"HYDRA's here in a big way, in some abandoned theater. The Ponce de León."
"Theater Ponce de León. Why over there?"
Bobbi Morse and Phil Coulson[src]

Ponce de León Theater is a famous theater located in a centric square in San Juan.


Arrival at the Theater

"Checking exits, numbers of men, weapons inventory. I'm impressed. How's your marksmanship?"
"I don't know, hand me your sidearm, let's find out."
"Cool under pressure. I see May's teaching you control."
"That's one of our differences; in S.H.I.E.L.D. they train you to control yourself, HYDRA wants to control everyone else."
"I'm not loyal to HYDRA. My orders were to collect Raina. Bringing you along was my idea."
Grant Ward and Skye[src]

Grant Ward took Skye to the Ponce de León Theater in San Juan, that had been established as the base of operations for HYDRA in Puerto Rico. Upon arriving, Skye started to check exits, numbers of men, their weapons, assessing all the tactical needs for a potential escape route.

Ward noticed Skye doing it, and was impressed on how much she improved as an agent, asking about her marksmanship. Skye told him to hand her his weapon, and she would show it to him. This capacity of self-control under pressure was recognized as Melinda May's teaching.

Skye pointed that as one of the differences between S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA, while S.H.I.E.L.D. agents trained for self control, HYDRA members wanted to control everyone else. Ward claimed his lack of loyalty to HYDRA again, saying that his orders were just to bring Raina, and taking Skye with him was his own idea.

Skye reminded him that the last time he tried to kidnap her, things did not ended well for him, as he spent months imprisoned after that, but Ward was only concerned about keeping her promise. Ward opened the door to a room where her father was waiting for her, and Ward leave them alone to speak in private.[1]

Father-Daughter Reunion

"I know I'm a terrible disappointment, but I'm here now. And everything that's about to happen is supposed to happen. I'm gonna take care of you."
"Then get me out of here."
"What? Oh. Maybe I haven't been clear. You're exactly where you're supposed to be. This is your destiny."
Calvin Zabo and Skye[src]

Skye and her father met for the first time since she was a baby, and he was too nervous for finally being reunited with his daughter. Zabo noticed how Skye tilted her head, similar to how her mother did, and got emotional despite having promised himself he would not.

He started the reunion again greeting his daughter and introducing himself as Cal, offering Skye to sit down with him. Skye refused, and he did not want to sit down at the moment due to his nervousness. Zabo thanked her for meeting with him, and Skye confronted him saying she was kidnapped at gunpoint.

Zabo apologized and confessed his nervousness, due to being a long desired moment for him, finally reunited with his daughter. Zabo also explained that he had always thought about that reunion as something more familiar, even with cookies and flowers, but not there.

Zabo also remarked Skye's beauty, and asked her about what she knew about him. Skye coldly told him he was a monster and a murderer, and Zabo, despite admitting those facts, wanted her to understand his motives, as he lost her, his daughter, and his whole world fell apart.

However, Zabo lost control of himself while explaining that she was taking from him, frightening Skye. Realizing he frightened his daughter, Zabo calmed down and explained that he had not always been a monster. He started telling about his past when Skye was born in China, as her mother was Chinese. He worked in a clinic where people liked him, and both him and his wife were so happy for the birth of their daughter.

Skye asked what happened then, and he emotionally apologized for not being there for her, to protect her, to teach her or to sing her until she fell asleep. However, he assured Skye that he was there now for her, and would take care of her. Skye asked her father to get her out of the theater, but he clarified that he wanted her to stay, as what would happen in the hidden city was her destiny.


Skye got angry for that words, as it was contradictory to apologize and then kidnap her and forcing her to be there with HYDRA. She attempted to leave, but there were soldiers at the entrance. Skye asked her father to tell them to allow her to exit, but he approached them and told them to continue with their guard as if never had happened, saying it was just a misunderstanding.

She then confronted her father for working for HYDRA and Daniel Whitehall, making him to be one of the "bad guys". Zabo got angry, yelling that he did not work for Whitehall and he could never do it. He calmed himself, and explained that he just needed Whitehall to find her and put "all the pieces" together.

Zabo started to reveal what happened to her mother, explaining that she was special, but not in the way used to describe a beloved one, she was actually special, being a "gifted", descending from a line of people with gifts, so Skye also had one too, and Zabo intended to bring her to the hidden so she could receive it.

According to Zabo, the gift was her birthright, and would involve a transformation, but Skye wanted to know what happened to her mother. He started saying how they met, helping him with his work in the clinic, especially with the translations from Chinese. One day, a group of men identifying themselves as S.H.I.E.L.D., who were actually members of HYDRA, took her, despite Zabo's attempts to fight, saying that she was dangerous due to her gift.


