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"I used to listen to people's prayers. In here and out on the street. You know, people asking for God's help or justice or vengeance sometimes. See, it's always the same. “Please, God.” I thought that God let me hear the prayers so that I could answer. So that's what I did. That's what I was trying to do, was trying to help people. But I am not what I was."
Matt Murdock to Paul Lantom

Please is the second episode of the third season of the television series Daredevil.


Grieving for the life he's abandoned, Matt suffers a crisis of faith. Fisk make a deal with the FBI that turns him into a target.


In a series of flashbacks, a young Matthew Murdock admits to Paul Lantom that he feels neglected by God and is told that not every sign is as overt as a flaming bush.

As part of his deal with the FBI, Wilson Fisk gives them the information necessary to bring down the Albanian Syndicate. Agents led by Ray Nadeem storm mansions owned by Mother Teresa, the leader of the Syndicate, and arrested him and other members of the organization. Back at the New York City FBI Office, Nadeem is congratulated on a succesful operation. Wellers admits that they could not do it without Fisk's lead and tells Nadeem that he needs to keep him talking.

Fisk attends the gym in Ryker's Island where Jasper Evans stabs him with the shank. Fisk attacks Evans and prepares to kill him before prison guards learn about the attack. Leaving Evans alive, Fisk orders other inmates to turn back while guards break to the gym.

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Murdock returns to the Clinton Church, injured and suffering from his helplessness.Maggie Grace finds him in the basement, and chides him for his reckless actions. They discuss human purpose and Murdock's crisis of faith.

Weller informs Nadeem that Arinori and Ramsey are taking Fisk's detail instead of him. At the SAC's office, Nadeem convinces Tammy Hattley that he needs to take that detail more than any other agent because it could be his last chance to stabilize his financial situation. Worried about Nadeem's profile, Hattley agrees to hand Fisk's detail to him, provided Nadeem can keep him talking.

Mitchell Ellison has Karen Page write an article about Rostam Kazemi and his daughter Neda who were attacked the previous night. Page tries to pass it on to another reporter, as she's still investigating Midland Circle, but Ellison insists that she needs to move forward and work new stories.

After being informed of the attack on Fisk, Nadeem arrives at the prison to speak with him. Fisk tells Nadeem that every inmate and guard knows about his deal with the FBI and that the attack at the gym is not going to be the last. Nadeem tells Fisk that he has to continue providing the FBI with information if he wants Vanessa Marianna and Fisk says he can't do that if he's dead.

Murdock listens to parishioners' prayers and is greeted by Paul Lantom. Murdock tells him that he thought the prayers were God's voice, telling him to help people, but now thinks that He had nothing to do with it He tells Lantom that he is Daredevil and not even God can change that. Leaving the church, Murdock tries to find the criminals who attacked the Kazemis.

Page meets with Neda at the Riverbank Medical Center to speak about the attack but Neda is initially unwilling to talk, fearing negative attention. Page tells her that people will make their own stories anyway, telling her about how the people of her hometown, Fagan Corners, decided that Page had killed her brother. Neda tells her about the man in the black mask who saved them.


The FBI arranges a meeting with Blake Tower and Chris DiMolina to convince them to release Fisk to the Bureau's supervision. They deny Hattley's request but Nadeem convinces them otherwise, explaining that they could crack down on crime in New York with his information. As they escort Fisk out of prison, the FBI agents, led by Nadeem, are attacked by Albanians, trying to assassinate Fisk for giving up their organization. Before they can reach him, Benjamin Poindexter kills them all, even those who surrender.

Foggy Nelson attends family dinner at Nelson's Meats where his brother, Theo, confronts him for leaving the family behind for a law career. Page arrives at the store and tells Nelson that Murdock is probably alive and still saving people, but Nelson does not believe her.

Murdock manages to find the gang that attacked the Kazemis at Chris French Cleaners. Defeating them, Murdock informs the New York City Police Department about them and goes to the hospital where he tells Neda to testify against them. Outside of the hospital, Murdock hears several police officers and learns that the FBI had released Fisk from prison, much to his horror.


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