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"Kids used to make fun of me 'cause I was dark. Said I looked like a African. "Black Mariah!" Pete was the only one that told me I was beautiful. He reminded me how smart I was. I loved him. Until he started sneaking into my room at night."
Mariah Dillard to Tilda Johnson[src]

Peter Stokes, nicknamed Pistol Pete in Harlem's criminal circles, was a mobster and member of Mama Mabel's crime family. When Mabel discovered him making deals with other criminal organizations, including the Colon Crime Family, and as a result, he was shot and killed by his own nephew Cornell Stokes under Mabel's orders.


Stokes Family

Stokes Criminal Empire

"On his deathbed, what did you promise Buggy? That you'd take care of me and our business."
"What the hell are you talking about, Mabel? I've always put this shit before anything else. You were my woman before you was his. But I let that go. You always protect your family. No matter what."
Mama Mabel and Pistol Pete[src]

"Pistol Pete," along with his brother Buggy Stokes and sister-in-law Mama Mabel, built a criminal empire in Harlem through gun running, prostitution, and other activities, but refused to get involved with drugs.[1]

Dealing with the McIvers

"If she thinks we'll open our books, she must be smoking that shit they tried to sell me at the airport."
―Pistol Pete to Terence Rogers[src]

After the death of Buggy, Pete and Mabel went to Jamaica to settle disputes with the McIvers whom were set to possess half their assets surrounding Harlem's Paradise from the death of partner Quincy McIver.[2]

Assassination Attempt on John McIver

"Sorry, coconut. When you get to hell, tell Quincy that was for Buggy."
―Pistol Pete to John McIver[src]
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Encouraging Cottonmouth

"Uncle Pete was the only one who ever had my back."
Cornell Stokes to Mariah Dillard[src]

Soon, the family returned to Harlem, Mabel in control of the Stokes family business and Pete as her right hand and main enforcer.[2] Pete, recognizing his nephew Cornell's musical talent and his potential to be something other than a criminal, encouraged his interest in the arts and even took him to auditions, in direct opposition to Mabel's wishes.

However, Pete also sexually abused his niece Mariah Dillard, causing Mabel to send her away to college in hopes of stopping the abuse. The rapes ended up producing a daughter, forcing Mabel to marry Mariah off to Jackson Dillard, a gay doctor with homophobic parents desperate for him to be in a heterosexual relationship. When Pop tried to convince Cornell to join him and Donnie in the street, Pete insisted that Cornell continue practicing his music. However at the same moment, Mabel accused Donnie of selling drugs against her wishes, and ordered Pete and Cornell to kill him. Despite Pete insisting that Cornell was not ready, Mabel ordered him to do it and they both beat Donnie to death outside the house.[1]

Betrayed by Mama Mabel

"Cornell. I told you what to do. Stand up straight. And do it."
Mama Mabel to Cottonmouth[src]

Pete chafed at being under Mabel's thumb, and so conspired with Salvador Colon to involve the Stokes Family in drugs without Mabel's knowledge. When Mabel found out about the conspiracy, she ordered Cornell to kill his uncle. Pete's death would haunt Cornell for the rest of his life — he continued to play the keyboard in quiet moments and defended him against Dillard's hatred, even suggesting she welcomed his abuse. Indeed, Pete's death was an indirect cause of Cornell's own death, as that insensitive and misogynistic accusation provoked Mariah into killing him.[1]


Ghosts of the Past

"You was always smart, tough. Beautiful. Just like I molded you."
"Shut up."
"I forgive you for telling Cornell to shoot me."
―Pistol Pete and Mariah Dillard[src]
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"Our Uncle Pete could suck the oxygen out of a room. So electric. The way he dressed. The way he played guitar. His swag."
Mariah Dillard to Tilda Johnson[src]
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  • Expert Marksman: As his name implies, Stokes was an expert in the use of firearms, particularly revolvers. Thus, he fatally wounded John McIver with his sidearm.



  • Revolver: Stokes used a revolver in an attempt to assassinate John McIver by shooting him in the abdomen. However, unbeknownst to him, McIver survived the attack due to Maddah Myrie treating him with nightshade.


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