"This is Talbot. I need reinforcements at my location now."
Glenn Talbot[src]

The Potomac Plaza is a park in the southwest quadrant of Washington, D.C..


Glenn Talbot went for a stroll through Potomac Plaza in Washington, D.C. together with his wife Carla and their eleven-year-old son George. Talbot was a bit disappointed hearing that his son was considering to join the Navy instead of the Air Force like his father.

Antoine Triplett bumped into Talbot and quickly placed a cellphone in one of his pockets. Talbot, believing Triplett was just a distracted bystander, continued to wonder why his son would choose the Navy over the Air Force, however, Carla dismissed Talbot's worries, as their son was just 11 years old and he would be able to convince him when the time would come.

Suddenly, Triplett's cellphone started to ring inside Talbot's pocket, and Carla pointed his husband that his phone was ringing. Not thinking that it was phone, he touched his pocket and realized the man that bumped into him placed the phone, so he ordered Carla to take their son to the car as they could be in danger.

As Carla ran to retrieve George, Talbot answered the phone, with Phil Coulson calling him to warn him about an impeding attack, and to let him know they were trying to ensure his safety. Talbot recognized Coulson on the other side of the phone, and taunted to show himself to talk.

Coulson, knowing that HYDRA sent Carl Creel to attack Talbot, warned him there was no time and Talbot needed to listen to him. Talbot ignored Coulson's offer for protection, and instead threatened him, saying that he already had his own protection, and a cell prepared for Coulson at Guantanamo Bay.

Talbot broke S.H.I.E.L.D.'s cellphone and used his own phone to request reinforcements at the Potomac Plaza. However, right after making the request, Creel approached Talbot from behind. Melinda May warned Talbot of the impending attack, and he quickly reacted, repeatedly punching Creel in the face. Creel managed to withstand the attacks, and returned the blows being able to make Talbot go backwards.

May quickly approached, and kicked Creel in the chest, knocking him down, though he easily recovered and ripped a guard rail to used it as a ball-and-chain weapon, absorbing the properties of the metal and transforming his arm. May was able to evade Creel's attacks, and Skye shot at him using a Taser Projectile Launcher.

Lance Hunter and Isabelle Hartley arrived at the Potomac Plaza disguised as members of the United States Armed Forces together with a large platoon of real soldiers. The soldiers went to secure Creel following Talbot's orders, while May and Skye were able to escape and avoid detention.

Hartley and Hunter stayed by Talbot's side, and took him to a car telling him they were getting him to cover. One of the soldiers told Talbot they should get him to a safe place, unaware that S.H.I.E.L.D. already took him in. Talbot entered a car where Melinda May pointed him with an I.C.E.R. Realizing he was being kidnapped, Talbot cursed out loud before being knocked unconscious, while Creel was captured and imprisoned in the Government Storage Warehouse.[1]


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