Zabo continued telling how he left Skye with people he trusted to search for his wife in Europe, but once he found her, Whitehall had already vivisected her, taking her blood and organs, and dumping her corpse into a ditch like garbage. Both father and daughter saddened with the story, and Zabo touched his daughter for the first time to comfort her, humming a song that Skye recognized, as it was the song her mother used to sing to her when she was a baby.

Skye asked what happened to her them, but they were interrupted by a HYDRA operative, who announced that Whitehall demanded to see Zabo. He asked for a moment with a gesture, and once left alone again, Zabo promised his daughter that he would answer all her questions later, but first he had to kill Whitehall, the man who destroyed his life, claiming that was his best day ever. Skye burst in tears as her father left.[1]

True Allegiances

"We're here today in part because of the three of you. You delivered Raina as you promised. And I had my initial doubts about you, young lady, but you are slowly earning my trust. And your knowledge of the Diviner has led us to this... historic moment. For that, I offer my gratitude. I just have one question – how does she fit in?"
Daniel Whitehall[src]

Grant Ward, Calvin Zabo and Raina were called to Daniel Whitehall's presence, who thanked each of them for their contribution in achieving his goals.

Wards delivered Raina, just as his promised; Raina was able to slowly earn Whitehall's trust despite his doubts, and Zabo's knowledge of the Diviner allowed them to reach that "historic moment". However, Whitehall wondered what was Skye's role in their plans, just as armed soldiers brought her to their presence.

Ward explained that he took her as a hostage to make sure that S.H.I.E.L.D. did not attack after taking Raina from their plane. However, Whitehall confronted him for his order of not shooting down the plane, and he had to counter that order.

Whitehall said he had a theory for Skye's presence. Agent 33 open the briefcase containing the Obelisk and asked Skye to pick it up. Skye defiantly refused, but the guards pointed their guns at him. Zabo discreetly nodded at Skye to let her know the Diviner would not hurt her, and prepared a scalpel to defend his daughter.

Skye holding the Diviner

Skye grabbed the Obelisk and as it began to glow, she used it as a weapon against one of the guards, while her father killed another with the scalpel. Ward grabbed his weapon and sided with Skye and Zabo, but they were quickly overwhelmed by all the HYDRA guards in the room. Whitehall approached Skye, and said that he hoped she was as special as her mother.

Raina took back the Obelisk from Skye's hand, and Whitehall addressed to Zabo, confessing that he did not recognized the day he entered his office at the HYDRA Laboratories. Zabo threatened that he would kill Whitehall and his men if his daughter had not bee there, so Whitehall had one more reason to be glad that she was there.

However, Whitehall could not understand Ward's motivations, and Raina revealed that he was in love with Skye, and thought that he helped her to fulfill her destiny, she would be able to see him whom Ward really was. Whitehall jokingly said the it was sad that Skye would not fulfill her destiny, or that Zabo would not get his vengeance for the death of his wife.

Whitehall ordered his men to secure the three, and warned them about Ward, as he was one of the best killers, though he revealed his intentions of brainwashing Ward into his service.[1]

Battle for the Kree City


"It's not ideal, but assaulting from up here is our best bet. The narrow quarter reduce HYDRA's numerical advantage."
"Sounds perfect. Other than the fact that HYDRA's drill will be all the way down in the basement."
Phil Coulson and Lance Hunter[src]

Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter landed on the rooftop of the Ponce de León Theater and prepared their gear to assault it, given that infiltrating the building from the top floor would help them reduce the numerical advantage that HYDRA possessed due to its large number of soldiers, though Hunter pointed that the Plasma Drill was in the basement.

Morse asked how to communicate inside the building, and May said that, given HYDRA scanned for communications, they would keep radio silence.

Coulson summarized the mission saying they had two goal: stop the drill and find Skye inside the building. Hunter asked about their third goal, "Don't die out there", the statement that Morse and Hunter usually told each other before a mission. Coulson explained that it was implicit, but Morse said that Hunter simply liked to hear it.[1]


"Do you know what your mother's special gift was?"
"She didn't age. At least, not like the rest of us. I wonder if that's your gift as well. Or if you're special in another way. Discovery requires experimentation. I killed your wife. And before I kill you, I want you to watch what I do to your daughter."
Daniel Whitehall and Skye to Calvin Zabo[src]

Agent 33 was tasked with watching prisoners Grant Ward and Skye, who had been tied to chairs inside the kitchen of the Ponce de León Theater, while Calvin Zabo was unconscious on the ground.

Ward talked to Agent 33 and asked how did she end up looking like Melinda May, and she reveal that it was serving Daniel Whitehall, and having another did not even bothered her, given that before meeting Whitehall she was lost and purposeless, but now she was "happy to comply", demonstrating her brainwashing.

