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"I'm just happy I don't have to go to Prague. Seriously."
"Good news! We're going to Prague."
Peter Parker and Roger Harrington[src]

Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. The city was also the capital of Czechoslovakia prior to its dissolution in 1993.


Kidnapping of Ethan Johnston

"I hear you're headed away."
"Yeah. Taking some time to backpack. Gordon's dropping me off in Prague."
Jiaying and Ethan Johnston[src]

Ethan Johnston was teleported from Afterlife to Prague by Gordon so that he could initiate a backpacking trip through the Czech Republic. However, he was approached and kidnapped by HYDRA agents, who brought him to List at the Arctic HYDRA Research Facility, where he was experimented on and killed.[1]

Attack on the Prague Carnival

"It will be in Prague in approximately 48 hours."
"We have one mission: kill it. You're coming with us."
"I'm sorry. Did you say Prague?"
Soren, Talos, and Peter Parker[src]

Molten Man wreaking havoc

In 2024, as the Midtown School of Science and Technology went on a school trip to Europe. Among the group of students were Peter Parker and Ned Leeds. When Parker was recruited by Talos, disguising himself as Nick Fury, to help Mysterio battle the Elementals, he had their trip redirected to Prague so Parker could assist Mysterio in battling Molten Man. Talos also provided opera tickets to the students so they would be safely out of harm's way when the Elemental attacked. Just as Mysterio predicted, Molten Man attacked the city in the middle of the Prague Carnival. Parker, who had slipped out of the opera, went to assist him and together, they defeated it and Parker was able to save Leeds and his girlfriend Betty Brant, who had also snuck out of the opera.[2]


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