"I used to listen to people's prayers. In here and out on the street. You know, people asking for God's help or justice or vengeance sometimes. See, it's always the same. “Please, God.” I thought that God let me hear the prayers so that I could answer. So that's what I did. That's what I was trying to do, was trying to help people. But I am not what I was."
Matt Murdock to Paul Lantom[src]

Please is the second episode of the third season of the Netflix exclusive television series Daredevil, and the twenty-eighth episode overall.


Grieving for the life he's abandoned, Matt suffers a crisis of faith. Fisk make a deal with the FBI that turns him into a target.


Making a deal with the FBI, Wilson Fisk gives them information about the Albanian Syndicate. Group of agents led by Ray Nadeem storms mansion owned by Mother Teresa and successfully arrests him alongside with all other Albanians. Back at the New York City FBI Office, all agents congratulats Nadeem with successfull operation. Nadeem informs Wellers that he confiscated Albanians' computers what can allow FBI to trace their money trail. Wellers admitts that they could not do it without Fisk's lead and Nadeem needs to keep him talking.

At the Ryker's Island, Fisk attends the prison gym where Jasper Evans stabs him with shank. Fisk overpowers Evans and prepares to kill him before prison guards learns about attack. Leaving Evans, Fisk orders all other inmates to turn back while guards breaks to the gym.

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Returning to the Clinton Church after his showdown with criminals, Matt Murdock suffers from his injures and helplessness. Maggie Grace finds him at the basement, upset about his reckless action. They discuss human purpose and Murdock's crisis of faith what Grace can not accept while Murdock recalls his conversation with Paul Lantom.

Working on his case, Nadeem learns from Wellers that Arinori and Ramsey are going to take Fisk's detail instead him. At the SAC's office, Nadeem tries to convince Tammy Hattley that he deserve to take that detail more that any other agent because that possibly his last chance to stabilize his financial situation. Worrying about Nadeem's profile, Hattley however agrees to hand Fisk's detail to him with one condition - Nadeem needs to keep him talking.

Mitchell Ellison orders Karen Page to write an article about Rostam Kazemi and his daughter Neda which were attacked and almost kidnapped. However, Page tries to refuse because she investigates situation with Midland Circle. Ellison insists that she needs to keep working on current articles.

Informed that Fisk was attacked, Nadeem arrived to prison to speak with him. Fisk tells Nadeem that every inmate and guard knows about his deal with the FBI and attack at gym is not going to be the last. Nadeem states that Fisk needs to keep inform FBI about New York criminals in exchange for clear Vanessa Marianna of charges and Fisk says that he can not do this being killed.

Murdock listens parishoner's prayers while he is greeted by Lantom. Murdock explains that he used to think that God let him listen prayers to answer what he did, helping people. However, now he thinks that God had anything about him and now he is Daredevil and even God can not change it. Leaving the church, Murdock goes to find criminals which attacked Kazemis.

Page meets with Neda at the Riverbank Medical Center to speak about attack but Neda refuses to say anything, fearing people's attention. Page states that people just come up with their own version, comparing this with times when all citizens of Fagan Corners used to think that Page killed her own brother. Neda then tells her about the man in the black mask who saved them.


FBI arranges meeting with Blake Tower and Chris DiMolina, in order to convince them to release Fisk and place him under Burean's supervision. They denies Hattley's request but Nadeem convinces them to let the FBI to use Fisk to take down crime in New York. Escorted Fisk out of prison, FBI agents led by Nadeem are attacked by Albanians who kills multple agents in attempt to assassinate Fisk. Before they reach him, Benjamin Poindexter kills every hostile in front of him, even when they gave up to him.

Foggy Nelson attends family dinner at the Nelson's Meats where his brother Theo confronts him because he left the family, making a law career. Page then arrives to the store and informs Nelson that Murdock is probably alive and still saving people but Nelson not believing her.

Murdock manages to find gang that attacked Kazamis at the Chris French Cleaners. Defeating all gang members, Murdock informes NYPD about them and goes to hospital where he says Neda to testify against them. Outside of the hospital, Murdock hears several police officers and learns that FBI let Fisk out of prison, much to his horror.


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  • The motorcade transporting Wilson Fisk to a new prison is attacked and he is surrounded by gunmen as he is stuck in an overturned vehicle.


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