"Finish this. Come home to me."
Rebecca Pilgrim to John Pilgrim[src]

Pilgrim Residence is the house owned by Pilgrim family.


Departure to Chicago

Before his departure, John Pilgrim went to his house where he visited his wife Rebecca. Rebecca asked him how long he intends to be gone. Bringing some water to Rebecca, John promised that he will return in a couple of days. Saying his wife that he loves her, John changed his clothes and traveled to Chicago for a mission.[1]

Departure to New York City


John Pilgrim shares a pray with the Schultzes

While John Pilgrim was beating himself with a belt, Lemuel informed his father that they are visited by Anderson and Eliza Schultz. While Eliza went to comfort Rebecca Pilgrim, John went for a talk with Anderson who informed him that Frank Castle and Amy Bendix were found in New York City. Much to Pilgrim's displeasure, Anderson said that he must return to New York to find them.

Pilgrim addressed that New York is an unclean place and he never intended to return there. However, the Schultzes had made him a large favor back in the day and he will do what needs to be done. As soon, as Rebecca fell asleep, Eliza joined Anderson and Pilgrim, and three of them prayed together before Pilgrim left his house again and traveled to New York.[2]

Call to Home


Eliza Schultz speaking with John Pilgrim

"Pilgrim Residence."
"Hello, John."
"Could I speak with Rebecca, please? I've missed her previous calls."
Eliza Schultz and John Pilgrim[src]

Eventually, Rebecca Pilgrim passed away and the Schultzes organized her funeral. While she was at Pilgrim Residence, Eliza Schultz took the call from John Pilgrim who wanted to speak with his wife. Schultz decided not to tell Pilgrim about the death of his wife and said to him that being away makes him understand that he is not as strong as he thought. Pilgrim said that he will wait for Rebecca's call.[3]


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