For the NYPD officer, see Pinski
"I warned you not to be late."
"Shut up, Pinsky."
―Pinsky and Skye[src]

Pinsky was a virtual character in the Framework and a HYDRA agent who worked with Skye and Grant Ward.


Agent of HYDRA

Warning Agent Skye

"So what'd they say? Skye, who texted? Skye."
"Someone who knew you'd sleep in."
"Pinsky. Probably another intake briefing."
Grant Ward and Skye[src]
Pinsky texted Skye to wake up Grant Ward and go to the brief in the Triskelion. As Skye entered late, Pinsky said to her that he warned her not to be late. She replied by telling him to shut up. Melinda May informed the agents in the brief about an Inhuman and that the Doctor wanted results fast. Later, Pinsky and Slate arrested a woman who claimed to be Jemma Simmons. Pinsky checked the name in the database, but found out she was already dead. The woman then knocked the two down with a teaser gun.[1]


Like everything else in the Framework, Pinksy was deleted when Aida decided to wipe out the Framework and recreate its content in the real world.




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