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"The hotel is a fortress."
Felix Manning to Daredevil[src]

The Presidential Hotel is the luxury hotel in New York City, used by the FBI for house arrests.


Purchased by Vancorp

"Six months ago, one of these shell companies buys the Presidential Hotel from Kazemi. A week ago, he tells his family that he regrets the sale and announces his intention to buy the hotel back."
"And two days later, Kazemi gets attacked."
Karen Page and Mitchell Ellison[src]

The Presidential Hotel was seized by the United States government from the Wall Street fraudster and usually used by the FBI to keep criminals, awaiting trial under house arrest. The hotel's new owner, Rostam Kazemi, was approached by the Vancorp company, owned by Wilson Fisk, that convinced him to sell the hotel, however, Kazemi later decided to backtrack on his decision and buy the hotel back. However, Kazemi and his daughter were attacked by a group of criminals, and although they were saved by Daredevil, Kazemi fell into a coma and was unable to terminate a deal with Vancorp.[1] Once Fisk became an owner of the hotel, he ordered his men to build a secret location at the hotel's penthouse, equipped with video surveillance feeds and secret passage outside the hotel, forcing Shelby to be his computer expert.[2]

Wilson Fisk's Protection

Wilson Fisk is brought inside of the hotel

"Fisk's imprisonment would continue at a private location under the constant supervision of the FBI."
"That's house incarceration, usually reserved for white-collar criminals awaiting trial."
Tammy Hattley and Blake Tower[src]

In exchange for the Department of Justice dropping charges off of Vanessa Marianna, Wilson Fisk made a deal with the FBI, informing them about the criminal organizations in New York. However, when he was attacked by Jasper Evans, the FBI made a decision to relocate Fisk to the Presidential Hotel under their supervision to ensure his safety. Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem convinced Blake Tower and Chris DiMolina to approve the relocation, however, the FBI convoy was ambushed by the Albanian Syndicate who intended to kill Fisk. Benjamin Poindexter managed to take down the attackers, and the surviving FBI agents successfully transported Fisk to the hotel.[3]

Matt Murdock sneaks inside of the hotel

While the FBI was working on setting up the hotel for Fisk's protective detail, stationing numerous agents there, a crowd started protesting outside of the hotel, demanding to put Fisk back in prison. Matt Murdock infiltrated the hotel to investigate Fisk's release and later, as Daredevil, ambushed Benjamin Donovan to interrogate him. Daredevil escaped after a brief confrontation with FBI agents who later searched up Fisk's quarters due to the potential security breach.[2]

Wilson Fisk speaks with the FBI

Fisk's intel helped the FBI take down the Albanian Syndicate, so Donovan and Partners convinced the DOJ to drop charges against Marianna, as well returning Fisk's personal belongings, seized after his initial arrest, and allowing him to move within the hotel under the supervision. Afterwards, Donovan brought Benjamin Poindexter's personal records to Fisk's quarters, so he could found out more about him. In an attempt to influence Poindexter, Fisk arranged to have Julie Barnes being employed at the hotel as a waitress. When Poindexter and Barnes spoke to each other, Poindexter accidentally revealed that he was stalking her, which scared Barnes off.[4]

Benjamin Poindexter confronts Wilson Fisk

Distressed that his lost Barnes, Poindexter confronted Fisk at his quarters, blaming him for what happened. Fisk sympathized with Poindexter, saying that he wanted to be a person he could rely on, which threw Poindexter off. Fisk's manipulation tactics proved succeessfull and Poindexter turned into his pawn, so Fisk provided him with Daredevil's Suit and sent him on his rampage.[5] Poindexter later managed to reconsile with Barnes, however, Fisk ordered Felix Manning to have her assassinated at the hotel's hallway, so Fisk would keep his control over Poindexter.

Karen Page is apprehended by the FBI

In an attempt to get to Fisk, Karen Page visited the hotel, telling that she wanted to do an interview with Fisk for the New York Bulletin. Although the FBI stated that Fisk is off-limits, Fisk himself agreed to meet with Page when she mentioned his mother. Page met with Fisk at his quarters and tried to provoke him into admitting that he had killed his father to get him charged, but Fisk manipulated her into admitting that Matt Murdock is Daredevil. In the last ditch effort to provoke Fisk, Page admitted that she killed James Wesley but before Fisk could do anything, the FBI forced Page to leave the hotel with Foggy Nelson.

Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem greet Fisk

Poindexter returned to the hotel and met with Fisk at his secret room where he comforted Poindexter when he lost all contacts with Barnes, ensuring his loyalty.[6] Soon after Nadeem was coerced into being Fisk's subordinate, Fisk summoned Nadeem and Hattley to escort him out of the hotel on a meeting with criminal bosses at the Red Fish Blue Restaurant. Fisk tried to get Nadeem to lure Daredevil into a trap, but he instead infiltrated into Fisk's room where he found out that Fisk and the FBI were targetting Page.[7]

Wilson Fisk gives a speech outside the hotel

As Donovan and Partners exonerated Fisk in the eyes of the law, he stepped out of the hotel to be greeted by the media and the protesting crowd. Fisk and Donovan stated that the court had overturned the conviction against Fisk, who then publicly denied his crimes and condemning Daredevil as a true criminal. Afterwards, Fisk returned to the penthouse to get his Ankle Monitor removed, so he could meet with Esther Falb to negotiate a returning of the Rabbit in a Snowstorm painting.[8]

Wilson Fisk's Wedding

Wilson Fisk speaking to Vanessa Marianna

"Three restaurants, the best spa in the city, a full staff waiting to fulfill our every need, it's all ours."
Wilson Fisk to Vanessa Marianna[src]

Once Wilson Fisk became a free man, Vanessa Marianna finally returned to New York City to reunite with her beloved. Fisk walked Marianna to the Presidential Hotel that was in their full disposal, offering her to curate her art collection from there. Fisk wanted to spend more time with Marianna after their reunion, but she was too tired after returning from Europe so she left him to sleep. Fisk still tried to get closer with Marianna after being separated from her but urgent matters regarding Daredevil, Karen Page, and Ray Nadeem kept him occupied. Eventually, Marianna convinced Fisk to make her a part of his criminal business and personally gave an order to have Nadeem assassinated by Benjamin Poindexter.[9]

Wilson Fisk getting defeated by Daredevil

Fisk and Marianna started preparations for their wedding, inviting various high-profile figures as their guests, like Rosalie Carbone, while the FBI maintained security. However, the footage of Nadeem testifying about Fisk's conspiracy went viral online, which destroyed all Fisk's plans and turned the law against him again. Soon after, they were attacked by Poindexter who found out that Fisk had Julie Barnes killed and prepare to get his revenge by killing Fisk and Marianna. While Fisk and Marianna took cover at the penthouse, Poindexter engaged in a fight with the FBI agents before being confronted by Daredevil. In the last battle, Fisk heavily injured Poindexter, neutralizing him but ended up being defeated by Daredevil before being arrested by Brett Mahoney and the NYPD.[10]


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