"What's the matter, I thought you loved larb? Too much larb? Not larby enough."
May Parker[src]

The Prachya Thai is a Thai restaurant that was visted by May and her nephew Peter.


In the Parker Residence, May let Ned Leeds, a friend of Peter's, into his room so he could build his Lego with Peter. A few minutes later, May heard a crash and asked what it was, to which Peter replied was nothing. She came by the room, to find Peter in his underwear and Ned's Lego scattered over the floor. She invited the two to a Thai restaurant, which Peter accepted but told May that Ned was unable to go. May told Peter to perhaps put on some clothes before they went out.

At the restaurant, May commented on how Peter had barely touched his food. Seeing that her nephew was distracted, she turned around and saw on the television, footage of the Robbery at Queens Community Bank. May tells Peter to run for safety if he ever sees something like that happening. Afterwards, Peter tells May that he needs a new backpack, which to her memory, it was the fifth time he asked for one. A waiter then gave her sticky rice pudding, which surprised May as she did not order it. The waiter insisted that it was on the house, and once he left Peter pointed out that he had given it to her out of sheer physical attraction.[1]