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"She can see the future, and I don't even have the power to know what she's feeling. At least when she would draw, I'd have a window into her world."
―Polly Hinton[src]

Polly Hinton is the wife of Charles Hinton and the mother of Robin Hinton.


Family Life

"Charles left in the night, and he didn't take anything but a jacket. He left because he would never be able to hold his little girl again. At least, not without her crying and screaming and seeing death."
―Polly Hinton to Daisy Johnson[src]
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Meeting Daisy Johnson

"The visions started coming true."
"Did he ever try to stop them from happening?"
"Of course! Of course he tried... over and over. That's what sent him over the edge, I guess. He couldn't make a difference... not one. He was powerless."
―Polly Hinton and Daisy Johnson[src]

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Polly began to be treated as a pariah because her daughter Robin Hinton was a latent Inhuman. Daisy Johnson gave a generous donation to Polly which she used to move her family to a new location where they could be treated more fairly.[1]

Clandestine Meeting

At least once a week, Polly and her daughter Robin would sit in a park. One day, Polly and Robin arrived early as they were expecting the arrival of Quake; Polly thanked Quake for the money that she had provided so that the Hintons could move to another place. While Polly spoke, Quake gave Robin a carving of a bird created by Charles. Quake then told Polly that she wanted to introduce her to a friend of hers who likes animals and has a practice nearby. Polly then watched as Quake suddenly walked away and disappeared into an alley.[1]

Aiding Leo Fitz

"She doesn't say much at all. Not since Terrigenesis. I found her in a state just like her father."
"She was way too young to go through that."
"Her mind has been scattered. Past, present, future... it's all the same to her, all mixed up. Sometimes, she doesn't even know I'm her mother."
―Polly Hinton and Leo Fitz[src]

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Protective Custody

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Search for Phil Coulson

"Robin clearly has a connection with you."
"I, uh... don't know if I can explain it. I don't fully understand it myself."
"You don't have to. I've seen the drawings. I know that I'm not in them. If anything happens to me..."
―Polly Hinton and Melinda May[src]

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Attacked by Glenn Talbot

"I'm here. You're doing good. Don't help him."
"But if I don't, this will be the last time I see you."
―Polly Hinton and Robin Hinton[src]

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Saved by S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Thank God you're here."
"You okay?"
"Yeah. Robin?"
"Don't worry. We have her."
―Polly Hinton and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

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