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"What is this contraption?"
"To be honest, I have no idea. They use it to move ships through the galaxies."
Glenn Talbot and Hale[src]

The Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device, also known as a Jump Drive, is a teleportation device that was used by the Confederacy in order to transport their forces into enemy bases and to transport to a neutral location for the leaders of the Confederacy to discuss their plans. One of these devices was given to HYDRA by the Confederacy and was stolen by S.H.I.E.L.D., who integrated it into Zephyr One to allow it to jump through space. Using a piece of the Time Di'Alla, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons later upgraded into a Time Drive to allow the Zephyr to travel through time as well as space.


HYDRA Discovery

"They gave us this to travel to the stars and meet with them. Face to face."
Hale to Glenn Talbot[src]

In the aftermath of the Battle of New York, HYDRA discovered a transceiver in the wreckage of a Chitauri aircraft. The discovery was reported to Fischer. Thus, HYDRA managed to contact the Confederacy, an alliance of extraterrestrial species, who struck a deal with HYDRA, demanding Inhumans and Gravitonium in exchange for the Confederacy's protection over Earth. To further the negotiations with HYDRA, the Confederacy gave HYDRA a teleportation device.[2]

Negotiations with the Confederacy

"You need to elevate your vantage point. Would you grab that handle, please?"
"I'm good. I've already been to space. Pretty recently, actually."
"No, you need to meet him for yourself."
Hale and Phil Coulson[src]

Hale takes possession of the device

Being one of the few HYDRA leaders to avoid arrest when the organization was taken down, Hale became the Confederacy's contact for Earth. Hale brought the Chitauri Communication Device to the HYDRA Preparatory Academy and used it to regularly teleport to the Confederacy meeting room to report her progress in her quest for Gravitonium. Having brought General Glenn Talbot to the Academy, Hale presented the device to him and requested his assistance, but Talbot refused to collaborate with HYDRA.

Six months later, Hale captured Phil Coulson and told him about the teleportation device as well. Although Coulson was reluctant to use it, Hale forced him to accompany her to the Confederacy meeting room so he could meet with Qovas.[2]

Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot use the device to escape from the HYDRA Preparatory Academy

Knowing the capabilities of the device, Coulson and Talbot used it to their advantage as they attempted to escape from the Academy.[3] They used the device to teleport away as Sleeper Mechs fired at them. Minutes later, Ruby Hale teleported as well to chase them, soon followed by Hale.[4]

The Remorath use the device to infiltrate the Lighthouse

Following the death of her daughter, Hale used the device to contact Qovas and allow him to attack the S.H.I.E.L.D. Lighthouse.[5] Qovas took his spaceship over the Lighthouse and had his Remorath soldiers use the ship's teleportation device so they could directly infiltrate the S.H.I.E.L.D. base.[6]

Glenn Talbot and Qovas teleport to the Confederacy meeting room

Later, a Gravitonium-empowered Talbot, accompanied by Coulson, took possession of Qovas' spaceship, threatening to kill the Remorath with his new powers. Talbot demanded to meet the other members of the Confederacy and Qovas reluctantly agreed. Both Qovas and Talbot then used the teleportation device to reach the Confederacy meeting room. Following the talks, each member of the Confederacy left the meeting room using the device.[7]

Having helped to release Coulson and Melinda May who had been taken prisoners in the spaceship, Deke Shaw teamed up with May to change the coordinates of the Ionizer Missiles's target, who were aimed at the Lighthouse. Despite Qovas trying to kill them, they successfully carried on their task, and while May fought against Qovas, Shaw adjusted the teleportation device so they could teleport back to the Lighthouse. Right after they departed, the ship was destroyed by the Ionizer Missiles along with the Remorath's teleportation device.[8]

Shaw later stole the technology of the device, so his company was able to design the minituariazed prototype.[9]

Search for Leo Fitz

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Zephyr One Deep Space Travel

S.H.I.E.L.D. reclaimed a Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device and implemented it on the Zephyr One, which had recently been upgraded to be able to be flown into space. The teleportation device was notably used by Jemma Simmons, Quake, James Davis and Piper in their Search for Leo Fitz. On one occasion, they used it to escape from Ionizer Missiles shot by a Confederacy warship, although Simmons had actually set different coordinates than her teammates expected.[10]


Space Travel

The Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device was able to instantly transport individuals anywhere in the galaxy. The device was modified and used by S.H.I.E.L.D. to teleport Zephyr One throughout the galaxy, though this required a "jump cell" every time they needed to use it. When being used the transport an entire ship, the device creates a field around the ship and projects a beam outwards which collapses into a Wormhole that draws the ship into it, instantly teleporting them. Deke Shaw was able to reverse engineer the device into his own rendition of one. This version was wearable but had a cooldown time of twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the distance of the jump.

Time Travel

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