"What if I give you another name?"
"Give you another name? He'd have to be big. He'd have to be King freakin' Kong."
"He is. His name is Wilson Fisk."
―Piotr and Christian Blake[src]

Piotr was the Russian Mafia member killed by Christian Blake after denouncing Wilson Fisk's name to the New York City Police Department.


Locating Wilson Fisk

Piotr learned that Wilson Fisk had come out of hiding after a few weeks of being untraceable. As soon as he had this information, Piotr phoned Anatoly Ranskahov to update him. Ranskahov then went to Fisk to accept a deal with him over ownership of Veles Taxi.[1]

Encounter with the Masked Man

"Vladimir, where is he?!"
"Please I'll tell you what you want, just don't cut my head off."
Masked Man and Piotr[src]

Piotr is questioned by the Masked Man

As Piotr and a small team of Russian Mafia mobsters were transporting one of Madame Gao's blind workers to a warehouse they were suddenly attacked by the Man in the Mask, who quickly defeated the men, although in the chaos the blind worker was accidentally killed by a gunshot. Eventually only Piotr and the Masked Man were left standing, as the man began to question Piotr he begged for his life, terrified that the man would cut off his head like he did to Anatoly Ranskahov. Before the man could get anymore information out of Piotr, the police arrived and arrested Piotr while the man escaped.[2]

Murdered by the Police

Piotr is questioned by Blake and Hoffman

"Do you know who I work for?"
"Couple of dip-shit brothers no one gives a wank about."
―Piotr and Carl Hoffman[src]

Piotr was taken to the 15th Precinct Police Station were he was questioned by Detectives Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman, who claimed that Piotr couldn't possibly have any useful information as the Ranskahovs were not high enough priorities for them. Desperate for a deal to get his freedom, Piotr offered the detectives the name of the man in charge. Blake and Hoffman seemed to accept this but the moment Piotr said the name Wilson Fisk, they began discussing whose turn it was to get punched, much to Piotr's confusion. Blake uncuffed Piotr and punched Hoffman in the face, who screamed for help, Blake then pulled his gun and told Piotr he shouldn't have given up Fisk's name before killing Piotr.[2]






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