Pike was an officer of the New York City Police Department.


Traffic Stop

Officer Pike saw a driver go through a stop sign and decided to stop the car. As he approached the car, he left the radio within his car loud enough to be heard outside. Pike told the young lady why he stopped her; she said that she did not notice the signal. After Pike told her that she was lucky that she did not have an accident, the young lady told him that she would allow her grandfather to drive, but he was blind in one eye. Pike decided to allow them to leave.

As he approached his vehicle, Pike heard on his radio that a car fitting the description of the one in front of him was stolen and seen leaving the Massacre at the Cinema Theater. When he turned to return to the driver, she was pointing a gun at him.[1]

Kidnapping and Death

"Doctor Fennhoff would like to see you."

Edwin Jarvis placed Howard Stark within a patrol car that had Officer Pike as its driver; Pike had been hypnotized to assist Johann Fennhoff in his revenge against Stark. Stark noticed that he could not exit the car from the inside and attempted to bribe the policeman not to take him to Fennhoff. After he delivered Stark to Fennhoff and Dottie Underwood, Pike was shot in the head and killed.

Later, Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Daniel Sousa found the body of Officer Pike in the patrol car in an alley.[1]




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