The Plaza Hotel is a luxury hotel located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City.


One Month Anniversary

One month after meeting and enthralling Jessica Jones, Kilgrave took Jones on an anniversary date, ordering her to buy lingerie and taking her to one of his favourite restaurants, Il Rosso.

Once the dinner ended, Kilgrave took Jones to the Plaza Hotel, obtaining a room and spending the night there with her. Jones left a remarkable impression on the Doorman, who recognized her a year later.[1]

Rescue of Hope Shlottman

Jessica Jones arrived at the Plaza Hotel, believing she would find Hope Shlottman there. The Doorman quickly recognized her, welcomed her, and asked Jones if she was going to stay with them again. However, Jones did not answer him, and went directly to search for Shlottman.

Assuming that Kilgrave would have taken Shlottman to the same room he took her, Jones pulled the fire alarm trigger to make the rest of the guests of the hotel leave their rooms. Jones realized that her assumption was correct, as nobody exited the room at the end of the hallway.

Jones had a series of flashbacks while walking through the hallway, and she entered the seemingly empty room. Inside, she had an hallucination of Kilgrave, who asked her if she had missed him, but she overcame it and found Shlottman lying on the bed.


Hope Shlottman in bed

Jones asked if Kilgrave was there, and when Shlottman told her that he was not, Jones asked when had he left. Shlottman accurately told her that he had left five hours and 21 minutes before, so Jones prompted her to leave, asking her to get dressed, though Shlottman told her she could not.

Jones called Shlottman's parents, informing them that she had found her, but they needed to get her as far away from the city as they could. Jones told them to check out of their hotel and go directly to her office. The Shlottmans asked her what was happening, but Jones insisted on the importance of doing as she had told them.

Jones then told Shlottman again to go, but she then realized that Kilgrave had told her not to move. Shlottman confessed that she had wet the bed. Jones grabbed a coat to cover Shlottman, who resisted Jones' attempts to take her. Jones tried to make her walk away, but Shlottman removed Jones' grip and returned to the bed.

Jones then grabbed Shlottman, who knocked every item on her way out and tried to grab every corner to return to the bed. Jones let Shlottman hit her head against a wall, knocking her unconscious and finally taking her from the hotel.[1]


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