"I know I'm into some sick shit but next time I swear all I want to do is eat moo goo gai pan off your bodies, all, day."
"We're not Chinese!"
"Whatever, it's all hot to me."
―Philip Cabroni and Prostitute[src]

Philip Cabroni is a professor who worked with the Hand to encode their secret ledgers in exchange for a large sum of money which he spent on a high rise apartment and Asian prostitutes. He was later attacked by Elektra and Daredevil who forced him to decode the Hand Ledger and reveal it's contents to them.


Working with the Hand

"The guy who encoded that ledger of ours, some pervy NYU professor, master cryptographer who teaches Asian studies."

The Hand approached Cabroni and asked him to write a matrix with which to encode a ledger detailing their business dealings. They offered him a substantial fee, and he agreed.[1]

Threaten by Vigilantes

"They will kill me if I tell you anything."
"And if you don't we'll make you beg for killing."
―Philip Cabroni and Elektra[src]

One night, Cabroni was upstairs in his apartment with two prostitutes. As they were leaving, he referred to them as Chinese, which insulted them since there were of Korean descent. When the two spoke to each other in Korean, complaining about Cabroni's perversions, he surprised them by answering in kind, telling him that he could speak many languages fluently.

After the prostitutes left, Cabroni was surprised to find a masked woman and the Devil of Hell's Kitchen in his apartment. They threatened him with bodily harm if he didn't decode a ledger which he had encoded for the Hand. At first he refused, fearing what the Hand would do to him if they found out. After Daredevil held him against a glass window and began to break the glass, he relented.

He showed the two the matrix he used to encode the ledger and suggested that they decipher it with it, but Daredevil insisted that Cabroni decipher it himself. He did, and told the two that it detailed weekly shipments, going as far as telling them that a shipment was scheduled for that very night. He gave them the location of the shipment. Before leaving, Daredevil warned Cabroni to find better business associates. The masked woman sarcastically told him to also kill his decorator before knocking him unconscious.[1]


"I can't tell any of you apart, but I guarantee I know all your tongues better than you do."
―Philip Cabroni[src]
  • Multilingualism: Cabroni is a professor of Asian studies, and claims to speak all languages relating to Asia, surprising two Korean prostitutes by fluently responding in their language.



  • SIG Sauer P229 Elite: Cabroni owned one of this handguns, and attempted to take it when he was attacked by Daredevil and Elektra on his penthouse. However, as soon as he tried to reach for his gun, Daredevil hit him and knocked him out the gun's reach.



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