Ward asked her if she loyal to HYDRA, but she clarified that she was loyal to Whitehall. Ward compared it to his own loyalty to John Garrett, but Garrett went insane. Agent 33, tired of the speaking, threatened Ward with her handgun to make him shut up.

Zabo regained consciousness and asked Skye if she was hurt, and Whitehall arrived to the kitchen to see that Zabo was awake. Zabo attacked Whitehall, saying he had waited years for his revenge, but Whitehall activated a Control Device on Zabo's neck that made him feel such pain that it paralyzed him.

Whitehall addressed to a still-tied Skye, and revealed that her mother's gift was that she did not age, or at least she did not like the rest of humans. Whitehall wondered what Skye's gift was, and uttered his infamous belief that "discovery requires experimentation". Zabo, coping with the pain in the ground, had to hear how Whitehall planned to do to his daughter the same he did to his wife, but this time, Whitehall would force him to watch before he killed him.

Suddenly, Whitehall started to hear gunshots inside the building, as S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to infiltrate the theater, and ordered a guard to stay in the kitchen before leaving with Agent 33.[1]


"Know what we could use?"
"Another fifty men?"
"I was gonna say a dozen. But I like your idea better."
Phil Coulson and Melinda May[src]

Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter infiltrated the Ponce de León Theater and started searching for Skye while killing any HYDRA operative they came across.

Coulson commented that they could use a dozen of extra agents, but he preferred May's idea of using fifty. Meanwhile, Hunter and Morse managed to clear their own way through the theater.[1]


"Now, let's get out of here."
"Yeah, me too! Come on!"
"It's safer here. And I'm about to do something to Whitehall, I don't want you to see me like that."
"I don't mind... seeing. Hell, I'm happy to help."
Grant Ward, Skye and Calvin Zabo[src]

Grant Ward realized Calvin Zabo was trying to remove his Control Device, and distracted the guard saying that S.H.I.E.L.D. was coming for them, and lied when he assured that they outnumbered the HYDRA operatives in the theater.

Ward proposed to let him go and would speak to S.H.I.E.L.D. in his behalf, but the guard told him to shut up. Ward said that he was simply trying to be helpful, being nicer that Zabo would be. Zabo then hit the guard and easily broke his neck.

Ward and Skye asked Zabo to release them, but he told Skye that she should stay in the kitchen, as it was a safe place, and he was going to do something to Daniel Whitehall that he did not want her to witness. Ward said that he did not mind seeing it, and he would even help him, though Zabo refused, saying he needed to do it himself.[1]

Death of Daniel Whitehall

"What did you do?!"
"You're... welcome?"
"You killed him! He was mine and you killed him!"
Calvin Zabo and Phil Coulson[src]

Daniel Whitehall ordered Agent 33 to command a team to sweep the theater floor by floor to kill the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that infiltrated the building.

DW blood stain

Calvin Zabo viciously approached Whitehall to finally exact his revenge for the death of his wife. Whitehall smiled as he saw Zabo, and grabbed his handgun to kill him. However, before he could shoot, Phil Coulson killed Whitehall with a single shot, who quickly collapsed.

Zabo was enraged for being denied his revenge, though Coulson had saved his life. Zabo checked Whitehall's corpse and realized he was actually dead, and began to yell at Coulson for killing Whitehall despite he wanted to do it himself. Coulson warned Zabo that he would kill him too if he moved, as he would not let him take Skye to the hidden city and trigger whatever he thought would happen.

Zabo angrily shouted that he had no right to stop him, and Coulson acknowledged that, despite Zabo loved his daughter in his own insane way, he would have to kill him, and asked where the Obelisk was.

They were interrupted by Agent 33, who shot at both men. Coulson returned fire while Zabo escaped, and then went in his pursuit. Agent 33 realized Whitehall was on the ground, and knelt by his side.[1]

Back on the Enemy

"I'm sorry your little family reunion didn't go as planned. The least I can do is get you out of here. Sit down while I check the door."
"Never turn your back on the enemy. You taught me that."
Grant Ward and Skye[src]

Grant Ward liberated himself using the knife the deceased guard was carrying, and apologized to Skye for the mess that her family reunion had turned into. Ward intended to take Skye out of the building, given it was the the least he could do for her, and asked her to sit while he checked the door.

Skye grabbed the handgun from the deceased guard's corpse, and promptly shot four times at Ward. Ward fell to the ground, shocked by Skye's reaction, and she reminded him of one of his lessons when he was her Supervising Officer, to never turn the back on the enemy.[1]

Final Duel

"Stop it! Stop it or I'll shoot! Dad!"
"He took something from me."
"No. He saved you from killing more people. Now get up, and get away from him."
Skye and Calvin Zabo[src]

Calvin Zabo ambushed Phil Coulson and started to beat him. Coulson defended himself and tried to talk Zabo down, saying that both wanted to help Skye. However, this enraged Zabo even more, saying that she only needed him, as Coulson was not her father.

