"We can go somewhere else if you like."
"And if I just want to walk out that door by myself?"
"Then I would dine alone. It wouldn't be the first time."
Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna[src]

The Press Lounge Restaurant is a restaurant in New York City.


Second Date


Vanessa Marianna entered the Press Lounge Restaurant, having been invited by Wilson Fisk for a second date. Marcel, the maître, received her, and accompanied to Fisk's table, despite he was lone in the restaurant. Fisk got up as soon as he noticed that Marianna had arrived,

Fisk admitted he was not sure if Marianna would come, something even she was not sure about. Marianna then asked Fisk, who had reserved the whole restaurant for themselves, commented that she believed that Fisk did not like grand gestures, but the only thing he wanted is not to be interrupted again.

Fisk proposed to go to another place if she wanted, and Marianna asked what would happen if what she wanted was to leave the restaurant alone. Fisk revealed he would dine alone, as it had not been the first time.

Marianna then explained her reticence to date, as he had been lied to before by men, including decent men that felt the need to be dishonest, including being dishonest about things that mattered. Marianna asked Fisk if he felt that need. Fisk's answer was that he did not like to be in public or to be questioned, but he allowed Marianna to ask anything, and his answer would always be honest.

Marianna then asked a simple question, what would they drink, so Fisk ordered Marcel the '75 Brunello di Montalcino, the wine that James Wesley chose for him.[1]

Man with a Dream

Vanessa Marianna continued with her dinner with Wilson Fisk, telling him about the time she was seduced by a prince dressed in a white suit and an ascot, who sidled up to her, a word she loved, and told her that she was more beautiful than any painting in the exposition.

Fisk seemed to be shocked with the reveal that Marianna slept with him, to which Fisk replied that being such an attractive woman, he had already assumed she had lovers. Marianna told him that it was not what she asked, and then Fisk told her that he simply regretting not having said something like that the first time they met. However, Marianna told him that she was actually glad he did not.

Marianna then complimented the wine, though Fisk revealed it was his assistant, James Wesley who had chosen it. Fisk then explained that Wesley was actually more than simply an assistant, he was his friend. Marianna was surprised to hear that Fisk had friends, given that he said he was lonely when he looked at her painting at the Scene Contempo Gallery. Fisk clarified it was her painting, and then Marianna asked why did he felt alone. Fisk supposed it was the nature of his business, miking her inquire more about the business.

Fisk began to play with his cufflinks, and he revealed that he was trying to rebuild the city, and make something beautiful setting free its potential. Marianna pointed that he sounded like an artist, though he considered himself just a man with a dream, which Marianna said it was the very definition of an artist.

Marianna then asked about the cufflinks, having noticed he also wore them during their last date. Fisk explained they belonged to his father, and he now wore them every day to remember him, as he passed when he was a boy.

Fisk then asked for permission to ask a question, and as Marianna believed he had earned that right, Fisk asked about the gun she had in her purse. Marianna remained silent for a moment, surprised that Fisk had noticed, but then she admitted. Fisk asked her why did she think she would need a gun, but then she told him not to insult her as if he had no idea of who he was or what he really did.

Fisk explained that he told the truth about the change he wanted for the city, but he needed more than money and influence is, he needed force for making such change. Marianna then clarified that the reason she brought a gun was that she knew Fisk was a dangerous man.

Fisk asked if she wanted to leave, but she really wanted was a reason to stay. Fisk revealed that he had done many things that he was not proud of, having hurt people and going to hurt even more, something he considered impossible to avoid to fulfill his dream. However, he said that he had no pleasure in being cruel, as given that the city was not a caterpillar that would spin a cocoon and wake up as a butterfly, but something that would crumble and fade, it needed to die before being reborn.

Marianna then asked him if she was going to need the gun, and he told her that the safest place he could ever be was being by his side, so she took the gun out of his purse and gave it to Fisk.

During their conversation, Marcel, the maître at the Press Lounge Restaurant, made a call to Turk Barrett and revealed Fisk's whereabouts.[1]

Bombing of Hell's Kitchen


Vanessa Marianna witnessed the explosion that destroyed some buildings in Hell's Kitchen from the Press Lounge Restaurant's window. By simply saying his name, she asked Wilson Fisk if he had anything to do with it. Fisk asked her if she had read about a boy who was kidnapped after watching his father being beaten, and then he assured that the men who did that would no longer infect the city. Marianna, watching again through the window, simply said it was good.

Fisk then told Marianna they should leave, as it was better she arrived home before the roads were closed. Marcel, the maître, informed Fisk that his car was ready. Fisk also gave Marcel an envelope, as a way of thanking all he did for him that night, especially making the call. Marcel simply replied it had been a pleasure, as always.

Fisk then offered Marianna his hand, and they left the restaurant together.[1]


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