"How'd he even have time to buy a ticket?"
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Pier 39 is one of the many piers located in Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, California, as well as being a popular tourism center.


Hunting the Lab

Following a car chase by Ant-Man, Wasp, and Luis to retrieve the Mobile Laboratory from Sonny Burch, he escaped into the pier with the building in hand and boarded a tour boat. Lang chased him in giant form and asked a group of tourists if they had seen him. He then saw Burch's boat leaving the pier.

Shrinking down, Lang attempted to call several flying ants, but they were eaten by nearby seagulls. Eventually, one of the ants got past the birds and flew Lang off of the pier, an act for which he then named it Ant-tonio Banderas, though it was later eaten by another seagull.

As Lang fell into the water, he grew to a size much greater than any increase seen before. He took the lab from Burch, and eventually made it back to the pier, although he fell and fainted in the water from air deprivation before he could shrink to normal size.

Wasp, who had just arrived at the pier, then jumped into the water. Seeing that Ant-Man's suit was malfunctioning, she manually shrunk him to ant size, carried him to land, and brought him back to normal size. At the same time, Ghost took the lab from Luis and grew it to human-scale.[1]


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