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Phnom Penh is a small city in the Asian nation of Cambodia.


Duel in the Sewers

Shaft managed to escape into the sewers of Phnom Penh, being trailed by Elektra. While the two fought, Shaft was wounded and knocked down. Before the Black Sky could strike him down, she was shoved aside by Danny Rand and forced to fight against him. Despite his efforts, Elektra managed to fatally wound the Chaste warrior before running deeper into the labyrinth. Colleen Wing called out to Rand to follow Elektra. Rand continued through the maze-like sewers, locating Elektra in the darkness. He summoned the Iron Fist and punched her into the shadows, where she vanished.

Returning to Shaft's side, Rand and Wing tried to tend to his injuries, but he refused. When Rand introduced himself, he was referred to as "Iron Fist" and was told to go back to New York City, as his fight against the Hand was there. Dying the the sewers, Wing and Rand eventually moved above ground and left the city.[1]


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