Zabo and Coulson continued their fight, and despite Coulson tried to defend himself, Zabo was able to severely beat him. Skye entered the room and pointed Zabo with her gun, ordering him to stop. However, Zabo did not stop beating Coulson until Skye called him "Dad".

Zabo tried to justify himself saying that Coulson took his chance of revenge from him, though Skye said that what he actually did was to save him from killing anyone else, and ordered his father to get away from Coulson.

Skye refused to submit to the transformation despite her father told her she needed to finish what has been started. Skye told him he would not descend to the hidden city and transform, because all the victims that the whole ordeal had caused, and also because it was what HYDRA wanted.

She told she was going to make sure the Obelisk did not descent to the city either, and offered her father a chance to leave, or else she would kill him. Zabo agreed to leave, but said that he would be waiting for her, as he would be the only one who would understand her after her change, even when everyone else would be afraid. Zabo departed, telling Skye that he was his father and he would always love her, revealing her birthname to be Daisy.

Once her father left the room, Skye ran to Coulson's side, crying and apologizing for not being able to kill her father even despite she wanted to do it. Skye told Coulson that she would set things right, finding the Obelisk and stopping the Plasma Drill. Coulson tried to stop her from going to the hidden city, but he was badly injured and could not even get up.[1]

New Loyalties

"Whitehall's dead. Coulson killed him."
"So you're free."
"I don't know what to do."
"Help me up. I can get us out of here. Then we'll figure it all out."
Agent 33 and Grant Ward[src]

Agent 33 went to the kitchen and found an injured Grant Ward in the ground. She checked his wounds, realizing he survived thanks to a piece of body armor.

Ward asked her if she had come to finish him off, and Agent 33 revealed that Phil Coulson had killed Daniel Whitehall. Ward then moved her gun away, stating that she was now free. Agent 33 was very confused, not knowing what to do without Whitehall.

Ward saw an opportunity, and asked Agent 33 to help him, and he would get them out of the building, and once they were safe, they would figure everything out. Agent 33 agreed, and took Ward with her.[1]

Descent to the City

"I put her on this path. I have to try to make it right. If we're not back before the bombs go off, get everybody to the Bus. Just because Whitehall's dead doesn't mean HYDRA's gonna pack up and go home."
"I'm not saying this is a good plan. After all the carving and obsessing and searching, I'm pretty damn curious to see what all the fuss is about."
Phil Coulson and Melinda May[src]

Melinda May joined Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter, and together defeated one of the last teams of HYDRA guards. May went to look for Coulson.

Skye descended to the basement of the theater, and realized that Raina had already taken the Obelisk to the hidden city.

Coulson and May descended to the basement too, though Skye had already followed Raina to the city. Coulson prepared to descend, though May complained, saying he could barely stand. Coulson said that it was him who put Skye in that path, so it was his responsibility to fix it.

Coulson ordered to take the rest of the agents to the Bus if they did not return before the bombs exploded, because despite Daniel Whitehall's death, HYDRA was still active. May tried to convince him again, but he said that after all he went through because of the city and the symbols he felt the need to carve, he was very curious to see what was all about.[1]


"Raina escaped into the tunnels with the Obelisk."
"I wouldn't lose any sleep. The place is gonna blow in less than–"
"Skye and Coulson went in after her."
Melinda May and Antoine Triplett[src]

Melinda May called Antoine Triplett, who informed her that they had managed to place the explosives. However, May said Raina had already entered the city with the Obelisk. Triplett was willing to let Raina die in the explosion, but as May informed that both Skye and Phil Coulson were in the city too, Triplett entered the city again, despite Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons' attempts to dissuade him.[1]

Clear Out

"Coulson and Skye have gone down."
"Why the hell would they do that?"
"We need to clear this place, now."
Melinda May and Lance Hunter[src]

Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter descended to the basement of the theater, where Melinda May told her that Phil Coulson and Skye had descended to the hidden city.

Hunter wondered out loud the reason for the descent, but May ordered them to clear the building as soon as possible.[1]


An earthquake shook the city of San Juan, provoked by Skye's newly-obtained powers due to her transformation inside the hidden city.

Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter tried to clear out the theater, and Melinda May was still in the basement, checking for any signal of Phil Coulson or Skye's return.[1]


Behind the Scenes

  • The Variety Arts Theater in downtown Los Angeles was used for exterior shoots.[2]


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