everyone she loved, Wanda-- in a fit of pure anguish and grief-- accidentally releases a cascade of energy out of her body, constructing a house on the ruined foundations. Another eruption of energy would transmute Westview into a 1950s suburb and enthrall all its residents, form a barrier on the edge of town, and reconstruct a new Vision out of thin air. With the town to herself, this Vision welcomes Wanda home as the couple prepares to settle in for the night.

Finding herself in a studio with the house serving as a set, Wanda sees Agatha in the audience gallery, clapping before vanishing into mist. Not long after, Tommy and Billy begin to scream for help, prompting her to run outside and discover Agatha holding her children hostage. Now possessing the knowledge of the magic Wanda is able to manifest, Agatha scolds her for not realizing the dangerous extent of her powers: as her psionic abilities derive from Chaos Magic, it undoubtedly makes Wanda the mythical 'Scarlet Witch.'

White Vision is awakened by Tyler Hayward

In a mid-credits scene, Hayward reveals that by using a sample of Wanda's magic from the S.W.O.R.D. drone she had destroyed, he was able to finish Cataract: an all-white restoration of Vision's original body. White Vision awakens.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
The Dick Van Dyke Show Theme The Calvada Orchestra
The Nightmare Begins APM Music
Duckie Charles Snydor
Dad's Under There Charles Snydor
The Avengers Theme Alan Silvestri 21:49 - When Wanda and Agatha enter Wanda's memory of the Avengers Compound.
Mermaid XXX David Ralicke
Be Right Back Charles Snydor
Wanda's Theme Christophe Beck


  • The title of the episode is in reference to the statement said in recap sections of show, like "Previously on WandaVision".
  • During the flashback to the day Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff lost their parents, one of the DVDs Oleg had in his case was Malcolm in the Middle. But the flashback takes place in 1999, and Malcolm in the Middle did not start airing until January 9, 2000, so the series would not have been out on DVD yet.
  • The episode retcons Avengers: Age of Ultron's description of the Novi Grad Bombings. According to the film, the Maximoffs were having dinner when the first shell hit making a hole on the floor, and that the whole building started coming apart; their parents died going into the hole for a failed rescue effort. In the episode, they were watching sitcoms when the first shell hit the ceiling and the twins' parents were buried under the rubble, dying instantly.
  • The scene of Wanda coming across the disassembled remnants of Vision's body in the S.W.O.R.D. lab is taken from West Coast Avengers #43 into #44.
    • In addition, the scene of Vision being dissected with his body stretched out across multiple tables is a direct nod to a panel from those comics.
  • Vision being reactivated in a pure white body seen in the mid-credits scene is in reference to the comics, where Vision had a white form upon being resurrected.


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