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"You're firing me? Phil, I was one of your first clients! And also, you're my agent. You can't fire me! I fire you!"
"Sure, that works too."
Frank Dean and Phil[src]

Phil is a talent agent who worked for Frank Dean.


Working with a Teen Celebrity

"I guess it has been a hot minute since we last sat down, but you look great, Phil, really. You haven't aged a day since I first signed with you."
"Oh, the one benefit of looking 60 since I was 40."
Frank Dean and Phil[src]

In the early years of his career as a talent agent, Phil was hired by Frank Dean, and helped him debut on television. The collaboration between with Dean turned out to be extremely beneficial for Phil, as the young actor became extremely popular in all the country, especially between the female audience.

However, over the course Phil watched Dean's fame exponentially decreased, as he married Church of Gibborim leader Leslie Ellerh and became the face of the Church's public face. Despite getting him a small role on Fuller House, Phil's eventually realized that the partnership with Dean was no longer lucrative, and decided to break tie with him.[1]

Parting Ways

Phil speaks to Frank Dean

"Yeah, but now you're mostly known as that guy from that church. And I say that as a compliment. Why are you even interested in acting? You make way more running this place than you ever could from doing an arc on Fuller House, and this is tax-free."
―Phil to Frank Dean[src]

Phil called Frank Dean and meet with him outside the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, where he told him that he was no longer going to work with him. After expressing his reasons, Phil encouraged Dean to enjoy his newfound benefits inside the Church, and urged him in discussing with Leslie regarding a more prominent role in the organization.[1]




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