"Somewhere, sometime, every little sin and every big sin will find you out. "For it is time", the scripture says, "to seek the Lord, that he may come and rain righteousness upon you." Because, unless you are clothed in the righteousness of God, you will never enter Heaven."

Reverend Potter is a pastor at the church located in Georgia.


Organizing the sermon for his faithful congregation, Potter gave a reading in front of citizens that they need to be sure their sin will find them out because God needs to rain righteousness upon them and unless they will never enter Heaven. While the church choir was singing Wade in the Water, Potter said that inspiration for this song comes from John 5:4, quoting it then.

Potter allowing Eliza Schultz to give a speech

Potter then presented to congregation Anderson and Eliza Schultz, who made a lot for the church, their town, and the entire state. Eliza thanked Potter, admitting the sermon and asked him to speak the congregation, and he cheerfully allowed her.[1]




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