"Agent Melinda May, Agent Grant Ward, this is Comandante Camilla Reyes. She's with the Policia Militar del Perú."
Phil Coulson[src]

The Policia Militar del Perú (Military Police of Peru) is a special unit of the Peruvian Armed Forces. The organization assigned Camilla Reyes to acquire the 0-8-4 from Coulson's Team.


"We've got company. National police."
Grant Ward[src]

While studying a previously unknown temple in Peru, an archaeological team discovered an unknown artifact that predated the age of the temple by a millennium. The Policia Militar del Perú sent in a squad led by Camilla Reyes to secure and obtain the artifact.

S.H.I.E.L.D. had sent its own team led by Phil Coulson to analyze and claim what was designated as an object of unknown origin.

Despite an initial skirmish, Reyes and Coulson were able to discuss the situation with the object concerning the Peruvian government's interests and the local rebels. When a group of rebels attacked the archaeological site both Coulson's agents and Reyes' soldiers were able to escape to the Bus, beginning a route for a nearby S.H.I.E.L.D. base.

While onboard the Bus, Reyes had her men follow Coulson's traveling procedures, relinquishing their weapons before relaxing in the passenger area. While Reyes conversed with Coulson in his office he realized that she was attempting to seduce him, as a ruse to distract him while her men took over the Bus. The soldiers intended to take over the Bus in the interest of the Peruvian government in order to secure the 0-8-4 from S.H.I.E.L.D. due to Peru's claim to the object.

After an initial take-over, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were able to regain control over the plane, while Reyes and her remaining soldiers were imprisoned.[1]


Name Position Status
Camilla Reyes Comandante Alive
Vilca Soldier Alive
Perez Soldier Alive
Cusi Soldier Deceased
Nahui Soldier Deceased



  • Pistols and Handguns
Colt MK IV Series 80 - Used by Camilla Reyes.
  • Assault Rifles
M16A2/A4 - Used by Reyes' team.


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