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"The Super Soldier Serum is here in Madripoor. Dr. Wilfred Nagel is the man you wanna thank. Or condemn, depending on what side of this you're on. The Power Broker had him working on the serum."
Selby to Baron Zemo

Power Broker is the third episode of the first season of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.


Sam and Bucky go to a criminal safe haven to find information about the Super Soldier serum.


In a campaign to track down the Flag Smashers and any civilian allied with them, GRC forces led by John Walker infiltrate a hideout in Munich that had harbored the anarchists. As the men inside speak German, Lemar Hoskins is brought in as a translator, but the two deduce that the group had already run elsewhere. Despite multiple unproductive rounds, Walker decides to continue finding civilians.

Bucky Barnes goes to meet Helmut Zemo

In Berlin, Bucky Barnes decides to visit Helmut Zemo in his cell alone. Knowing that super soldiers go entirely against Zemo's beliefs, Barnes reveals to him the existence of multiple super soldiers running rogue throughout the world, later helping Zemo break out of prison by initiating an inmate brawl as a distraction. Wilson is reluctant to accept Zemo as an ally, but relents on the condition that the Sokovian would be under their constant supervision.

Karli Morgenthau at the Latvian GRC Camp

Zemo informs the two he spent years hunting down HYDRA affiliates who worked on the serums, leading them to Madripoor, a criminal sanctuary located in the Indonesian archipelago. The three assume the identities of local criminals for disguise. Meanwhile, Karli Morgenthau is at a GRC camp in Riga, Latvia, comforting and mourning her dying adoptive mother.

Bucky Barnes attacking the mercenaries

At a bar, Zemo uses a Russian trigger phrase to pretend to activate the Winter Soldier, causing a ruckus that earns the trio a meeting with Selby. Upon offering Barnes as a bargaining tool, Zemo learns from Selby that Doctor Wilfred Nagel is responsible for the recreation of the serum, having been hired by the Power Broker. Before Selby can offer Nagel's location for a fee, Sam Wilson receives a call from Sarah and is forced by Selby to put it on speaker. The call blows Sam's identity, and as Selby declares the trio be killed, she is killed by an unseen gun. Wilson, Barnes, and Zemo flee the premises.

Sharon Carter holding Helmut Zemo up at gunpoint

The entirety of Madripoor is alerted to Selby's death, with a bounty placed on the trio's heads. The mysterious gun kills several bounty hunters, later revealing herself as Sharon Carter. Having stolen Steve Rogers' shield during the Avengers Civil War, she is now a fugitive living off the grid on the archipelago. Wilson offers to obtain a pardon for Carter in exchange for her help in tracking Nagel's location, to which she accepts. At a shipyard, Carter brings them to Nagel's laboratory, hidden inside several shipping containers.

While Carter remains outside to fend the lab against the remaining bounty hunters, Nagel is interrogated at gunpoint about the serum. He reveals that he was recruited into HYDRA's Winter Soldier program, and was brought into the CIA once HYDRA collapsed. Using blood samples from an American super-soldier, Nagel isolated the stable particles that comprised the serum. Upon re-emerging from The Blip five years later, he took his work to the Power Broker, who eagerly hired him. Nagel later revealed that he was able to produce 20 vials of the serum, which Morgenthau stole.

The team are attacked by bounty hunters

As more bounty hunters close in on the lab, Carter storms in to alert the men. Zemo suddenly shoots Nagel dead, and shortly after, an RPG destroys the lab. A firefight erupts at the shipyard. Zemo, slipping on his purple mask, defeats multiple bounty hunters before stealing a getaway vehicle from inside a shipping container. While Barnes and Wilson rejoin the Sokovian, Carter remains behind, as she is a fugitive of the United States.

Karli Morgenthau speaking with Dovich

In Lithuania, Morgenthau mourns her mother's death while reminiscing with fellow Flag Smasher Dovich about what their lives were like before the Blip caused their displacement. The Flag Smashers later raid a GRC facility for their materials, aiming to deliver it to the displaced children sitting in the camps. The facility is then set ablaze with people still inside. Meanwhile, Walker and Hoskins arrive in Berlin only to find out Zemo has escaped, knowing Barnes and Wilson were involved.

Looking forward to meeting with Morgenthau, Zemo redirects them to Riga. There, Barnes separates from the two to investigate mysterious beads littered on the street. He comes face-to-face with Ayo, who demands Zemo's location.


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  • The episode carries on from the previous episode the analogy between Helmut Zemo and Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lamb: the meeting between Zemo and Bucky Barnes is reminiscent of the meeting between Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling.
  • In March 2022, a year after the show's release, the episode was reuploaded on Disney+ with alterations to certain scenes involving blood and violence. This included Wilfred Nagel's death scene, digitally erasing the blood on Nagel's mouth and shirt and shutting his eyes after Baron Zemo kills him, as well as altering a scene where Winter Soldier impales a mercenary with a pole by instead making the pole bounce off of her.[1] The original version of the episode was restored in April 2022.
  • The notebook in which Barnes keeps his amends list is revealed to be the same notebook in which Steve Rogers kept his to-do list.
  • Sam Wilson's outfit in Madripoor when he poses as Conrad Mack are reminiscent of his attire in the comics when he worked as a pimp in San Francisco under the nickname "Snap Wilson".


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