A collection of quotes from the respected Harlem citizen Henry "Pop" Hunter.


Luke Cage

Episode 1.01: Moment of Truth


"You should be out there helping people, that's all, like them other fellas downtown."
"Reva used to say the same thing."
"Yeah, well, she was right. You don't ever think about all the people you could help? You should be more ambitious."
"What if my ambition is to sweep hair wash dishes and be left the hell alone?"
"Well, that would be a waste."
"You think I asked for any of this? I was framed, beaten and put in some tank like an exotic fish. Came out with abilities."
"Saved your life."
"More like ruined it. Reva's dead. I'm a fugitive."
"So? Take my advice, brother. The past is the past. And the only direction in life that matters is forward. Never backwards."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]
"Everyone has a gun, no one has a father."
"Ain't that the truth."
"You sure they did it?"
"People started calling me half an hour after it happened."
Luke Cage and Pop[src]
"You said your rebound chick took a shotgun at point-blank range pointed it under your chin, and pulled the trigger."
"I still get the occasional headache."
"Not a problem for you, Power Man."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]
"What would have happened in my life if people gave up on me? I was no angel. No. I was a beast. I was a beast, no two ways about it."
"They call you Pop because you were the O.G.?"
"Nah, it was the sound my fist made when I knocked a fool out. Snap, crackle, pop."
―Pop and Luke Cage[src]
"Dante was one of my kids. So was Chico. And Shameek, too. Just like those kids playing over there. You know, that's how you get 'em on your side. Sweepin' up hair. Runnin' errands. Lettin' 'em hang out, play video games. Anything is better than what's waiting for them out there on the street. They want a way out but they have too much pride to ask for help. So you gotta Jedi mind-trick them into something."
"Everyone has a gun. No one has a father."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]
"There you go again. I shook everything else after I got out. Cigarettes, paranoia, but the pacing? I do it, too. Reva again?"
"Reva always."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]

Episode 1.02: Code of the Streets

Spoken about Pop

"Pop thinks he has a way to clear this mess up."
―Luke Cage to Chico Diaz[src]
"Pop wants to set up a parley for Chico, he doesn't want him to end up like Shameek."
Luke Cage to Cottonmouth[src]
"Do you even know who Crispus Attucks was? A free black man, the first man to die for what became America, he could have acted scared when those Brits raised their guns, blended in in the crowd, but he stepped up, he paid with his life, but he started something. That's what Pop did, not me, I laid in the cut until he stepped up and it cost him his life too. I ain't laying back no more!"
―Luke Cage to Mamba[src]


"I didn't have one single skill when I got out. I could've gone back to the streets."
"But you weren't that guy anymore."
"I wasn't and I'm not. And that's what I go through every day. Trying not to be that person."
"I'm not that guy either."
"I thought you was innocent, Shawshank."
"I ain't guilty. But I ain't innocent either."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]
"Pop, got some fresh towels right here, you got some dirty ones, I could take them out if you want, no sweat at all."
"I'm good Luke..."
―Luke Cage and Pop[src]
"You count calories, Power Man?"
"Fork will kill you quicker than any bullet."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]
"I found Chico, he ain't coming. Can't save everybody."
"You're wrong about that. What would have happened in my life if people gave up on me, I was no angel, no I was a beast. I was a beast, no two ways about it."
"They call you Pop because you were the O.G.?"
"Nah, it was the sound my fist made when I knocked a fool out. Snap, crackle, pop."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]
"The whole neighbourhood is yapping about how Zip and two goons got the beat down at Genghis Connie's last night."
"Hmm. I heard it was four guys."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]
"So that's how it works? Those thugs shake people down? They work for Mariah or Cottonmouth?"
"A little bit of both."
"Aunt and nephew?"
"Cousins. Their grandma was Mama Mabel."
"Who's Mama Mabel?"
"The devil's ex-wife."
Luke Cage and Pop[src]
"It's not too late for Chico."
"Pop, stay out of it. Some people you just gotta let go."
"I can't just turn my back on him. You used to find people, right?"
"That was a long time ago."
"It ain't exactly a skill you lose. Look, this place is Switzerland. If we can find him before they do, maybe I can set up a parley with Cottonmouth."
"I don't think so, man. I'm sorry, Pop. I can't do it."
"Hey. Yes. You are sorry. Now, I hadn't seen Reva since she was five. So when she comes home with a convict husband and a shaky-ass story I ain't ask her no questions. And when that same well-read ex-con comes back wanting to be paid in cash and lifting up refrigerators like they're empty cardboard boxes, I just nodded my head again. What did you tell me about keeping your secrets? That I owed you one. Well, time is due. I'm collecting."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]
"I got caught with a gun and a bag of money. Kept my mouth shut. Went on pause for ten years. My woman was pregnant when I went in. I haven't seen her or my son since he was 13. I have this nightmare that one day, he's gonna come to the shop ask for a cut, sit in my chair and I'm not even gonna know him."
"After what I did at Genghis Connie's for the first time in a long time I felt at peace."
"I made a decision when I got back to the crib. I'm done running."
"Boys run. Men stand. You're a man."
"I am who I am. Or maybe I have a chance to find out who I could really be. "
Luke Cage and Pop[src]
"Pop! Come on, you hear those sirens, they almost here, they're coming. Someone call a goddamn ambulance!"
"Swe... Swear... Swear... Jar..."
"I will, I will."
"Luke... Forward... Always... Always... Forward... Forward..."
―Luke Cage and Pop[src]

Episode 1.05: Just to Get a Rep

Spoken about Pop

"Pop never forgot his people. Where some people saw hard rock kids, he saw precious jewels. He reminded me that diamonds are formed by pressure covered in dirt. But then you polish them and they shine. Pop saw the shine in everyone that walked in his barber shop. He cut their hair. He listened to their problems. And he made them feel better about the world and themselves."
Luke Cage[src]
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